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Test No :36

Q1. Which of the following statement is NOT correct about the Rowlatt Act?
Q2. Which of the following, for the first time spelt out the possibility of Independence for India?
Q3. In which year the Muslim League declared for the first time that their aim was for self government within the empire?
Q4. The 1857 mutiny brought about a change in the administrative system of the British rule over India from 1858 onwards. Which among the following is not one of those changes?
Q5. Among the following what established first the system of a large and well established system of rule in India?
Q6. Which Governor General's administration was notable by the absence of warfare and carrying out many reforms?
Q7. Pick the correct one relating to the later vedic period:
Q8. In which year the Congress agreed to the Muslim demands for separate electorates and weighted representation in the councils?
Q9. Among the following who collaborated actively in the development of a market economy by the British during the colonial rule?
Q10. In which year, Gandhi - Jinnah talks ended without any result?
Q11. At the Madras session of the INC a resolution was passed without the presence of Gandhiji. About this Gandhiji remarked "hastily conceived and thoughtlessly passed". What was the resolution?
Q12. Who among the following is credited to be the first empire builders of India?
Q13. Punch marked coins are believed to be the first metal coins used in India. They belong to the.......
Q14. The tendency for increased litigation was visible after the introduction of the land settlement system of Lord Cornwallis in 1793. The reason for this is normally traced to which of the following provisions?
Q15. From among the following who was the first Greek to invade India?
Q16. Who among the following was not a taxation officer in the pre-Mauryan period?
Q17. In which of the following proposals/plan the partition of India into India and Pakistan was proposed?
Q18. Arrange the following events in the correct chronological order: a)Bengal famine with a huge loss of life b)Despite the death of Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan fights against the British c)Establishment of the Board of Control in London d)Impeachment of Warren Hastings
Q19. Who among the following was not a ruler of Magadha Kingdom?
Q20. Why did the Muslim League decide to go in for direct action on 16th August 1946?
Q21. Who is more credited to have founded the Indian National Congress although it was an effort of few people?
Q22. When was Indian National Congress founded?
Q23. In which Lok Sabha, the number of women members were more?
Q24. Which state of India has the largest number of women MPs in the present Lok Sabha?
Q25. 1993 was an year of tussle between the Election Commission (then T N Seshan) and the Government and the then Attorney General was called to address the parliament on the powers of election commissioners. Who was that Attorney General?
Q26. Who is the youngest to be elected to the 15th Lok Sabha in the 2009 general elections?
Q27. Under which rule of Election Rules of 1961, the voter has a right to refuse voting for any candidate?
Q28. Smallest constituency in terms of electors is in ……
Q29. Which is the highest polling booth in India?
Q30. What is the provision to safeguard the autonomy of the Supreme Court of India? (1) While appointing the Supreme Court Judges, the President of India has to consult the Chief Justice of India (2) The Supreme Court Judges can be removed by the Chief Justice of India only (3) The salaries of the Judges are charged on the Consolidated Fund of India to which the legislature does not have to vote. (4) All appointments of officers and staffs of the Supreme Court of India are made by the Government only after consulting the Chief Justice of India. Pick the correct one/s answer/s.
Q31. Who are the only authorized manufacturers of indellible ink for elections?
Q32. Which organization developed the "indellible ink"
Q33. What is the name for the study and analysis of election patterns, results etc.?
Q34. From which year the electronic voting machines started to be used in full for elections of all nature?
Q35. In which year the electronic voting machines were used in large scale?
Q36. In which state the electronic voting machine was used, perhaps on a trial basis?
Q37. An electronic voting maching can accommodate how many votes?
Q38. How many general elections have been held so far (as 2011)?
Q39. An Electronic Voting Machine can accommodate how many candidates?
Q40. For how many Lok Sabha seats, the first General Election was held?
Q41. Vikram Pandit, an Indian American Banker, who resigned recently was the CEO of which of the following groups?
Q42. Among the following measures of the supply side, which one is a measure to contain inflation?
Q43. Who among the following controls the activities of the Insurance Sector?
Q44. The Finance Commission, appointed once in 5 years, primarily considers the issue of ......
Q45. Kutir Jyoti scheme is related to which of the following schemes?
Q46. A certain sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs.1260 in 2 years and to Rs.1350 in 5 years. The rate per cent per annum is,,,,,
Q47. The length of a rectangular room is 16 feet and the breadth is 3/4 of the length. The total cost of putting a wall to wall carpet in the room was Rs.10560, what was the per square feet cost of carpetting?
Q48. A trader marks his goods at such a price that after allowing a discount of 15% he makes a profit of 20%. Find the marked price of an article which cost him Rs.850.
Q49. Kandan scored a total of 455 marks out of 800 marks in an examination. What was his approximate percentage in the examination?
Q50. A train X speeding with 110 Km/Hr crosses another train Y running in the same direction in 1 minute and 30 seconds. If the lengths of the trains X and Y are of 140 m and of 160 m respectively, what is the speed of the train Y?
Q51. .......................was a common and killer disease few decades back.
Q52. The amount of Urea excreted through urine each day is about ...................
Q53. ........................can image narrowed or blocked coronary arteries.
Q54. Pepsinogen is activated into Pepsin by..........................
Q55. The Vitamin obtained from sunshine is.............
Q56. The integral components of RNA and DNA molecules are ......................
Q57. The ailment in which cornea may get necrosed and infected is.................
Q58. The amount of nitrogen in the exhaled air is.................
Q59. "Bundle of His" originates from the ..................
Q60. The Vitamin rare in human is ..............
Q61. Bile juice is stored in ................
Q62. The membrane lining the lungs is known as ...............
Q63. Kidney stone consists mainly of...................
Q64. The pregnancy hormone is ...............
Q65. Germ theory of diseases was established by ................
Q66. Ear wax is secreted from...............
Q67. The sensitive test to detect HIV is ..........
Q68. not the feature of bacterial genes.
Q69. ...................gland is considered as primary lymphoid organ.
Q70. The liver fluke and blood fluke are ..................
Q71. What is modified gun metal = 86% copper + 9.5% tin + 2.5% lead and 2% zinc - used for?
Q72. What is the term used for the number of individual atoms in exactly 12 grams of the most common form of Carbon?
Q73. Which of these is not a metal?
Q74. What is common to the chemical symbols - Cm, Ir, Nb, Pd and V?
Q75. Who discovered the "neutron" a sub-atomic particle?
Q76. Which of the following, a non-metal, that remains liquid at room temperature?
Q77. What is the atomic number of the chemical element carbon?
Q78. What are "ununquadium" and "ununhexium"?
Q79. Isotopes of the same element have different ...
Q80. Hematite and Magnetite are mineral forms of ....
Q81. Which of these gases was first chemically isolated in 1895 by British Chemist William Ramsay?
Q82. Among the following which one is NOT a non-metallic mineral?
Q83. Acetyl CoA is a
Q84. The citric acid cyclic reactions end with the formation of which of the following?
Q85. Conversion of pyruvic acid into acetyl CoA involves………
Q86. Match the following correctly: A) Lignite 1)Copper B)Bauxite 2)Iron C)Magnetite 3)Aluminium D)Pyrite 4)Coal
Q87. Which is the leading sulphur producing country in the world?
Q88. Iron is obtained mostly from ………………
Q89. ………………is the largest Mercury producing country in the world.
Q90. Republic of Congo is one of the leading producers of .......
Q91. Which pair of countries are the leading producers of Mica?
Q92. Which pair of countries are the leading producers of Rock Phosphate?
Q93. the leading producer of Uranium.
Q94. What is the quality of basic slag, a byproduct of steel plants?
Q95. Which state of India is the largest producer of antimony (Sb)?
Q96. Which state is the largest producer of bauxite>
Q97. Which state of India is the largest producer of copper?
Q98. Lead, ingested or inhaled, is a health hard. After the addition of lead to petrol has been banned, what still are the sources of lead poisoning? (1) smelting units (2) pens and pencils (3) Paints (4) Hair oils and cosmetics. Pick the correct answer.
Q99. Aluminium usually occurs in the form of….
Q100. Which state of India is the largest producer of Thorium?
Q101. ………………is the largest producer of Sulphur.
Q102. …………………is the largest producer of Manganese
Q103. ……………….is the largest producer of Lignite
Q104. Manganese is extracted from .........ore
Q105. What is the most abundant element found in sea water?
Q106. Chadwick's discovery was
Q107. Electrons was discovered by……………
Q108. Deuterium oxide is known as ........
Q109. The main gas causing the green house effect is.......
Q110. The gases used in different types of welding would include……………….
Q111. In which of the following is the sources of energy by the fusion of helium nuclei.
Q112. In which materials X- rays produce fluorescence?
Q113. In which material objects can be seen clearly?
Q114. In which fields x- rays are used?
Q115. In which layer ozone is present?
Q116. In which elements artificial radioactivity exhibits?
Q117. In which elements natural radioactivity occur?
Q118. In which direction the l3-particles are deflected ..........
Q119. In which direction, the induced current acts?
Q120. In which direction a ray of light bends while emerging out of a prism?
Q121. In which device, the fission reaction takes place in perfectly controlled manner?
Q122. In which device an AC voltage of same value is changed into an AC voltage of different value?
Q123. In which defect human eye cannot see distant objects distinctly?
Q124. In which atoms are arranged in a regular, repeated and periodic pattern?
Q125. In what way the three states of matter differ?
Q126. In what form the coil is attached to specially treated paper in loud speaker ?
Q127. In what colour the sun near horizon appears?
Q128. In what basis the three states of matter is explained?
Q129. In what angle the anode is inclined in a coolidge tube?
Q130. In transverse waves the particles of medium oscillates
Q131. Which is the biggest continent?
Q132. Our Country's area is about 3.3 million SQKM. What is its rank in the world?
Q133. In which month the Sun's rays fall directly over the Tropic of Capricorn?
Q134. The month in which the Sun's rays are overhead over the Tropic of Cancer is ......
Q135. The largest dam in Asia is ......
Q136. ..............current does not contribute to form a complete circle of currents in the South Atlantic Ocean.
Q137. Among the following which one is a good example of sedimentary rock?
Q138. The river that connects the Kolkatta Port with sea is....
Q139. Among the following, which river originates from the Kodagu Hills of Karnataka?
Q140. Which two rivers make Andhra Pradesh one of the richest?
Q141. In which country are the "Plains of Abraham" located?
Q142. When did the Archie Comics first appear?
Q143. "Your Place in the Sky" is the tag line of .....
Q144. Name the gigantic dam that spans the yangtze river in China?
Q145. The famous musical instrument "Veena" is made from the wood of...
Q146. What is Euclid's famous work on Geometry and Reasoning is called?
Q147. Which one of them is not a name for a sea?
Q148. Expand UTC related to time?
Q149. She won the Nobel Prize. Her husband, daughter and son in law were also Nobel Prize winners. Who was she?
Q150. Who was the world's first woman PM?
Q151. Who sang "Vande Mataram" during the special session of Parliament on 14th August 1947?
Q152. Which Soviet spacecraft became the first man made object to reach the surface of the moon?
Q153. Which of the following rivers does not originate in Indian territory?
Q154. South Africa has ...........official languages
Q155. What is the official colour of the Olympic water polo ball?
Q156. Which of these languages was the official language of England for over 600 years?
Q157. In which war Florence Nightingale served as a Nurse, to give birth to the Nursing profession?
Q158. What is the highest military honours of USA?
Q159. Who is the tallest player to play international cricket?
Q160. Who founded the automobile giant General Motors?
Q161. In Hindu mythology, the 10 lords first created by Brahma are called the .....
Q162. Which country's flag has three equal horizontal bars of red, white and black?
Q163. "Kanga League" is a league cricket tournament in......
Q164. Which was the first Indian film to be nominated for Oscar?
Q165. "Desert Foxes" is the nick name of which country's football team?
Q166. On 7th August 1960 Time Square in New York was named after an Indian for one day to makr the birth centenary celebrations. Who was that?
Q167. "Audacity of Hope" is a book written by....
Q168. Who was India's first Deputy Prime Minister?
Q169. Who wrote the original Panchatantra?
Q170. What is the holy book of Parsis?
Q171. The first telegraph line in India was laid between
Q172. The Iron pillar at Mehrauli was built during the rule of which dynasty?
Q173. How the Sikh Flag is called?
Q174. Which is the largest bird native to Australia?
Q175. In a certain code BROUGHT is written as PSCTVJI. How is hearing written in that code?
Q176. There are 5 bus stops A, B, C, D, and E at equal intervals. C is not the middle stop. A and E are not terminal stops. C comes twice as many stops before D in upward journey as B comes after A. D is the first stop in downward journey. Give the correct sequence of the stops in downward journey.
Q177. Examine the following STATEMENTS: (1) Lady's Finger is tastier than Cabbage. (2) Cauliflower is tastier than Lady's Finger. (3) Cabbage is not tastier than peas. The conclusion that can be drawn from these statements is that
Q178. "Water flows through a pipeline at a steady rate. At a point on the pipeline, water is withdrawn continuously through a branch line". Consider the following STATEMENTS: (1) Pipe line beyond the branch line will not be full. (2) Flow velocity in the main line will be less after the branch line than before it. (3) Flow velocity in the main line beyond the branch line will become unsteady. Of these statements,
Q179. If 'M' denotes '+', 'K' denotes '-', 'R' denotes '+' and 'T' denotes 'x', then 12 T 8 M 12 R 16 K 14 =
Q180. Edmund Burke called the Press as "e;.................."e;
Q181. Give the opposite of NEBULOUS
Q183. He never visits any zoo because he is strong opponent of the idea of .......
Q184. Choose the word which is most similar in meaning to the word: SHRED
Q185. Find a suitable option from the options given to replace the highlighted word/s. 5 will be the answer if "e;No correction is required"e; .... "e; "e;It is simply unbearable for me to watch these sort of movies."e;
Q186. Choose the correct word to fill the blank from the given options: "e; Jimmy .......... avoids playing tennis on weekdays as it is very tiring."e;
Q187. Choose the word which is most similar in meaning to the word: EXCLAIMED
Q188. The ""Jan Dhan Yojana"" introduced by the Central Government is for opening of bank accounts for all indians. This was implemented in the year ...............
Q189. On August 21, 2015, the India-Pacific Countries Conference was held in ..........
Q190. The longest railway tunnel -- 56 km -- is under construction and is to be opened for traffic in 2016. This tunnel connects of which countries?
Q191. The background processes are ....
Q192. The Internet is .........
Q193. In case of MS access, the rows of a table corresponds to .....
Q194. .......language uses both interpreter and compiler
Q195. Which of the following is an objective of multiprogrmmes operating system?
Q196. Better resolution can be obtained from
Q197. The communications device that allows the computer to access a network is known as ......card
Q198. The desktop consists of ....
Q199. When all the numbers between 0 and 100 in a range should be displayed in Red color, apply
Q200. The nine's complement of a decimal number is obtained by



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