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Test No :28

Q1. Treaty of Srirangapattinam was signed by Tipu Sultan and
Q2. The region ruled by Bimbisara is known as ....................
Q3. The ancient 'Kurukshetra" is now known as ................
Q4. The main leaders of the "Swarajist" party were ...............
Q5. Ancient Magadha now lies in the present state of ..........
Q6. The main vocation of the Aryans was ..................
Q7. The "dharma" and "rita" depict a central idea of ancient Vedic civilization of India. In this context, consider the following statements. (1) Dharma was a conception of obligations and of the discharge of one's duties to oneself and to others. (2) Rita was the fundamental moral law governing the functioning of the universe and all it contained. Which of the statement/s given above is/are correct?
Q8. Majority of the Asoka edicts are written in .................
Q9. "Magna Carta" was signed in 1215 AD by ................
Q10. British appointed the Hunter Commission in 1882 to consider......
Q11. The Mughal Empire reached its zenith of expansion under ...................
Q12. The first battle of Panipat in 1526 was fought between....................
Q13. The Rana Kumbha of Mewar who constructed the Tower of Victory belonged to.................dynasty
Q14. The enthronement of Kanishka coincides with .................era.
Q15. The battle that decided a firm Mughal rule in India was ...............
Q16. Who was the last Mughal emperor to sit on the Peacock Throne?
Q17. The Italian ruler to visit the Vijayanagar Empire during its heydays was ..............
Q18. Alexander invaded India during...................
Q19. Partition of Bengal was carried out in the year ............
Q20. Who among the following was the famous Vijayanagara Empire ruler?
Q21. Where is the Indian Military Academy?
Q22. "Roshni" is the institutional song of which of the following institutions?
Q23. When was the Officers Training Academy established?
Q24. From which year women have been inducted into Indian Army as Commissioned Officers?
Q25. The Indian Army is divided into …….commands for administrative purposes.
Q26. How many Indian army officers have so far been honoured with "Field Marshal"?
Q27. With reference to the Delimitation Commission, consider the following stateements: )1) The orders of the Delimitation Commission cannot be challenged in a Court of Law (2) When the orders of the Delimitation Commission are laid before the Lok Sabha or State Legislative Assembly they cannot effect any modification in the orders. Which of the statements give above is/are correct?
Q28. When was the Indian Army established?
Q29. Which city police was the first to introduce finger printing of criminals?
Q30. Research and Analysis Wing is an organization for …..
Q31. Where is the headquarters of the INTERPOL located?
Q32. When was the National Security Guards established?
Q33. INTERPOL is a ….
Q34. Industry, Impartiality and Integrity is the motto of …..
Q35. Where is the Central Bureau of Investigation training centre located?
Q36. When was the Rapid Action Force established?
Q37. When was the Central Bureau of Investigation formed?
Q38. "Zero Response Time Organization" relates to……
Q39. When was the National Cadet Corps established?
Q40. When was the Home Guards established?
Q41. "Food for work programme" was renamed as ......
Q42. Which of the following villages has received the first lot of UID numbers/Aadhar Card
Q43. The Ex-officio Secretary of National Development Council is ......
Q44. "National Income" is expressed in terms of money value of .......
Q45. Which of the following is the currency of United Arab Emirates?
Q46. Two angles of a triangle are in the ratio of 2:3. Remaining angle is the largest angle which is twice the smallest angle of the triangle. What is the measure of larger angle of a parallelogram if the largest angle of the triangle is equal to smaller angle of the parallelogram?
Q47. Express 120% as a decimal
Q48. A boatman rows downstream at the rate of 1 Km in 7.5 minutes and upstream at the rate of 5 km an hour. The speed of the boat (in km/hr) in the still water is........
Q49. There are 7 dozen candles kept in a box. If there are 14 such boxes, how many candles are there in all the boxes together?
Q50. Mahesh and Dinesh went to the race, where Mahesh lost 68 rupees on the first two races, losing 6 rupees more on the second race than he lost on the first one. But he lost 4 rupees less on the second race than Dinesh did. How much did Dinesh loss on the second race?
Q51. Hormones are normally not found in ....................
Q52. Pick the incorrect pair:
Q53. "Aquaculture" refers to ...............
Q54. From among the following, pick the water-borne disease:
Q55. "Anti-toxin" injections are given for protection against..................
Q56. The method used for dating archaeological speciments in wood and bones is..............
Q57. Steam produces more burns than water of equal temperature because.............
Q58. "Odontography" is related to the treatment of ..........
Q59. During photo-synthesis, plants need .............
Q60. Shortage of red blood cells causes..................
Q61. "Pituitary" glands are located at/in in the ................
Q62. Inflammation of ...................causes "Pneumonia".
Q63. "Ptyalin" enzyme is found in ............
Q64. "Thrombosis" is a disease associated with .................
Q65. Secretion of Insulin occurs in ...................
Q66. Haemoglobin in blood may remain alive ...................
Q67. Cockroach respirates through its ..................
Q68. Which of the following is produced directly by the photosynthesis process?
Q69. Lack of ....................causes bleeding gums
Q70. Lack of ....................causes ' goitre '
Q71. The colour of methyl organge in alkaline medium is.......
Q72. The colour of phenolphthalein in basic medium is…..
Q73. What is the equivalent weight of NaOH?
Q74. The colour of phenolphthalein in acid medium is.........
Q75. What is the basicity of sulphuric acid?
Q76. What is the term for the number of replacable hydroxyl ions present in a molecule of a base?
Q77. What is the term for the number of replacable hydrogen atoms present in a molecule of an acid?
Q78. Chlorine's atomicity is.......
Q79. Sulphur's atomicity is…..
Q80. 2 x Vapour density is equal to Molecular Weight. It is applicable only to
Q81. The elementary gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen are called…..
Q82. If the vapour density of oxygen is 16, what would be its molecular weight?
Q83. How many moles of NaOH are contained in 160g of it? (Atomic weight of Na = 23, O=16 and H=1)
Q84. The value of molar volume is……….. At S.T.P
Q85. Which of the following are diatomic in nature?
Q86. What is the term for half of the molecular weight of any substance?
Q87. Among the following which one is diatomic in nature?
Q88. What is the term for the number of atoms in one molecule of an element?
Q89. Equal volume of all gases containing the same number of atoms under S.T.P is called as……..
Q90. The gas equation PV=nRT indicates……..
Q91. Which one represents "Boyle's Law"
Q92. Who propounded the "law of gaseous volumes"?
Q93. Among the following which one is called the "Laughing Gas"?
Q94. Who state the "law of conservation of mass"?
Q95. the name for the chemical reaction carried out in light is called……..
Q96. If a small piece of sodium is put in water, what type of reaction would take place?
Q97. The reaction in which heat energy is absorbed is called as ...
Q98. The reaction in which heat energy is liberated is called as .....
Q99. For laboratory preparation of oxygen, which of the following is used as a catalyst?
Q100. if the pH of a solution is 14, then it would be a……
Q101. If the PH of a solution is two, then it would be a .....
Q102. pH of 0.1m NaOH would be…….
Q103. pH of 0.01 m HCl is.......
Q104. From among the following alloys which one is used for making transformers and electromagnets?
Q105. Dilute solution of Vinegar is called……
Q106. In which of the fields below, liquid ammonia is used?
Q107. The anhydrous sodium carbonate is called……
Q108. Manufacturing of ordinary glass requires which of the following raw materials?
Q109. Among the following which one is not an 'endothermic reaction'?
Q110. The term for the process of slow and uniform cooling is ....
Q111. The closest position of the planet from the sun is
Q112. The change of solids directly into vapour is known as
Q113. The change in magnetic flux of both coils A and B is same. If the time taken is more in coil A, the emf induced in A is the emf induced in B.
Q114. The change in magnetic flux linked with the coils A and B is same if the time taken to bring this change is more for the coil A, the emf induced in A is the emf induced in B
Q115. The change in angular velocity of a bicycle is 20 rad. S–1 in 5S. What is the angular acceleration of the bicycle?
Q116. The centripetal force required for a car to go round a circular curve depends on its
Q117. The boiling point of water inside the pressure cookers
Q118. The boiling point of alcohol is
Q119. The body which does not gain its original shape after the removal of deforming force is called
Q120. The blue colour of the sky is due to scattering of
Q121. The biggest fragments of rocks or metals which are not completely burnt and manage to hit the earth are
Q122. The bending of light ray due to change in its speed is
Q123. The atoms of all elements are made up of which atom according to Prout’s model?
Q124. The atomic weight of elements were
Q125. The apparent random wavering of objects is due to
Q126. The angular velocity of a particle undergoing circular motion of radius 5 cm completes one revolution in 0.1 sec is .......
Q127. The angle of refraction is
Q128. The angular acceleration is
Q129. The angle of incidence of a light on a plane mirror is q, the angle between the incident and reflected ray is 70 degree. What is the value of q?
Q130. The angle of elevation of the sun to see the primary rainbow above ...........
Q131. In order of their distances from the Sun, which of the following planets liet between Mars and Uranus?
Q132. "Death Valley" is found in ......
Q133. The relationship between Solar Day and Sidereal Day is........
Q134. called the Sani/Shani/Shanishcher meaning "cruel" in the Indian Astrology.
Q135. International Dateline is ..............
Q136. Of the statements given, which one does not prove the spherical shape of the earth?
Q137. .........was not a part of the Gondwanaland.
Q138. The rate of rotation of the earth on its axis is highest on.....
Q139. On which date, the earth will be at its maximum distance from the Sun?
Q140. When the Sun is nearest to the earth, the earth is said to be in .........on that day.
Q141. "Columbia" the first space shuttle by USA was launched in......
Q142. "Taikonaut" is a term associated with which of the following?
Q143. Vostok 1 was the first spacecraft to take a human into space. What does "Vostok"in Russian mean?
Q144. Which Indian cricketer, playing at Edgbaston, hit the ball out of the ground and into the river Rea and thus into the next county.?
Q145. What is the name of the B 29 bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima?
Q146. Who is the first bowler to take five wicket in world cup history?
Q147. July 2011 had 5 fridays, 5 saturdays and 5 sundays. Such an occurrence happens once in ....... Years.
Q148. Nitish Kumar at 16 years 283 days became the youngest player ever to play in a world cup cricket ODI. To which country he played for?
Q149. Who is the first cricket player to take 5 wickets and also to score 50+ runs in a world cup ODI?
Q150. Kevin O'Brien is the fastest century maker in a world cup match - 100 of 50 balls. To which country he played for?
Q151. Which is the longest movie ever made?
Q152. Who was the first President of Board of Control for Cricket in India?
Q153. The earliest known world map was created by the ....
Q154. When did the first documented Olympics games take place?
Q155. What does an 'epigraphist' study?
Q156. If Apple makes iPad, who makes Zoom?
Q157. Sir George Williams founded which of the following?
Q158. In which year was the first one day international cricket match played?
Q159. Which of the following inventions was patented first?
Q160. Who made the first commercially successful ball point pen?
Q161. Which medieval ruler of India is credited with the building of India's Grand Trunk Road?
Q162. Which sportsman is nicknamed the "Dennis the Menace"?
Q163. Clean, Jerk and Snatch are terms used in which sport?
Q164. Who is the first wicket taker in a world cup match ?
Q165. Who laid out the first Mughal Garden in India?
Q166. Which country's currency is named after its National Bird?
Q167. "Quisling" is a term associated with
Q168. What is the name given to a very large Champagne bottle holding the equivalent of 20 normal bottles of champagne?
Q169. Where is the world's largest aquarium?
Q170. "Seaward's folly" is a term used in the context of....
Q171. Who was the first woman to walk in space?
Q172. "Wat Phra Kew" in Bangkok is......
Q173. Adolf Hitler died of.....
Q174. How many holes are there in a ten pin bowling ball?
Q175. How many meaningful English words can be made with the letters IDET using each letter only once in each word?
Q176. Words written in secret code (not in the same order) are given here. From this, find the code assiged for the letter D? (1) BRAIN == 13529 (2) DRAIN == 35293 (3) RIVER == 13754 (4) DRIVE == 83754.
Q177. In a family there are husband, wife, two sons and two daughters. All the ladies were invited to a dinner. Both sons went out to play. Husband did not return from office. Who was at home?
Q178. Guilt : Past :: Hope : ?
Q179. If BAD is written as YZW and SAME as HZNV, then LOVE will be coded as
Q180. Rearrange the following six sentences A to F in proper order and then answer the question that follows: (A) When finally he regained consciousness, he saw that the sea was as calm as a pond. (B) "e;I'm always peaceful but it is the wind that creates waves and turns me into a monster"e;, the goddess continued. (C) "e;Do not blame me, my son, "e; said, the goddess. (D) A man who had survived a shipwreck struggled mightily against the waves and finally succeeded in reaching the shore, more dead than alive. (E) The sea heard him shout angrily and took the form of a goddess to defend itself. (F) "e;How deceitful you are!"e; he shouted at the sea, "e;You draw men into you showing your peaceful side but when they are in your power you put them in trouble"e;. Which of the following should be the SIXTH (LAST) sentence in the rearrangement?
Q181. Read the following sentence carefully and find out whether there is/are any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is 'No Error' the answer is (5) (ignore errors of punctuation, if any) .......She wanted to reached (1) / home as early (2) / as possible because (3) / it was getting dark. (4) / No error (5)
Q182. This sentence has been given in Direct/Indirect form. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in indirect/direct form: "e;He said to the Judge, "e;I did not commit this crime."e;
Q183. In the following question, a sentence has been given in Active/Passive Voice. Out of the options suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive/Active Voice: "e;Didn't they tell you to be here by six O'clock?"e;
Q184. Form an appropriate question for the statement: The plane is landing at the airport
Q185. Read the sentence given here and find out whether there is any error in it. If yes, in which part? If no error, your answer is 5.......When her mother (1) / chides her for (2) / her misbehaviours (3) / she become angry. (4) / No error.
Q186. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word: COMPOSURE
Q187. Rearrange the following six sentences in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the question that follows: (A) This shows how politicians value little a common man's life. (B) However, the rash of tragedies has not apparently perturbed the Minister of Railways. (C) Despite opposition parties coming down heavily on her, the Minister of Railways remains undisturbed. (D) The Minister of Railways in question, already has fourteen train mishaps in his kitty in a year. (E) He should take a lession from the late Lal Bahadur Shastri who quit after a single accident. (F) Floating conspiracy theory is not going to improve the railways report card. Which of these sentences will be the FIRST one after the rearrangement?
Q188. In November 2015, 13th ASEAN Summit was held at ......................
Q189. In November 2015, Where was the 46th International Film Festival held?
Q190. In November 2015, Where was the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference held?
Q191. Each of the paragraph names must end with a
Q192. An address of the first element of array is called ....
Q193. SCSI is related to .........
Q194. The Octal equivalent of a decimal number 65 is ...
Q195. Metadata does not enable database designers users to ...
Q196. Which of the following chooses correct data path for an incoming message and forwards it to relevant line?
Q197. Expand PIN
Q198. The hexadecimal equivalent of an octal number 643 is
Q199. Default header of a worksheet is .......
Q200. Today RAM's common form is built from.....



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