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Test No :48

Q1. Md.Bin Tughlaq was considered to be a failure because.....
Q2. Among the following Muslim Scholars, who accompanied Muhammad Ghazni?
Q3. Who wrote the 'Ain-i-Akbari'?
Q4. Among the following who introduced the token copper currency?
Q5. Who introduced the 'iqtadari' system?
Q6. Which Muslim ruler formulated the theory of Kingship in line with the theory of divine right of the Kings?
Q7. Alberuni's visit to India was during........
Q8. Arrange the following in the chronological period of their construction a)Mamallapuram monuments b)Madurai Meenakshi Temple c)Qutab Minar d)Puri Jagannath Temple
Q9. During which Mughal King's period painting was at its prime?
Q10. Mughal period paintings does not depict which of the following?
Q11. At which place the remains of the Vijayanagara empire can be found?
Q12. Among the following what are the principles of the "Bhakti" movement of the 16th Century? a)man's equality before God b)pilgrimage c)respect for mankind d)meaningful rituals
Q13. Among the following what was Guru Nanak's primary preaching?
Q14. Which set of these monuments is correctly arranged in the chronological order of their built? (a) Agra Fort, Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri (b) Qutub Minar, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Tajmahal (c) Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Qutub Minar, Taj Mahal (d) Qutab Minar, Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort
Q15. During the Sultanate period the accession of a king had traditionally happened by
Q16. Why did Md.Bin Thuglaq shift his capital back to Delhi from Deogiri?
Q17. Why did Md.Bin Thuglaq shift his capital from Delhi to Deogiri?
Q18. Which city was the capital of Haryanka King Bimbisara?
Q19. The famous literary historians Panini and Patanjali flourished during which dynastic rule?
Q20. Which of the following Gupta king was forced to surrender his queen Dhruva Devi when beseiged by a Saka King?
Q21. National Emergency can be imposed under Article…… of the constitution.
Q22. What is the life of Rajya Sabha?
Q23. Appointment of Governor is made by……
Q24. Why did Pakistan leave the Commonwealth in 1971?
Q25. Approximately how many judges are there in the high courts of India?
Q26. Under which constitutional provision, Chief Election Commissioners are appointed?
Q27. One of India's present Union Territory has a unique record of elevating its administrator as PM for one day to facilitate signing of merger documents with Indian Prime Minister in 1954. Which one was it?
Q28. Haile Selassie was the last emperor of which country?
Q29. Who was the first ever labour PM of UK?
Q30. Who was the head of the government of Italy during WWII?
Q31. Who was the first PM of UK to win three consecutive terms in Office?
Q32. 20th January is the date on which, as a practice, US Presidents are inaugurated and assume Office. Who was the first to begin this practice?
Q33. Which state was the first to enact an "Anti Defection Law" even before the Central Act in 2003?
Q34. Who was the PM to pass "Anti Defection Law" in 2003?
Q35. What type of government is in place in Swaziland?
Q36. Which South African President freed activist Nelson Mandela from prison and lifted the ban on African National Congress?
Q37. Which organization was founded in May 1969 to investigate UFO phenomena?
Q38. In 1820, from which country did Mexico declared its independence ?
Q39. "The Base" is the meaning for a fundamentalist organization. Which one is it?
Q40. Who coined word "Cold War" which was in high usage during the 1970s and 1980s?
Q41. Expand CENVAT.
Q42. Fiscal Policy refers to ...........
Q43. Products from certain regions/states/countries are protected from duplication by the issue of .........
Q44. What percent of their Net Bank Credit, the foreing banks operating in India should give towards Export Credit?
Q45. Which of the following statements about Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is NOT correct?
Q46. The cost of 5 kg of apples is Rs.450. The cost of 12 dozen mangoes is Rs.4320 and the cost of 4 kg of oranges is Rs.240. What is the total cost of 8 kg of apples, 8 dozens of mangoes and 8 kg of oranges?
Q47. If the price of wheat falls down by 25%, by how much per cent must a householder increase its consumption so as not to decrease the expenditure?
Q48. The average speed of a bus is 67 km per hour. The bus was scheduled to start at 12 noon.It was scheduled to reach a destination 335 Km away from its starting point at 7 pm and a half was scheduled on the way. For how long was the halt scheduled?
Q49. Raja's monthly income is three times Sankar's monthly income. Sankar's monthly income is fifteen percent more than Baskar's monthly income. Ruchira's monthly income is Rs.32000/-. What is Raja's annual income?
Q50. A sum was put at simple interest at a certain rate for 2 years. Had it be put at 3% higher rate, it would have fetched Rs.300 more. Find the sum.
Q51. The inherent capacity of any living plant to develop into entire organism is known as .................
Q52. Genetic manipulation is also used for the suppression of ..........
Q53. What factors influence LDL cholesterol levels?
Q54. Which of the following compound is used to remove the protoplast from the cell>
Q55. Chlorine, sodium and potassium are ...........
Q56. What kinds of foods may increase your risk of developing high cholesterol levels?
Q57. ...................acts as a co-factor in the clotting of blood.
Q58. "Athroma" is the mixture of which of the following?
Q59. High cholesterol can eventually to ............
Q60. In the orinithine cycle, ammonia is formed by .................
Q61. Aldosterone is secreted by the cells of the ........
Q62. What is the treatment heart ailments?
Q63. The region which relays information from the cerebrum to the cerebellum is ............
Q64. The taste buds on the lateral surface of the tongue are sensitive to...............
Q65. The lifetime risk of developing breast cancer for Indian women is....................
Q66. The term HIV was coined by...................
Q67. The large quantity of hormone secreted by the corpus luteum is .....................
Q68. Breast Cancer can be detected early by all EXCEPT ...............
Q69. Which of the following was the first discovered antibiotic?
Q70. The rhythmic expansion and contraction of an artery is called as ................