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Test No :38

Q1. Which of the following crops was not introduced through the European (specially the Portuguese) efforts to introduce new crops in India?
Q2. When did the "mother goddess" become an object of worship again after being neglected for centuries?
Q3. Which of the following developments did not take place during the Mauryan period?
Q4. In the Interim government formed in 1946, who among the following was NOT a member?
Q5. Which of the following was the main cause for the Indian women getting enfranchised on the same terms as men for the first time on the basis of the Montford Reforms?
Q6. At which place Vinoba Bhave started the Individual Satyagraha in 1940?
Q7. Which of the following region took active part in the Quit India movement?
Q8. When did Gandhiji coin the term "Harijan" for the 'untouchables' in our country?
Q9. Which of the following was the first fortified English port in India?
Q10. Brahminism as is understood today, with the outlook and attitude of the superior caste, has its roots in which of the following periods?
Q11. Which of the following is believed to contain texts on earliest architecture?
Q12. Large scale murals gave way for the miniatures in painting after ......
Q13. Which one of the following is correct with regard to the split up of the late Chalukyan Empire?
Q14. Who was Greek explorer and navigator whom Darius the Great had directed around 510 BC to explore the Indus till its mouth?
Q15. Which of the following river is related with the Battle of Hydaspes?
Q16. Which of the following Peshwa was known as "Nana Saheb"?
Q17. What was "Arz"?
Q18. What was an "Agrahara Grant"?
Q19. At which place the British and the French clashed for the first time?
Q20. Which of the following metal was not known to the Indus people?
Q21. Who holds the record of being the youngest Governor of a State?
Q22. Who was the first woman Governor of a state after Republic?
Q23. Who was the first woman Governor of a state before Republic?
Q24. Who administers the Oath of Office to the Governor?
Q25. The minimum age required for becoming a Governor is….
Q26. Governor of a state is appointed by……
Q27. Under which Article of the Constitution Governor of a state is appointed?
Q28. Retired Presidents get rent free accommodation for how long?
Q29. Who is that person who refused the offer of getting nominated to the post of President of India?
Q30. Which former President of India died of a car accident?
Q31. Who is the only Finance Minister of India to become President of India?
Q32. Which President's birth day is observed as "Teacher's Day"?
Q33. What is the salary of the President of India, as of 2012?
Q34. Which state of India has given us more Presidents than any other state?
Q35. Who was the President of India when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated?
Q36. In the election of which President of India, for the first and the only time so far, the second preference votes have been taken into account to elect the President?
Q37. Of the following Chief Justices of India, who was the only person to act as President of India?
Q38. Who was the President of India when Smt.Indira Gandhi was assassinated?
Q39. Of the following Presidents of India, who has the distinction of being the Chief Minister, Lok Sabha Speaker and President of India?
Q40. Of the three acting Presidents, who has become a regular President?
Q41. Who will decide whether a bill is "Money Bill" or not?
Q42. Which of the following 'unit of valuation' is known as "paper gold"?
Q43. As announed in August 2011, the minimum Paid up capital requirement for new Private Banks in India is.....
Q44. NOT included in the current revenue of the Union Government.
Q45. Of the following taxes, which one is considered as 'progressive'?
Q46. A train of 200 m long takes 25 seconds to cross a platform of length 350 m. Compute the speed of the train in m/sec.
Q47. A man sold 60 chairs and had a gain equal to that of the selling price of 20 chairs. Find out the profit percentage.
Q48. 33% marks are required to pass an examination. A candidate who gets 210 marks fails by 21 marks. What is the total mark in the examination?
Q49. A train of 400 m long crossed a platform of 500 m long in 1 minute and 30 seconds. Calculate the speed of the train in Km/Hr.
Q50. A train running at 7/11 of its own speed reached a place in 22 hours. How much time could be saved if the train would run at its own speed?
Q51. Acute watery diarrhoea is caused by ................
Q52. the types orf tRNA are ....................
Q53. The genome of Homosapiens is....................
Q54. Each nucleic acid is made up of ................
Q55. Lethal mutation is the cause for ..................
Q56. In Chimpanzee the 17th Chromosome is ................
Q57. Deletion mutation is reported in ...............
Q58. The genetically uniform population developed by tissue culture methods are known as.......
Q59. The use of transgenic plants as bioreactors for the production of speciality chemicals or pharmaceuticals is..............
Q60. The bacterial host used in the genetic engineering is.....................
Q61. Enzymes that are used to join two DNA fragments are ...................................
Q62. .................of the following is produced by genetic engineering method.
Q63. The explant is induced to form callus due to the activity of ......................
Q64. Bacterial strain used to make non-polluting oil.
Q65. Fusion of nuclei of the parent results in......................
Q66. Water soluble vitamins are ..............
Q67. Chilomicrons are ........................
Q68. Right atrium does not receive the blood from ...........
Q69. Which of the following technique of medical treatment is used for kidney failure patients?
Q70. The junctions of neuron in nerve pathway are known as the ..............
Q71. The mass of one mole of Ozone is
Q72. Law of Multiple proportion was given by…………………
Q73. German Silver is an alloy of ..........
Q74. Which one of the following occurs in its native form?
Q75. Sodium Silicate is also called as ..........
Q76. Buton-2-ol is………………alcohol
Q77. Formic acid is present in………………
Q78. What would be the l value for an electron having n value 2?
Q79. Gram molecular mass of nitrogen is
Q80. Law of conservation of mass is applicable to….
Q81. Which of the following alloy steels does not contain chromium?
Q82. Percentage of methanol in Denatured alcohol is…………….
Q83. Pure anhydrous acetic acid is known as ..........
Q84. Pyrolysis is .........
Q85. A substance which accepts one or more electrons from the other is called .......
Q86. How many moles are represented by 36 gm of water?
Q87. The ratio of the volumes of reactants are products in the formation of ammonia is......
Q88. Ionic reaction is an example for ……………reaction
Q89. the gangue present in the Haematite ore
Q90. A mixture of aluminium powder and ammonium nitrate is called…………….
Q91. Consider the following statements: (1) Natural gas occurs in the Gondwana beds (2) Mica occurs in abundance in Kodarma and (3) Dharwars are famous for petroleum.
Q92. the non-metal found in liquid state
Q93. Alcohol is a/an .......of electricity
Q94. ……………… a dilute solution of ethanoic acid
Q95. Poisonous gases can be removed by ..........
Q96. The quantum number which gives the orientation of a given electron is ........quantum number
Q97. Gram molecular mass of carbon dioxide
Q98. The rate of the reaction ........with increase in concentration
Q99. The process used for removing the gangue from the ore is known as .......
Q100. The principal ore of iron is ………………
Q101. …………alloy is used in the manufacture of telegraph wires
Q102. An example of secondary alcohol is ........
Q103. Sommerfield introduced the idea of motion of .......
Q104. Number of moles in 88 grams of Carbon di oxide is
Q105. Heating the ore in the absence of air strongly is called .......
Q106. The objects like pipes, stoves and hot water radiators are manufactured by ...
Q107. Sulphur is extracted from the earth crust by the process called
Q108. The IUPAC name for Tertiary butyl alcohol is
Q109. ..........solution is added to produce red colouration of Acetic Acid.
Q110. The main source of nitrogen dioxide as pollutant is ………………
Q111. In DC motor, the direction of force is given by
Q112. In coolidge tube, anode tungsten is embedded in ................
Q113. In an electromagnetic wave
Q114. In an electric bell, we use a ......... because the magnetism developed in the rod is
Q115. In all types of chemical combinations, atoms
Q116. In all power reactors which one is used as control rods?
Q117. In AC generator, the emf varies for every .............
Q118. In AC generator, the armature is rotated about its axis .............
Q119. In a transformer, the transformer ratio k is also called ...........
Q120. In a transformer due to electromagnetic induction the varying magnetic flux sets up an emf in the ...........
Q121. In a thermal power plant which energy is transformed into electrical?
Q122. In a telescope, the focal length of the objective is .......... than that of eye piece.
Q123. In a streamline flow, the pressure within the fluid varies with
Q124. In a step up transformer, the turn ratio is ...........
Q125. In a step up transformer the input voltage is 440 V and the out put voltage is 2200 V. The ratio of number of turns of secondary to primary is ...........
Q126. In a step up transformer the input voltage is 440 V and the out put voltage is 2200 V. The ratio of number of turns of secondary to primary is ...........
Q127. In a step- up transformer .............
Q128. In a rainy day, the relative humidity is
Q129. In a particle scattering experiment most of the a - particles pass through the foil
Q130. In a- particle model, the sub groups of nucleus consists of how many nucleons?
Q131. Which of the hill ranges lie parallel to the Narmada Valley?
Q132. The land that liest north of the Equator and South of the Tropic of Cancer is known as the .........
Q133. Among the following regions in India, which one is rich in minerals?
Q134. The northwest of Peninsular India is the ..........
Q135. The highest peak on the Anamalai ranges is ..........
Q136. India lies between 68 degree7' and ..........east longitudes.
Q137. India is peninsular because ........
Q138. India lies between 8 degree4' N and ......N latitudes
Q139. The land lying south of the Tropic of Cancer is known as ......
Q140. The latitude that goes across India is .........
Q141. Where is the head waters of the mighty Amazon river?
Q142. Who said, " I have not failed, but found 10000 ways that do not work"?
Q143. "Bold Kurukshetra" was a military exercise held in March 2010, near Jhansi, between .....
Q144. Who was the first US President to die in office and also had the shortest term?
Q145. Which is the first European Country to win a World Cup outside the European Continent?
Q146. What is "Vuvuzeula" the most talked about spectator item of the 2010 Fifa World Cup?
Q147. The soccer stadium in South Africa, was designed in the shape of a "Calabash" for the 2010 World Cup. What is Calabash?
Q148. In the 2010 FIFA World Cup which is the only country to remain unbeaten although it has not won the World Cup?
Q149. What is the name of the cave near Meca where Prophet Muhammad received his revelations from God?
Q150. Which famous studio has a lady carrying a torch and draped in the American flag as its logo?
Q151. What is "Deep Horizon" been in the news for sometime in 2010?
Q152. How is Mother Teresa called?
Q153. Mother Teresa belongs to which modern day country?
Q154. Of which country, Ben Gurion was the first PM?
Q155. In which ocean did the Titanic go down after hitting an iceberg?
Q156. Which state of India has the longest coast line?
Q157. What is Bathymetry?
Q158. During the churning of the ocean to find Nectar, Lord Vishnu took two avatars. One was Kurma (tortoise). What was the other?
Q159. What are "ghostnets" related to marine ecology and conservation?
Q160. What is produced in a ginnery?
Q161. What is the simplest physical concept behind blue being the colour of the oceans?
Q162. If C is Carbon, S is Sulphur, then what is W?
Q163. As of August 2010, how many member countries are there in United Nations?
Q164. Where in India is the first Anglican Church built?
Q165. What are "necessary evil" and "the great artiste"?
Q166. How many districts are there in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir?
Q167. How many communist ruled countries are there in the world?
Q168. Iris, part of the eye is named after the Roman God of.....
Q169. Which of the following is not a communist country?
Q170. Apart from Lord Krishna, which two other epic characters are also called as Krishna?
Q171. Who was the first Mughal emperor to build mirrored rooms known as "Sheesh Mahals"?
Q172. Who was/were the first female actresses of Indian cinema?
Q173. Swami Vivekananda faced which of the following problems while at Chicago for attending the Parliament of World Religions: a)financial b)accommodation c)registration of speakers lapsed d)no credentials from any religious body.
Q174. Who is the only person to have won the Jnanpith Award for literature and National Award for best director?
Q175. In a group of six women there are four table tennis players, four post graduates in Economics, one post graduate in Commerce and three bank employees. Vimala and Kamala are among the bank employees while Amala and Komala are unemployed. Komala and Nirmala are among the table tennis players. Amala, Kamala, Komala and Nirmala are post graduates in Economics of whom two are bank employees. If Shy;amala is a post graduate in commerce who among the following is both a table tennis player and a bank employee?
Q176. In the question below is given three statements followed by three conclusions numbeFF0000 (1),(2) and (3). You have to take the three given statements to be true even if they seem to at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.STATEMENTS: Some desks are benches. Some benches are rooms. Some rooms are walls. CONCLUSIONS: (1) Some walls are benches (2) Some rooms are desks. (3) Some desks are walls.
Q177. Which of the following is the middle digit of the second highest number among the following four numbers given below: 512 839 475 748
Q178. If CALCUTTA is 7, 3, 9, 7, 23, 14, 14, 3, BANGALORE will be ...
Q179. In a class of forty eight students Anuj is nineteenth from the top and Jeevan is twelfth from the bottom.. How many students are there between Jeevan and Anuj?
Q180. Fill the blansks with proper words: "e;.................the cupboard, very ........the wall, there is a narrow gap, .......which a few charts have been kept."e;
Q181. Give the synonym for IMPETUOUS
Q182. "e;Bring about"e; means
Q183. "e;Sadistically"e; -- what does this word indicate?
Q184. To leave someone in the lurch
Q185. Give the antonym for REVEALED
Q186. To be the question -- means
Q188. In 2015, PM Narendra Modi participated in the National Handlooms Day. On which day it was observed?
Q189. In 2015, one Mr. Nevada Jaideen, sold all his food products chain of business and distributed the entire proceeds to his 169 employees, at the rate of around 1.5 crore to each of them for their contribution for the development of his business. This humanitarian act of this man attracted the whole world. To which country he belonged?
Q190. The Tamil Nadu government has decided to observe October 15, the birth date of Abdul Kalam as ...............
Q191. The feature of Word that automatically adjusts the amoung of space between certain combination of characters so that an entire word looks more evenly spaced is termed as .....
Q192. Which of the following about 'firmware' is/are correct? (1) Firmware refers to the pre written programs which are permanently stored in read only memory . (2) They configure the computer and cannot be easily modified by the user.
Q193. In which portion of a document in can you set certain page formatting options?
Q194. The altering of data so that it is not usable unless the changes are undone is known as .........
Q195. Of the following which one is NOT true about "e;Count"e;?
Q196. .........adjusts the top and bottom margins so that the text is centred vertically on the printed page?
Q197. How can you remove borders applied in Cells?
Q198. Which of the following software applications would be the most appropriate for performing numerical and statistical calculations?
Q199. FARNET stands for
Q200. The hexadecimal system has the following symbols:



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