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Q1. How this dynastic rule come to be formed?
NIZAM UL MULK ASAF JAHI -1724-1748: His original name was Qamar Ad Din Chinquilich Khan. He was the viceroy of the Deccan region (Hyderbad) between 1713-1715 and again between 1720-1722. He was conferred the title of "Khan-i-Durhan" and later "Nizam ul-Mulk". Disgusted with certain politics in the Mughal court added to it the death of Aurangazeb, he marched to Deccan and founded his own state of Hyderabad in 1724.
Q2. How this dynasty is also known?
Asaf Shahi Dynasty on the conferring of the title "Asaf Jah" on the Nizam by the Mughal emperor in 1725.
Q3. Who were the rulers of the Deccan Nizams of Hyderabad state?
NIZAM UL MULK ASAF JAHI - 1724-1748 - He founded this dynastic rule in 1724. His reign was peaceful and development oriented. He died in 1748 and was buried at Khuldabad near Aurangabad.
NAZIR JUNG -1748-1750 - He succeeded Nizam ul Mulk. He was defeated and murdered by Muzaffar Jung (son of Nazir's sister and grand son of Nizam ul Mulk).
MUZAFFAR JUNG - 1750-1751 - He came to power with the help of the French. He had a brief tenure. He was killed in the battle at Lakkireddipalli against the Nawab of Kurnool, where he was struck with a spear on the head.
NAWAB SYED MOHAMMAD KHAN 1751-1762 - Also called Salabat Khan. He was deposed by his brother Asaf Jah II in July 1762 and killed in 1763.
MIR NIZAM ALI KHAN BAHADUR 1762 - He came to power by deposing his brother and ruled for 41 years. He was Known as Nizam Ali. His years of ruling was eventful with the following incidents:1. Marathas inflicted a heavy defeat on him and captured areas like Daulatabad, Ahmedabad and Sholapur and also forced him to pay an indemnity of 30 million rupees. This happened in 1795. 2. In 1796, being frequently threatened by Tipu Sultan from Mysore, he entered into an alliance with the British, which was the beginning of his loosing the independence and hold on his region. Gradually he came to the status of a "Princely State" from a kingdom, under the British. (This princely state position continued beyond India's independence upto September 1948 and taken over by India by a military operation called "operation polo").
MIR MAHABOOB ALI KHAN - 1869-1911 - Popularly known as "Mahmood Ali Pasha", came to power at the age of three with a Regent to take care of the administration. He lived a luxurious life and had one of the best and vast collection of clothes. He was the owner of the famous "Jacob Diamond" weighing 184.5 carat, presently valued around 400 crores, now with the Government of India.
MIR OSMAN ALI KHAN - 1911-1948 Last of the Nizam Dynasty ruler. He was the richest person in the world during his times. During his period the city of Hyderabad and the region around it developed in all aspects. Osmania University was founded by him.Upon Independence of India, he was reluctant to join the Indian Dominion and wanted to remain as a separate monarchy under the British Commonwealth.Unable to persuade the Nizam, the Government of India had to resort to Military/Police action on September 16,1948 - "Operation Polo" - and the Nizam surrendered. On 20th September 1948, the Princely State joined the Indian Dominion and thus came the end of Nizam dynasty. The last Nizam Mir Osmal Ali Khan died on 24.2.1967 and he was buried, as per his wishes, opposite to his palace - KOTHI PALACE.