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Test No :45

Q1. Ramanuja founded a new school of Vaishnavism against the increasing cult of......
Q2. The British signed the treaty of 'Bassein' with which of the following?
Q3. Which of these slave dynasty ruler died of a fall from his horse while playing polo at Lahore?
Q4. Which of the following statements about the slave dynasty rulers is correct?
Q5. The Congress ministries resigned in the seven provinces in 1939 because......
Q6. What does 'Fawazil' in Islamic term mean?
Q7. What does the Islamic term 'mufti' mean?
Q8. What does the Islamic term 'Iqta' mean?
Q9. What does the Islamic term 'khutba' mean?
Q10. Alaluddin Khilji's two principal monuments were Jama'at Khana Masjid and Alai Darwaza. Where were they constructed?
Q11. Which of the following Italian travellers made a praise of the Vijayanagar Empire?
Q12. Which dynasty was ruling Delhi when Timur invaded India in the late 14th century?
Q13. Who was the Rana of Mewar when Akbar beseiged the Chittor Fort in 1567?
Q14. Who was the first to use 'artillery' during warfare in the medieval period in India?
Q15. What formed the eastern limit of the Sultanate in 1335?
Q16. Under whose reign, the southern kingdoms were annexed to the Delhi Sultanate?
Q17. Who was appointed as the first Governor of Devagiri after its annexation by the Sultanate?
Q18. As Sultan of Delhi, what was Alauddin Khilji's first conquer?
Q19. "Hanoz Delhi Door Ast". Whose quote is this?
Q20. Amir Khusro well known for his writings and in them he covered about five sultans. Which among the following was not covered by his writings?
Q21. Hindi is our National Language. What is the form of script?
Q22. What is the National Aquatic Animal of our country?
Q23. What is the National Fruit of our country?
Q24. What is the National Tree of our country?
Q25. What is the National Animal of our country?
Q26. What is the National Bird of our country?
Q27. Who wrote the famous patriotic song "Saare Jahan se Achha"?
Q28. Who opposed the adoption of the Vande Mataram in full?
Q29. Who first sang Vande Mataram in public?
Q30. What was the name of the journal in which Vande Mataram published in 1882?
Q31. Who set the tune for Vande Mataram?
Q32. Who wrote our National Song "Vande Mataram"?
Q33. Whenfrom the National Emblem of India was adopted?
Q34. Besides the Lion, what are the other animals that can be seen in the National Emblem?
Q35. Where from the inscription "Satyamewa Jayate" in the National Emblem is taken from….
Q36. Rabindranath Tagore translated the Jana Gana Mana into English and set it to music at which place?
Q37. How many river names have been mentioned in the National Anthem?
Q38. In the National Anthem how many regions have been mentioned ?
Q39. Who composed the music for the National Anthem?
Q40. What is the duration of the playing time of the shortened version of the National Anthem Jana Gana Mana?
Q41. "World Investment Report" is an annual publication of which of the following?
Q42. Which of the following statements about National Mineral Development Corporation is NOT correct?
Q43. Which of the following statements about SENSEX is correct?
Q44. ..............Bank was imposed a penalty of Rs.55 Lakhs recently, for contravention of directions and instructions issued on KYC norms.
Q45. The subject 'Planning' appears in .....
Q46. River A and River B have a combined length of 650 kms and River B is 250 Kms shorter than River A. How long is the River A in Kms?
Q47. What is 280% of 3940?
Q48. If the salary of a worker is increased by 20% and then increased by another 10%, what is the percentage effect on his salary?
Q49. A man sells two houses at the rate of Rs.1.995 lakh each. On one he gains 5% and on the other he losses 5%. His gain or loss per cent in the whole transaction is .......
Q50. At what rate percent per annum simple interest will a sum double itself in 8 years?
Q51. What is the commonest presentation of ureteric stones?
Q52. A patient can have stones without him or her having any symptoms.
Q53. The factor that enrich the gene pool with new modified genes is..................
Q54. Who among the following developed 'genetic drift' in 1930?
Q55. The first law or proposition of Lamarck is based on ................
Q56. The hatching period of hen's egg is ...............
Q57. The metabolic and systemic disorders are ..............
Q58. Pick the contagious disease from the group.
Q59. The keystone species of tropical forest is ................
Q60. The Jersey breed of cows originated from .....................
Q61. The second law or proposition of Lamarck is based on ................
Q62. Recombinations are regular events in the process called ......................
Q63. Who concluded that "Learning is an acquired character"?
Q64. Which of the following disease occurs due to autosomal dominant gene?
Q65. NOT an innate immunity.
Q66. ......................solidified liquid culture medium with agar.
Q67. What is the first investigation commonly done to detect urinary calculi?
Q68. Which of these causes Gastroenterities?
Q69. Which of the following is a partial albinism that is an inherited disorder?
Q70. NOT the part of hindbrain.