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Q1. What is a Cave?
A natural void, large enough for a human to enter. It includes sea caves, rock shelters and grottos.

Q2. What is the name of the study of Caves?
Q3. Where and how does the caves form?
Formed by geological processes like chemical, erosions, tectonic forces, micro organisms, pressure and atmospheric influences. Most caves from limestones and occasionally in chalk, dolomite, marble, granite, salt and sandstone.
Q4. What are the types of caves?

1. Solutional    2. Sea   3. Fractured   4. Anchihaline   and   5. Man made.

Q5. Which type of caves are the most formed?
Solutional caves, which are formed in limestone largely.
Q6. What is the process by which most caves form?

KRASTIFICATION - Dissolution of a soluble layer or layers of bed rock such as lime stone. In simple terms solution of rocks by rain water.

Q7. What are Primary Caves?
Caves formed along with the surrounding rocks are called so. Eg. Lava tubes, formed by volcanic activity and then solidified.
Q8. What are Sea Caves?
Caves formed along the coasts by wave action.
Q9. What are Glacier Caves?
Occur in caves and under glaciers, formed by melting.
Q10. What are Fractured Caves?
Formed when layers of more soluble minerals, such as Gypsum dissolve out from between layers of less soluble rock. These rocks collapse in blocks and sometimes from caves.
What are Anchihaline Caves?
Caves usually in coastal areas, containing a mixture of fresh water and usually sea water. They occur in many parts of the world and often contain highly specialised and endemic faunas.
Q12. What are man made caves?
Made by men, mostly in the form of architectures and temples, mostly built during ancient and medieval days, and mostly found in India, dedicated to Hindu and Buddhist cultures.
What is Stalagmite?
A type of speleotherm (a secondary mineral formations in caves) that rises from the floor of a limestone cave due to the dropping of mineralised solutions and the deposition of calcium carbonate.
What is Stalactite?
Similar to Stalagmite, but formation is from the ceiling of a cave.
Q15. What are Petroglyphs?
Are images created by removing part of a rock surface by various means, mostly found in caves and cave temples. Eg: Edakkal Caves, Waynad Dt., Kerala.
Q16. What are the most famous cave temples of India?
Amarnath, Ajantha, Elephanta and Ellora.
Where is Amarnath Cave temple?
Located at 3888 mtrs above sea level about 141 Kms from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmirs. The most famous Hindu Pilgrimage spot where people visit to worship the naturally forming ICE SHIVA LINGA.
What is special about Nellitheertha Cave temple in Karnataka?
A 15th century cave temple, where one has to crawl for about 200 meters and at the end find a beautiful lake and a Shiva Linga. The crawling is through a naturally formed adjacent cave.
Q19. Which is the world�s longest river?

Nile  6695 Kms.

Where are the Ajantha Caves?
Ajintha village in Aurangabad Dt., Maharashtra.
Q21. How many caves are there in Ajantha and they are dedicated to?
29 Caves - dedicated to Buddhism with paintings from Jataka Tales.
Where are the Elephanta Caves?
On the Gharapuri islands off Mumbai coast in Maharashtra. Dates back to 9th to 13th century built by Sillhara Kings and Rashtrakuta Kings.
Q23. To which God the Elephanta Cave temples are dedicated?
Lord Shiva in the form of Trimurti representing Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.
Where are the Ellora Caves?
Aurangabad Dt., Maharashtra.
Q25. How many caves are there in Ellora and they are dedicated to?
35 Caves: 12 for Buddhists, 17 for Hindu and 6 for Jains.
Where are the Varaha Cave temples?
Mamallapuram - near Chennai - built by the Pallava Kings.
Q27. Which is the longest cave in the world?
A.Mammoth Caves - Kentucky, USA - 390miles/630 Kms long passage ways spread over 52835 acres. .
Q28. Which is the second longest cave in the world?
Jewel Cave - South Dakota, USA - 225 Kms.
Q29. Which is the deepest cave?
Voronya cave, Georgia - 2190 meters deep.
Q30. Which is the largest cave?
Sarawak Chamber in Borneo, Malaysia. 600 X 400 meters with a height of 80 meters.
Q31. A person living in a cave is called?
Q32. What is the term for the exploration of Caves?