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Test No :34

Q1. From which European Kingdom did Belgium gain independence in 1830?
Q2. Which ancient empire had four kings called Nebuchadnezzar?
Q3. Guy Fawkes was executed for his role in planning the Gunpowder plot against which English King?
Q4. Which empire in Persia did Alexander the Great defeat?
Q5. Vandemataram was written by.....
Q6. What was the second major battle fought by Babar for the conquest of India, after I Battle of Panipat in 1526?
Q7. In which year did Burma become a separately administered colony of Britain?
Q8. Who led the charge of the "Light Brigade" in the Crimean War?
Q9. Who was the last German Emperor and King of Prussia?
Q10. During Shah Jahan's reign, what was old Delhi called?
Q11. On which date was Pearl Harbour attacked?
Q12. Which famous European Battle is also known as the Battle of Three Emperors?
Q13. Which Indian ruler famously turned his back on King George V at the Delhi Durbar 1911?
Q14. Which was the only one of the three Delhi Durbars attended by a British sovereign?
Q15. During the British rule, how many Delhi Durbars have been conducted?
Q16. During which war the White House in Washington D C was destroyed?
Q17. Which was the first English colony in North America?
Q18. In which year did the Holy Roman Empire officially cease to exist?
Q19. The June Rebellion of 1832 was unsuccessful attempt to .......
Q20. Which invader took away the Mughals' Peacock Throne from Delhi?
Q21. Who founded the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, a strong and active political party of Tamilnadu?
Q22. What is the political symbol of Bahujan Samajwadi Party?
Q23. Blue flag with a Chakra at the centre is the political flag of
Q24. What is the election symbol of Nationalist Congress Party?
Q25. Bahujan Samajwadi Party is an active and strong political party in the state of
Q26. Congress Flag with an analog clock with two legs and an alarm button on top that reads 10:10, is the political flag of ..
Q27. "All Power to Indian People" is the slogan of which political party of India?
Q28. Who founded the Forward Bloc?
Q29. Who founded the Rashtriya Janata Dal?
Q30. A flag with a gree field and a lantern at the centre is the political flag of which party of India?
Q31. A committee consisting of about 15 top leaders of the Communist Party takes all the political decisions. What is its name?
Q32. What is the official publication of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)?
Q33. When did the Communist Party of India split?
Q34. What distinction, the Communist Party holds, in the politics of India?
Q35. What is the official Hindi publication of the Communist Party of India?
Q36. What is the official English publication of the Communist Party of India?
Q37. Which date is considered as the founding day of Communism in India?
Q38. When, for the first time, Communist Party of India, was formed?
Q39. As of January 2012, who is the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party?
Q40. When was the Bharatiya Janata Party was able to form a government at the centre?
Q41. As per the recent notification of the Central Statistical Organisation, the base year for calculation of national income estimates is ............
Q42. The 10th Plan of India envisages the creation of jobs to the tune of .........
Q43. Kelkar committee report is related to .......
Q44. The area of study given to Rangarajan Committee included was .......
Q45. National Securities Depository Limited - NSDL - deals with .......
Q46. A train crossed a platform in 43 seconds. The length of the train is 170 mtrs. What is the speed of the train?
Q47. The total number of students studying in a school is 6754. The ratio of the total number of girls to the total number of boys studying in the school is 5:6. What is the total number of boys studying in the school?
Q48. Three machines P, Q and R working together can do a job in X hours. When working alone, P needs an additional 6 hours to do the job. Q, one additional hour and R, x additional hours. The value of x is.....
Q49. Find the simple interest on Rs.625 at 6.5% per annum for 2.5 years?
Q50. By how much is 4/5th of 1150 is less than 5/6th of 1248?
Q51. Water that is readily absorbed by root hairs is..................
Q52. Three nitrogenous bases code for one
Q53. An example for hypogeal germination is ..............
Q54. Tympanic membrane of frog is commonly called
Q55. Thrombus leads to ...................
Q56. Nurse cells are also called .........
Q57. The mass of undifferentiated cells in tissue culture is called .....
Q58. Diabetes mellitus is caused due to the deficiency of ..............
Q59. The concept of two pigment systems was proposed by ................
Q60. The stone fruit is................
Q61. The man made pollution is known as ...................
Q62. Tuberculosis vaccine is called ..................
Q63. Identical twins belong to................
Q64. The sperm produces substance of enzymatic nature in mammals called
Q65. The important vessel that supplies blood to the organs in the posterior part of the body of frog is...............
Q66. A symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacterium is..............
Q67. An example of stone fruit is ......................
Q68. The chromosomal number is more than 1000 in ...................
Q69. What is the medical term for German Measles?
Q70. Deficiency of which vitamin causes Scurvy?
Q71. DNA is found
Q72. .bases is found only in RNA and not in DNA.
Q73. All enzymes are .........
Q74. The structure of DNA molecule is ....
Q75. .is called aldohexose.
Q76. considered as disaccharide.
Q77. Raffinose is an example for which of the following?
Q78. rotates the plane polarised light in clockwise direction.
Q79. Oxidation of gluconic acid to glutaric acid proves the presence of ....
Q80. .is called fruit sugar.
Q81. Fructose is otherwise called ..........
Q82. is the IUPAC name of fructose.
Q83. What colour starch solution will give with iodine?
Q84. ..........are the building blocks of proteins.
Q85. How do we call the process of precipitation of protein?
Q86. is considered as conjugated proteins.
Q87. is the prosthetic group present in glycoproteins.
Q88. The increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the air is slowly raising the temperature of the atmosphere, because it absorbs
Q89. .is an exaple of phosphoproteins.
Q90. .is the prosthetic group present in chromoproteins.
Q91. .is the prosthetic group present in lipoproteins.
Q92. The nucleic acid present in cytoplasm of the cell is......
Q93. present only in RNA.
Q94. .is present only in DNA.
Q95. ..........are not biomolecules.
Q96. .does not belong to the Carbolhydrates.
Q97. Sucrose and .........are disaccharides.
Q98. the simplest amino acid.
Q99. In the context of global oil prices, "Brent crude oil" is frequently referred to in the news. What does this term imply? (1) It is a major classification of crude oil. It is sources from North sea. (3) It does not contain sulphur. Which of the statemen/s given above is/are correct?
Q100. Haemoglobin and cytochromes are examples of ....
Q101. Function of DNA is ....
Q102. Diazonium salts give coupling reactions with which of the following?
Q103. 1% solution of phenol is a .......
Q104. a Chromophore.
Q105. Cotton dyeing is done with ........dye.
Q106. Hydrazine is.......
Q107. Non-stick cooking utensils are made with......
Q108. ..does not have the property of remedy for any disease.
Q109. ..drugs produce loss of sensation.
Q110. used as a local anaesthetic.
Q111. Mark the correct arrangement of refractive indices of yellow, red and green.
Q112. Man can hear the sound of frequencies
Q113. Magnetic lines of force travel from ............. outside the magnet.
Q114. Magnetic lines of force originate from the
Q115. Magnetic field in a region is charcterised by
Q116. Magnetic field does not interact with
Q117. LPG mainly consists of
Q118. Loudness is a sensation depending upon
Q119. Living tissues are severely damaged if absorbed by
Q120. Longitudinal waves are produced in
Q121. Liquids vapourising fast is known as
Q122. Liquids exert pressure
Q123. Linear magnification produced by a plane mirror is
Q124. Linear magnification produced by a convex mirror is
Q125. Lightning takes place .......... thunder.
Q126. Light rays coming from a distant object when incident are focussed by a .................. rays, are refracted twice
Q127. Light is used in measuring large distances called
Q128. Light from the sun takes about .......... minutes to reach the earth
Q129. Light enters from air to diamond, which has a refractive index of 2.42. Calculate the speed of light in diamond.
Q130. Light enters from air to diamond having the refractive index 2.2. What is the speed of light in diamond?
Q131. The Eastern Coastal Plains extends from the to Kanyakumari.
Q132. The Western Coastal plains extend from ......
Q133. The Deccan Plateau slopes towards the.....
Q134. ............longitude along with the Prime Meridian forms a great circle on the globe.
Q135. At the apex of the Deccan Plateau lies ............
Q136. At the broader part of the triangle (of the peninsula) list the ....mountains.
Q137. Mount Abu is the highest peak in the ....
Q138. At one time.......hills were loftier than the Himalays and over the period due to erosion they have now become hills of 500 mtrs only.
Q139. ..........Plateau is in the form of a triangle.
Q140. ...........are really a range but a discontinuous hills in line.
Q141. Millenium Wheel is a land mark in London. How is it also called?
Q142. November 19th, is an International day of ...............
Q143. Who is the first sitting US President to make an official visit abroad?
Q144. N.G.Ranga Award is an award of excellence in the field of......
Q145. Who has designed "India House" in Aldwych, London where the Indian High Commission is located?
Q146. "Suomenlinna" a natural fortress spread across six islands is the most well known feature of which European city?
Q147. The Tehri Hydropower complex is built on which river?
Q148. Who invented the telegraphic code?
Q149. The Khajuraho temples were built by the kings of which dynasty?
Q150. Who was the first cricketer to wear a full helmet in a Test match?
Q151. Which of these countries follow a calendar that has 13 months?
Q152. What is the longest National Highway in India?
Q153. In which year Radio Broadcasting being in India?
Q154. Which is the only city to have hosted the Asian Games four times?
Q155. Who wrote the poem "Sare Jahan Se Acha" whose birth day is observed as National Holiday in Pakistan?
Q156. Which Asian country, a former French colony, has one of its most world famous monument in its flag?
Q157. Who was the first actor to become the Chief Minister of a State?
Q158. In which city is the International Criciminal Court is located?
Q159. Who was the first Indian to participate in the Olympic Games?
Q160. Which river runs through the Grand Canyon?
Q161. Where is the Maharana Pratap Airport?
Q162. "Sant Kabir Award" is given to which type of professionals?
Q163. Which great Indian's birthday is celebrated on "Panchishe Baisakh" or the 25th day of Baisakh?
Q164. Scotland Yard uses a National IT system to maintain their crime database with an interesting acronym drawn from fiction. What is it called?
Q165. Which one of the following US Presidents will not be found in the Mount Rushmore sculptures in South Dakota, USA?
Q166. Islands Hokkaido, Honshu and Kyushu are part of which country?
Q167. The flag of which country features the "Star of David"?
Q168. The world's first postage stamp 'Penny Black" issued in 1840 carried the figure of which of the following?
Q169. Which country is popularly called the "Land of the Maple Leaf"?
Q170. What is the first kandam (chapter) of the Valmiki Ramayana?
Q171. Which mammal recently set a record of travelling 6200 miles to find a mate?
Q172. Which Indian Army rank is above the rank of Colonel?
Q173. In which country did the "Sauna" originate?
Q174. How many minters were trapped for how many days in a mine in Chile before they were rescued on October 13/14, 2010
Q175. In a school, out of 40 staff members, 30 are males. Some of the female teachers can sing while no male can sing. The principal invited six persons to a party by drawing lots. It was found that no member in the party could sing. Which of the following conclusions can be definitely drawn?
Q176. Two stores A and B mark the price of an item identically. A allows 3 successive discounts of 10% each. B allows 10% discount on the list price and a subsequent discount of 19%. Under the circumstances, which of the following is true?
Q177. STATEMENT: The Sarpanch of the village called a meeting of all the heads of the families to discuss the problem of acute shortage of drinking water in the village. ASSUMPTIONS: (1) The Sarpanch had earlier called such meetings to discuss about various problems. (2) Most of the heads of families may attend the meeting called by the Sarpanch.
Q178. Mohan walked 25 metres towards South, took a right turn and walked 15 metres. He then took a left turn and walked 25 metres. Which direction is he now from his starting point?
Q179. (A) All teachers are creative. (B) All creative men are sentimental. What can be inferFF0000 from the above two statements?
Q180. In the following question, out of the four options, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence: "e;Murderer of brother"e;
Q181. Arrange the following six sentences A, B, C, D, E and F to make it a meaningful paragraph and then answer the question. (A) The dwindling down was because the boy had discovered that it was easier to hold his temper than to drive nails into the fence. (B) Once there was a little boy who had a very bad temper. (C) Finally, the day came when the boy didn't lose his temper at all. (D) The first day the boy had driven 37 nails into the fence. (E) Over the next few weeks, as he learned to control his anger, the number of nails hammered daily gradually dwindled down. (F) His father gave him a bag of nails and told him that every time he lost his temper, he must hammer a nail into the fence. Which of the above six sentences should be the FOURTH sentence after rearrangement?
Q182. Past Perfect Continuous tense is used to .............
Q183. This sentence has been given in Direct/Indirect form. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in indirect/direct form: "e;The boss said, "e;It's time we began planning our work."e;
Q184. Choose the word which is most similar in meaning to the word: SULLEN
Q185. Now that they have read it in .........they believe me
Q186. EXODUS means
Q187. The telephone ..........several times before I answered it.
Q188. In September 2015, for the Rejuvenation and Cleaning of Ganga Project, Mata Amritananda Mayi Trust donated a huge amount. How much was it?
Q189. When was the Global Investors Meet held in Chennai, Tamilnadu?
Q190. In September 2015, where was the International Conference on Hindi was held?
Q191. In a high resolution mode, the number of dots in a line is ....
Q192. be used to insert a page break in Word at the current position
Q193. What in a distributed database supports multi-user access?
Q194. The CONFIGURATION SECTION must always be included in
Q195. Pick the valid statement
Q196. NOT an example of hardware.
Q197. used to add or put into your document such as a picture or text
Q198. Making a field ......means that it cannot be left blank.
Q199. The correct hierarchy of operation is ....
Q200. ......function can be used to move the record pointer to the first record of the database file.



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