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Test No :49

Q1. Which of the following towns is famous for archaeological material belonging to the period of Sangam literature?
Q2. South Indian temples are famous for massive gateways. What are they called?
Q3. Which of the following was defeated by Chandragupta Maurya?
Q4. What is the composition of Rig Veda?
Q5. At which place an image of a dancing girl was found?
Q6. In which language Buddhist literatures were written
Q7. With which subject 'Manusmriti' deals mainly?
Q8. Harappan seals were made of which of the following?
Q9. Which of the following statement about Buddha is wrong?
Q10. The emphasis on love as the bond between God and the individual soul was based on the idea of .......
Q11. Among the following statements which one is incorrect regarding Brahminism?
Q12. Buddha's birth and death have been fixed based on the traditional records of which of the following?
Q13. During the reign of Ashoka third Buddhist council was conducted at Pataliputra and one Pitaka was added to the then existing two. Which of the following?
Q14. The 'State' encouraged the territorial spread of the brahmanas and religious institutions because....
Q15. Pick the WRONG statement from the following...
Q16. Apart from Purusha Pura as Capital, Kanishka had another city as the second capital. Which of the following?
Q17. Among the following who were the immediate successors of the Mauryas in the Magadha Kingdom?
Q18. At Kumrahar (now Patna) excavations have revealed......
Q19. Seleucus I Nicator the Great King was a contemporary of.......
Q20. The terms 'vrihi' 'tandula' and 'Sali' in the vedic texts refer to......
Q21. South Africa rejoined Commonwealth in …..
Q22. Which political leader developed the philosophy "Three Principles of the People"?
Q23. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, the Vice President of India, started his career as a ……
Q24. The Indian Constituent Assembly adopted the design of the Indian National Flag on…..
Q25. In which year was the most talked about 42nd Amendment of the Constitution of India adopted?
Q26. Who was the first Home Affairs Minister of India?
Q27. Which Indian Chief Minister served the longest in office?
Q28. When was the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India held?
Q29. For getting the refund of the deposit in the State Assembly Elections, what percentage of vote a candidate has to get?
Q30. Who was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India?
Q31. Which of the following US Presidents has not visited India?
Q32. Kadima and Likud are political parties of………
Q33. Who was the last king of Kingdom of Israel (United Monarchy)?
Q34. Which duekedom was the first to be created in the peerage of England?
Q35. An African country, formerly known as Kingdom of Dahomey, nicknamed "Slave Coast" because of significant slave trafficking for centuries. Which country is it?
Q36. Calcutta High Court is the oldest in the country. When was it established?
Q37. As of 2011, which country does not have currency of its own and instead uses the currencies of USA, S.Africa, Botswana and Euro?
Q38. The Supreme Court of India came into being on…..
Q39. Which Indian politician formed the short lived Rashtriya Samajwadi Congress Party?
Q40. What is the official name for Taiwan?
Q41. Which of the following banks in India has maximum number of branches and ATMs?
Q42. EFT a banking terminology, stands for ......
Q43. Dr.Rangarajan Committee submitted its report in 2008 on the matter of ..........
Q44. If a cheque is post dated, the bank on which it is drawn .......
Q45. Which of the following is a measure taken by the Reserve Bank of India to control inflation in our country?
Q46. A 320 metre long train crosses a platform twice its length in 80 second. What is the speed of the train in km/hour?
Q47. The end of a square is half the diameter of a circle. The area of the square is 1225 Sq.cms. What is the area of the circle?
Q48. A milk vendor buys 10 litres of milk at Rs.4 per litre and adds 6 litres of water. If he wants a profit of 50% at what rate he should sell this milk?
Q49. In how many years will a sum of Rs.3000 yield an interest of Rs.1080 at 12% percent per anum?
Q50. 6/11th of a number is equal to 22% of second number. Second number is equal to the 1/4th of third number. The value of the third number is 2400. What is the 45% of first number?
Q51. Screening is advisable for cancers of the following organs EXCEPT ...........
Q52. The bacteria that live in the mouth feed mainly on fermentable .......................
Q53. ..............plays an important role in blood coagulation.
Q54. Breast Cancer screening (mammogram) does all EXCEPT .................
Q55. Mitral valve is also called....................
Q56. ................confers buoyancy to brain.
Q57. Which of the following myth prevails among people?
Q58. A and B chains of Insulin are linked together by................bridge.
Q59. Diastolic pressure is recorded during relaxation of ...............
Q60. Myths about surgery for breast cancer ......
Q61. Which of the following is the most common form of ulcer in the 25 to 45 age group of people
Q62. Thrombus and embolus are encouraged ..................
Q63. Myths about breast conservation surgery
Q64. Heart rate and rhythm are monitored by ....
Q65. Which of the following secretes more and increases the heat production during cold environment?
Q66. Important risk factors for breast cancer are all except............
Q67. Memory of facts, words, numbers and letters are considered as ............memory.
Q68. Diabetes insipidus is due to the hyposecretion of ..................
Q69. When should women start cancer screening with a mammogram?
Q70. Light is focused in front of the retina in.....................