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Test No :31

Q1. Aryans lived in which of the following regions?
Q2. Buland Darwaza- one of the finest Mughal architectural monument is located at .............
Q3. Mohenjadaro and Harappa, the famous Indus Valley sites, are now lying in.........
Q4. Of the following Vedas, which one is considered as the oldest?
Q5. the period of Indus Valley Civilisation.
Q6. .................were the architects of Indus Valley Civilisation.
Q7. called the "Constituion Research Society".
Q8. The custom of Johar prevailed among the women of .........
Q9. Alexander visited India during.........
Q10. Who was the first king to introduce prohibition?
Q11. Relating to the later Vedic period, which of the following statement is wrong? A)It is impossible to say that the Vedic Society shifted eastwards. B)Iron technology was mostly used for weapons of war. C)Only labour intensive agriculture was practised. D)People married outside their gotra.
Q12. Among the following statements, select the correct one: A) Private property in the form of animals, land and its produce had emerged by 6th BC.B)By 6th BC a class of free peasants and merchants had emerged. C)The people in the 6th BC did not know the use of iron. D)The Mahajanapadas bear the name of the dominant Kshatriya lineage in most of the cases.
Q13. 'Swapanvasadatta' is an immortal play by Bhasa about the love affair between Udayan,King of Vatsa and Vasavadatta the princess of .........................
Q14. Among the following vedas only three were canonical. Pick the odd one out.
Q15. The question of granting of land and its merits and demerits are debated for the first time in the .....
Q16. Related to the early Vedic society, which one of the following statement is wrong?
Q17. Related to the primary scriptures of Hinduism, the Vedas, which of the following statement is not correct?
Q18. Which of the following statements is/are correct? A.The Vedas are essentially compilations or prayers and hymns to various gods. B.The Avesta was the oldest Iranian Text C.The linguistic similarities between the Rigveda and the Avesta are enough grounds to validate the theory of 'Aryan' migration to the Indian subcontinent. D.Our knowledge of early vedic period is based only on literary sources.
Q19. Which of the following was an important eastern coast port during the Gupta period?
Q20. Among the following who defeated Harshavardhana?
Q21. Who is the only PM of India, who proposed the Motion of Confidence, but could not vote?
Q22. Who was the first PM of India, who resigned, failing to garner enough support to his Motion of Confidence?
Q23. Which Prime Minister of India holds the record of facing the maximum number of No Confidence Motions?
Q24. How many "No Confidence Motions" have been moved so far?
Q25. In the history of Indian politics how many Prime Ministers had to resign on their failure to face the No Confidence Motions moved against them?
Q26. Who was the first PM of our country to face a no-confidence motion?
Q27. Who moves a "Motion of Confidence" in the Lok Sabha ?
Q28. In which year, the first non-congress government was formed at the centre?
Q29. Who administers the oath of the Office to the elected CM of a state?
Q30. Allocation of seats for each state for Rajya Sabha and Union Territories are given in ……..of the Constitution.
Q31. Oath of Office and Secrecy, administered to all the political bureaucrats is enshrined in ………………of the Constitution.
Q32. Who administers the oath of office to the Ministers?
Q33. What is the upper limit of seats for state asemblies?
Q34. Who administers the oath of office to Prime Minister?
Q35. After getting elected as PM, he should get elected to ………….within 6 months of assuming office.
Q36. What is an "unstarred question" in a parliament proceedings?
Q37. What is a "starred question" in a parliament proceedings?
Q38. What is a "lame duck session"?
Q39. How many states are 'bicameral states' in the Indian Union of States?
Q40. What is a -bicameral state?
Q41. The current Director General of World Trade Organization Pascal Lamy belongs to which of the following countries?
Q42. Which of the following committees was appointed to look into the functioning of stock markets?
Q43. India has emerged in the world as the............largest steel producer
Q44. Which of the following is a major marine food export item of India?
Q45. "NIKKEI" is trading terminology related to ........
Q46. In a 5 litre mixture of water and alcohol, the percentage of alcohol is 60%. How much water should be added to it so that the percentage of alcohol becomes 25%?
Q47. A woman travels 1 mile due East, then 5 miles due south, then 2 miles due East and finally 9 miles due north. How far is she in miles from the starting point?
Q48. Sneha invests 15% of her monthly salary in insurance and spends 55% of her monthly salary in shopping and on household expenses. She saves the remaining amount of Rs.12,750. What is Sneha's monthly income?
Q49. The sum, at which the compound interest at 5% per annum for 2 years be Rs.410, is
Q50. If the difference between the present age of A and B is 20 years, and 16 years ago the ratio of their ages was 2:1 respectively then after 12 years what will be the age of B?
Q51. Biles excreted by liver helps in ...............
Q52. Dialysis is a medical treatment technique for patients whose .......have serious problems.
Q53. Jaundice affects which part of the body?
Q54. the unit of food energy.
Q55. Dehydration in human body occurs due to the loss of
Q56. Small pox can be prevented by .............
Q57. "Hydroponics" is a subject dealing with
Q58. "Mycology" is a subject that deals with..........
Q59. "Anaemia" is caused mainly due to the deficiency of ...............
Q60. The commonest cancer found in women is ...........
Q61. Dodi Al Fayhed was the companion of Princess Diana during the accidental death. He belonged to............
Q62. "Murrah" breed of buffaloes are found in ..........
Q63. Asbestosis is the disease which affect ...............
Q64. In Penicillium sexual reproduction occurs by the formation of...............
Q65. RUBP contains ...............carbon atoms.
Q66. The functional unit of gene is called..................
Q67. A fruit is a fertilized .............
Q68. Haemoglobin consists of a protein part called..............
Q69. In Frog internal cavity called ventricle is not present in ...............
Q70. If transplantation is done with one's own tissue grafter to another part of the body it is termed..............
Q71. Froth Floatation process is used in the concentration of………….. Ore
Q72. By which process the oxide ores are concentrated?
Q73. The non metallic oxides are ………… in nature
Q74. The constituents of 'solder' are…..
Q75. Of the following which one is used in the manufacture of skin ointments?
Q76. Among the following which one is used as a "fungicide"?
Q77. What is the nature of Sulphur dioxide?
Q78. What is the name for the process of manufacturing Ammonia?
Q79. Which of the following is used as a catalyst in the process of hydrogenation of oil to vanaspathi?
Q80. Anchors are manufactured with ....
Q81. Of the following, which one is present in the Sun?
Q82. What is the percentage of gold in an 18 carat gold ornament?
Q83. In a 22 carat gold ornament, what is the percentage of gold content?
Q84. What type of iron is used for making rails and sewage pipes?
Q85. Earth's composition of iron is.......
Q86. Among the following which one is used for making electromagnets?
Q87. What is the most important ore of iron?
Q88. What is the purest form of iron?
Q89. The most common ore of aluminium is........
Q90. Among the following which one will be in liquid state at room temperature?
Q91. Which of the following compound has the strong smell of Chlorine?
Q92. What is the acid present in apples?
Q93. What is the acid present in grapes and tamarind?
Q94. pH value of a base is ...
Q95. pH value of soft drinks is
Q96. pH value of neutral solution is.......
Q97. pH value of gastric juice is.......
Q98. The chemical name of vinegar is........
Q99. Among the following which one is used in the manufacture of surgical instruments?
Q100. By addition of what the setting rate of cement is slowed down?
Q101. What is the chemical name of bleaching powder?
Q102. The bleaching nature of bleaching powder is due to the evolution of nascent…………………
Q103. Baking powder is........
Q104. Among the following which steel is used for manufacturing electro magnet?
Q105. Which steel is used for manufacturing drilling tools?
Q106. Which of the following is used is medicine as well as in production of toys?
Q107. Which one of the following is used in the fire extinguishers?
Q108. What causes the setting of plaster of paris?
Q109. Among the following which one acts as an antacid?
Q110. Production of 'bleaching powder' involves the passing of Chlorine through……..
Q111. Pick out the correct statement.
Q112. Pick out the correct answer:
Q113. Photo electric emission is
Q114. Phenomenon of mirages is observed in desert due to
Q115. Phases of moon are observed because
Q116. Persons working in Nuclear power station must wear aprons made of
Q117. Person who cannot see the nearby objects has a defect of
Q118. Pascal is the unit of
Q119. People who have difficulty is seeing the distant object is suffering from
Q120. Parallel light rays appear to pass through ............ after refraction from concave lens
Q121. Out of 60 W and 40 W lamps, which one has a higher electrical resistances when in use?
Q122. One unit of electrical energy is
Q123. One tuning fork completes 1000 oscillations in 5 sec, its frequency is
Q124. One microampere is equal to
Q125. One newton approximately equals the force of gravity acting on an object of grams
Q126. One kilowatt (kw) is equal to ...........
Q127. One mega watt is .......... w
Q128. One horse power is equal to .............
Q129. One horse power is equal to ...........
Q130. One cannot see through fog because
Q131. Altitudes more than ....mtrs are not conducive for vegetation.
Q132. The mean speed of the Earth on its orbit is per second.
Q133. ......vegetation are green throughout the year.
Q134. The evergreen variety of vegetation is......
Q135. .....winds are known as the "retreating monsoon".
Q136. The southwest monsoon begins to blow during
Q137. The Peninsular India is close to the .....
Q138. The temperature of a place depends on the which it is found.
Q139. The Sun is directly above the equator in......and ...........
Q140. ...........of a place depends on the atmospheric temperature, pressure, wind, humidity, cloud cover and precipitation.
Q141. Who coined the term "survival of the fittest"?
Q142. What is common to Champawat Tiger, Panawar Leopard and Chougarh Tigress?
Q143. Which cricketer was jokingly referred to as "he lived near the no-ball junction"?
Q144. The Reserve Bank of India building at New Delhi is home to the sculpture of Yaksha and Yakshini. Which sculptor's work is it?
Q145. Mr.M.F.Hussain the famous painter has made the film "Meenakshi - a tale of three cities" Which one of the following cities was not one among the three cities?
Q146. Who was the first sitting US President on whom an assassination attempt was made?
Q147. Gendar Merie" means police in ............language.
Q148. Marie Curie won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for the discovery of....
Q149. Who designed St.Paul's Cathedral in London?
Q150. It is the only country where number of horses is more than population.The Capital city means "Red Hero" in native language. Which country are we talking about?
Q151. Jim Laker took 19 wickets Vs Australia in 1956 at Manchester. Who took the other only wicket?
Q152. Since Indian company has been supplying towels continuously to the Wimbledon. Which one?
Q153. "Ali is greatest, but I am the latest" is the statement of.....
Q154. The Chinese gooseberry is also known as....
Q155. In which city would "Wenceslas Square" be found?
Q156. In which year did Australia change its currency from the pound to the dollar?
Q157. Which country is called the "Emerald Island"?
Q158. Sandwish islands is the former name of .......
Q159. Makara Sankaranthi marks the transition of the Sun into Makara Raasi, which in English is known as.....
Q160. What is the term for the bowl of warm water with a lemon piece, used for rinsing one's fingers after the main course of a meal?
Q161. Which country has the "Sun of May" at the centre of its flag?
Q162. In which country was the first international cricket match played?
Q163. Which is the largest island in the mediterranean sea?
Q164. Who among the following has become the first Indian to get a UID card?
Q165. Union Jack is the flag of UK. But, a state of USA has it in its flag. Which state?
Q166. Nokia is the largest mobile phone manufactures. To which country it belongs to?
Q167. Name the most distant spacecraft from Earth?
Q168. Louis Braille is an important person in the life of visually impaired people. To which country he belongs to?
Q169. In which year "Popeye the Sailor" comic character made its debut?
Q170. Where did Martin Luther King make his "I have a dream" famous speech on 28th August 1963?
Q171. Who was the man of the match in the 1983 World Cup of One Day International Cricket, which India won?
Q172. Where did Lal Bahadur Shastri die?
Q173. Who received the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award for 2009-2010?
Q174. In which country 33 miners were rescued after 69 day subterranean ordeal, trapped in a mine?
Q175. In a certain code language, 'come again' is written as 'ho na', 'come over here' is written as 'pa na ta' and 'over and above' is written as 'ki ta ja'. Hos is 'here' written in that code language?
Q176. A thief steals a case and 5 persons witness that they have seen him stealing. The thief says that he will bring 50 persons who will say that they have not seen him stealing. Which of the following statements is correct?
Q177. Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that doe not belong to that group?
Q178. A coin is placed on a plain paper. How many coins of the same size can be placed around it so that each of the coins touches its adjacent ones?
Q179. If A is the son of Q, Q and Y are sisters, Z is the mother of Y, P is the son of Z, then which of the following statements is correct?
Q180. Choose the correct word/s to fill the blank/s from the given options: "e; She ....... sang well .....played the sitar very well. "e;
Q181. She prefers making toys for her children ...........them in the shops
Q182. Any fault in the functioning of a space shuttle .......................only with a computer
Q183. In the question, a part of the sentence is highlighted. Replace the highlighted part with the options given which may improve the sentence. "e; The professor has agreed to take remediable classes for the weaker students."e;
Q184. He passed the examination in the first class because he ................
Q185. Read the sentence carefully and find out whether there is any grammatical/idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one numbered part of the sentence. The numbered part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any) .. "e; You can imagine how (1) / annoyed I was (2) / when we learnt that (3) / the match has been postponed. (4) / No error.(5)
Q186. In the following question, a sentence has been given in Active/Passive Voice. Out of the options suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive/Active Voice: "e;Open the door"e;
Q187. Give the opposite of TURBULENCE
Q188. In order to support the cause of girl children, …………………….state, a novel scheme has been introduced, of depositing a sum of Rs.5000/- in the name of the girl child, which can be withdrawn only when the child completes the age of 18, in the form of one sovereign (8 carats) or equivalent of money.
Q189. In which state of India, a court's roof has been converted as a solar energy roof top and produces electricity for the court?
Q190. For the Year 2013-2014, Which Tamilnadu Tourist Centre received the "The Best Heritage Preserved Tourist Centre"?
Q191. A browser can be used to...
Q192. Commonly used also for the visualization of structured design data processing
Q193. The process of creating an illusion of movement using still pictures is known as
Q194. To move the text from its original position to another position without deleting, is known as .........
Q195. Of the following programming languages, which one is associated with Artificial Intelligence?
Q196. Expand DTE
Q197. The contents of a cell in a table can be autofit by .......
Q198. In case of a virus getting into the computer, which of the following will help?
Q199. .......portrays an interface among different components in a DFD.
Q200. .......layer of the OSI model performs segmentation of a data stream



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