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Test No :24

Q1. Name the physician who lived during the period of Vikramaaditya
Q2. Vasco-da-gama first landed in............
Q3. .............was the first Muslim ruler to invade and conquer South India.
Q4. Maurya Dynasty was founded by...........
Q5. ..................was the most famous King of the Chalukyas.
Q6. Who was known as the "Engineering King" of India?
Q7. ................were the first Europeans to arrive and settle in India
Q8. ................Battle in 1526, laid the foundation for the Mughal rule in India
Q9. Din-ilahi was a religion founded by ..............
Q10. Vijayanagara Empire was established by Harihara and Bukka on the banks of ............
Q11. Slave Dynasty rulers were ...............
Q12. ..................was the last Muslim dynasty to rule Delhi.
Q13. Megasthenes was sent to India from Greece as ..............ambassador
Q14. Hieun Tsang visited India during 7th century AD during the rule of ...........
Q15. Bindusara was the father of .............
Q16. ....................the author of Arthasasthra was a minister in the Court of Chandra Gupta Maurya
Q17. Alexander came to India during ................
Q18. Chandragupta Maurya established his kingdom with his capital
Q19. Nanda dynasty rule came to an end when the ...............invaded
Q20. ................mentions about Lichchavis in his book Arthasasthra
Q21. Which country was the first to issue a currency note with a woman portrait in it?
Q22. What is "Intaglio" printing in currencies?
Q23. Qatar and Oman have RIAL as their currency from 1966 and 1970 respectively. Before that they were using .. as their currency.
Q24. Which major European country has not accepted Euro as its currency
Q25. When the paper currency actually came into use?
Q26. When from EURO currency came into circulation and use?
Q27. Which committee was appointed to review issues related to service tax?
Q28. Where is the National Academy of Direct Taxes?
Q29. When was the first income tax act passed?
Q30. When was the PAN - Permanent Account Number introduced?
Q31. On how many occasions voluntary disclosure of income scheme introduced?
Q32. Income Tax Department comes under which department of the Ministry of Finance?
Q33. In how many denominations of Indian currency Gandhiji's portrait appears?
Q34. Who is the first RBI Governor to become finance minister of India?
Q35. R.K. Shanmugham Chetty was the first Finance Minister of India (1947-1949). What was he before?
Q36. Who was the only Finance Minister of India to have the distinction of presenting the Union Budget on his birthday?
Q37. Normally, the annual union budget, as a practice (only) is presented at 5 PM on the 28th(29th) February of every year. Who was the first finance minister to break this practice?
Q38. On how many occasions devaluation of Indian currency has taken place?
Q39. The denomination of an Indian currency is mentioned in languages.
Q40. Whose signature is/was found in the Rupee One paper currency?
Q41. Which of the following norms is adopted by the banks to verify the identity and activities of a customer?
Q42. Expand PIN related to ATM cards.
Q43. NOT a function of the Reserve Bank of India.
Q44. In banking terminologies, what is CRAR?
Q45. called the World Bank.
Q46. The strength of milk in a quantity of 120 litres is 70%. If 12 litres of water is added to this, what will be the percentage of milk in the new mixture?
Q47. If the price of sugar is increased by 25%, find how much percent a house wife must reduce her consumption of sugar so as not to increase the expenditure on sugar?
Q48. The average of four positive integers is 59. The highest integer is 83 and the lowest integer is 29. The difference between the remaining two integers is 28. Which of the following integers is the higher of the remaining two integers?
Q49. What percentage of 80 is 20?
Q50. The average of 5 consecutive odd numbers A,B,C,D and E is 47. What is the product of A and D?
Q51. Undigested food of earthworms are excreted out as.............
Q52. A) Scales, feathers, beaks and tails form the exoskeleton B) Exoskeleton of pigeon is well developed
Q53. Sugarcane is specially prone to ................disease.
Q54. specially prone to bacterial blight.
Q55. Wheat crop is susceptible to .................disease.
Q56. Rabies affects ...............
Q57. "Surti" is a breed of ......................
Q58. The crop most susceptible to root knot disease is..................
Q59. "Murrah" is a breed of ....................
Q60. Phosphorous, Nitrogen and Carbon are considered to be .......... plant nutrients.
Q61. "Smut" a plant disease mostly affects ................crops.
Q62. The soil that needs only little irrigation as it is capable of retaining soil moisture is......
Q63. The soil that swells when wet and cracks when dry is..........................
Q64. North Western region is rain fed during winter only during ..........
Q65. The region to receive very less rain fall in India is................
Q66. "Black Arm" is a plant disease that affects .........crops.
Q67. "Green Ear" is a plant disease
Q68. "Blast" is a plant disease associated with ...........crop.
Q69. Deficiency of Zinc causes "Khaira" a plant disease. It affects most seriously ............crop.
Q70. .........crops gets adversely affected by the pest 'stem borer'.
Q71. "Liquation" process is used for purifying metals/non metals with
Q72. Which of the following metal is purified by "liquation"?
Q73. Which of the following alloy is used in the manufacture of steel?
Q74. Metals have ...
Q75. In which process the powdered ore is washed in a current of water?
Q76. "Gravity Separation" process is used for the concentration of..
Q77. The lustrous non metal is .....
Q78. The ore which is concentrated by magnetic separation is........
Q79. What will be colour of the precipitate formed, when sodium sulphate is treated with Bariumchloride solution?
Q80. When Barium chloride is added to a solution A, white precipitate insoluble in conc.HCl is produced. A is likely to contain the ion
Q81. Which of the following acid is used in car batteries?
Q82. When oleum is diluted with water, it gives
Q83. Which of the following does not liberate hydrogen gas with dilute sulphuric acid?
Q84. From which of the following, concentrated sulphuric acid removes water?
Q85. What is the term for the glowing of phosphorous with greenish colour?
Q86. Which of the following phosphorous variety does not react with alkali?
Q87. Of the following, which one is used in the manufacture of smoke bomb?
Q88. Among the following which element is used in the manufacture of insecticides and detergents?
Q89. Why White Phosphorous is always kept under water?
Q90. Bone Ash is rich in.........
Q91. What is the gas evolved when phosphorous reacts with Caustic Soda?
Q92. Common Salt in water is an example of .....
Q93. The molecular weight of the substance is 180. If 180 g of it is dissolved in 1000 g of water, the concentration of the solution is known as .
Q94. In electro refining, the pure metal is deposited on..
Q95. The article to be electroplated si made as the..
Q96. The degree of dissolution increases . of the solution.
Q97. An example of a solution of a gas in gas is........
Q98. When no more solute can be made to dissolve in a solution, it is known as a solution.
Q99. Covalent compounds have point.
Q100. Hydrogent Chloride is an example of compound.
Q101. The force that binds the ions together is called ..... force.
Q102. Ionic bonds are..
Q103. In a covalent bond the atoms are held together by..
Q104. Ionic compounds are ......
Q105. An atom gaining one or more electrons becomes.
Q106. An atom losing one or more electrons becomes
Q107. Among the noble gases, except helium, other noble gases outermost shell has electrons.
Q108. In reduction reaction, there the oxidation number.
Q109. The Oxidation number of metallic irons is.
Q110. The number of protons present in the nucleus of an element is equal to its number of ....
Q111. The magnetic field produced by a current [Rs 2R1 + R2 + R3 + R4] carrying solenoid is
Q112. The loss of time in clocks due to heat is maintained by
Q113. The location on the retina of the eye from which the optic nerve leaves the eye is called the
Q114. The liquid flow is less easy if
Q115. The level of water in sea rises and falls due to
Q116. The lens of the human eye becomes progressively cloudy resulting in blurred vision is called
Q117. The length of the wire is doubled, what is the change in its resistivity?
Q118. The law of conservation of momentum states that the momentum of a system
Q119. The ionizing power of alpha ray is
Q120. The ionizing power of gamma rays is
Q121. The jumping of electron from higher to lower energy state determines what?
Q122. The induced emf is independent on ...........
Q123. The important factor for the sustained nuclear chain reaction stops is called ............
Q124. The imaginary vertical plane passing through the magnetic of a freely, suspended bar magnet is ............... .
Q125. The image formed by a concave mirror is observed to be virtual, erect and larger than the object. Where should be the position of the object?
Q126. The human eye function like a
Q127. The horizontal distance between the point of projection and the hitting point on the ground is
Q128. The high density of atomic nucleus shows that the nuclear matter is in what state?
Q129. The heat loss in a transformer during transmission is ...........
Q130. The heat gained or lost by a body resulting in a change in temperature is called
Q131. The layer of atmosphere which maintains an almost uniform horizontal atmosphere is...........
Q132. The sea territory of India extends up to
Q133. Most of the weather phenomena take place in which of the following layers of the atmosphere?
Q134. In terms of volume, the most prominent gases in the atmosphere are.........
Q135. Arrange the layers in the atmosphere in the ascending (upwards) order.
Q136. A day is added when one crosses ...........
Q137. At which place will you find maximum sunlight in December?
Q138. Which of the following is correctly arranged with regard to Solstices and Equinoxes?
Q139. If one plans to travel by the shortest route, he should follow the ....
Q140. To which of these planets, the space craft "Magellan" was sent?
Q141. What was the name of the first dog in space?
Q142. Which country's flag has a green five pointed star called "Solomon's Seal" on a red field?
Q143. What was the only painting sold by Vincent Von Gogh sold during his life time?
Q144. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden is located on how many islands connected by about 50 bridges?
Q145. What was first used in WWII on soldiers with serious wounds saving many lives?
Q146. The famous "Iron Curtain" speech was made by March 1946.
Q147. Who was named the "Great Liberator" because he helped free much of the South Amerian countries from Spanish Rule?
Q148. Who was the first English (British) writer to be awarded the Nobel Literature?
Q149. "The Broken Trident" as it is often commonly called, appears on the flag of which country?
Q150. The "Little Mermaid" a sculpture, sits on a rock in the harbour of which European city?
Q151. Who coined the word "Rainbow Nation" for South Africa?
Q152. What was the nationality of Ronald Amundsen, the first person to reach the South Pole?
Q153. "Space Ship One" the private space plane was launched in the year....
Q154. M.F.Hussain the famous Indian Painter became a citizen of which other country before his death?
Q155. Bhaskara II's work "Lilavati" is a treatise on which subject?
Q156. In which jail did Nehruji write the "Discovery of India"?
Q157. Monday is named after.....
Q158. Which of these is the oldest paramilitary force of India?
Q159. Kollur in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh is famous for....
Q160. Where is the "Leaning temple of Huma" located?
Q161. Socrates, the famous Greek Philosopher, was tried, convicted and sentenced to death by poisoning, for impiety and corrupting the minds of the youth of Athens. What form of government in existence then that pronounced such a punishment?
Q162. The world "Biblos" from which comes the word "Bible" is from which language?
Q163. Which tribe living in Baluchistan speaks a language similar to Dravidian language?
Q164. Who was the first batsman from the Indian subcontinent to be called the "Little Master"
Q165. Which cricketer's autobiography is called "Christmas in Rarotonga"?
Q166. Which is Shakespeare's longest play?
Q167. What is the national animal of Pakistan?
Q168. Which country's flag is red with a big star and four small stars (on the right side of the big star in a semi circular design) on the left top corner?
Q169. What is the national flower of Australia?
Q170. In which year did Pope John Paul II visit India?
Q171. MI 16 is UK's intelligence agency. What does MI stand for?
Q172. How old was Alexander the Great, when he became the king of Macedonia?
Q173. "Mardi Gras" is a famous festival in Europe. What does it mean?
Q174. Tipu Sultan's portrayal of launching rockets is in display at.....
Q175. Of the following, two statements, both of which cannot be true, but both can also be false,. Which are these two statements? (1) All machines make noise (2) Some machines are noisy (3) No machine makes noise (4) some machines are not noisy.
Q176. STATEMENT: The municipal authority has decided to demolish the old bridge on a busy road for constructing a new fly over. ASSUMPTIONS: (1) The traffic department may be able to divert movement of vehicles through alternate roads. (2) The people travelling in the nearby areas may demonstrate against the authority's decision.
Q177. How many minimum number of colours will be requiFF0000 to paint all the sides of a cube without the adjacent sides having the same colours?
Q178. Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which of the following DOES NOT belong to that group?
Q179. Based on the following statements, which is the correct conclusion drawn. Only gentlemen can become members of the club. Many of the members of the club are officers. Some of the officers have been invited for dinner.
Q180. In the following question, a sentence has been given in Active/Passive Voice. Out of the options suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive/Active Voice: "e; I did not trust anybody "e;
Q181. Find the antonym for COURAGE
Q182. Read the sentence given here and find out whether there is any error in it. If yes, in which part? If no error, your answer is 5.......The poles to (1) / support your tent (2) / needs not be heavy (3) / but must be right. (4) / No error. (5)
Q183. Give the opposite for MEAGRE
Q184. "e;Second Childhood"e; this phrase refers to ......
Q185. Identify the sentence type: "e;Would you mind waiting a few minutes"e;
Q186. Pick the word in similarity of AFFINITY
Q187. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word: ELUSIVE
Q188. The Indian Government, in 2016, obtained a loan of 300 million dollar to improve the educational standard of which state?
Q189. Which state of India, for the first time, introduced a "Waterborne Metro Transport" system in July 2016?
Q190. In the 2016 "Sustainable Development Index" report, which country is placed on the first place?
Q191. A binary system has ....
Q192. Software, such as viruses, worms and Trojan horses, that has a malicious intent, is known as.......
Q193. ......command can be used to change or edit the database file.
Q194. File .......shrinks the size of a file so it requires less storage space.
Q195. The example of standard file format is .........
Q196. Find the equivalent FORTRAN expression of the following mathematical expression -- (x+y) * (u+v)
Q197. The decimal equivalent of a octal number 76 is ....
Q198. Every piece of information is stored in a computer memory in terms of
Q199. "e;Param"e; is a super computer developed by .........scientists
Q200. What name is given to the database management system which is able to handle full text, data, image data, audio and video?



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