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Test No :51

Q1. At which of the following places, has a major Rock Edicts of Ashoka been found?
Q2. Alexander the Great invaded India in the year.....?
Q3. Elephanta rock cut temples are ascribed to.....?
Q4. Nagarjuna was a famous......?
Q5. Bana Bhatt the famous poet adorned the court of.....?
Q6. Lothal is located at?
Q7. Mohenjodaro is situated in .....?
Q8. Pick the Odd one out of the following:
Q9. King Harsha Vardhan was defeated by which king?
Q10. Harsha moved his capital from __________ to __________.
Q11. Excavatios of Indus valley have pushed the antiquity of Indian History to
Q12. Kanishka patronised which of the following most?
Q13. What practice was followed by the Harappan people to dispose off their dead?
Q14. What differentiates Harappan civilization from Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations?
Q15. Among the following what was not known to the Harappan people?
Q16. The great granary of the Harappan civilisation has been found at?
Q17. Ashokan inscriptions were deciphered in_____________ by ______?
Q18. To whose court was a Chinese embassy sent by T'ang Emperor?
Q19. Who reunited the large part of North India after the decline of the Guptas?
Q20. Which of the following was the most important kingdom in Deccan and Central India, after the Mauryas?
Q21. Who is the only US President to be elected to more than two terms?
Q22. Who was the first African to become Secretary General of the UN?
Q23. Whom did Idi Amin Dada depose to become President of Uganda?
Q24. What is the capital of Union Territory Dadra and Nagar Haveli?
Q25. Which of the following is a military alliance?
Q26. Which Manipuri tribe primarily occupies the state's valley region?
Q27. Which of these countries was elected in 2010 to chair the Board of Governors of the UN Nuclear watch dog, the International Atomic Energy Agency?
Q28. What is the official state song of Andhra Pradesh?
Q29. Mohammad VI is the present King of which country?
Q30. Which of these countries has broken the world record for the amount of time taken to form a new government?
Q31. Where was the 2010 UN Climate Change Conference held?
Q32. Among the following, who has served as Governor of a state for the longest period?
Q33. Which two ethnic groups were at the heart of the 1994 serious ethnic violence in Rwanda?
Q34. Which of the following neighbouring countries of India, attained independence in January 1948 from the British?
Q35. Where is the headquarters of the Organization of the Islamic Conference?
Q36. Which state of India was earlier known as "North East Frontier Agency"?
Q37. Right of children (6-14) to Free and Compulsory Education Act came into force from 1.4.2010 as a Fundamental Right under Article …. Of the constitution.
Q38. Right of children (6-14) to Free and Compulsory Education Act came into force from…..
Q39. Which is the first Indian state to be formed on the basis of language?
Q40. Among the following, one was a Lok Sabha Speaker, later to become President. Identify.
Q41. What is Forex?
Q42. Firms under perfectly competitive markets generally are
Q43. Select the odd one in relation to industry from the following:
Q44. National Income is
Q45. Which statement is true?
Q46. A,B and C are three pipes connected to a tank. A and B together fill the tank in 12 Hrs. B and C together fill the tank in 20 Hrs. A and C together fill it in 25 Hrs. In how many hours will A alone fill the tank?
Q47. A man bought two hens at the same price and sold one at a gain of 20% and other at the loss of 20%. On the whole, the man will ...
Q48. The sum of all the edges of a cube is equal to 48"e;. What is the volume of the cube in cubic inches?
Q49. Two pens are of different prices. One is bought at 10% lesser than the printed price and sold at 20% higher than the cost price. Another pen is bought at 20% higher than the printed price and is sold at 20% lesser than the cost price. Find the % of loss/profit together
Q50. A train running at the speed of 66 kmph, crosses a 200 metre long platform in 24 seconds. What is the length of the train?
Q51. The isolated cells are kept in a suitable ...............
Q52. Which of the following statements is true?
Q53. The term 'mutation' refers to...................
Q54. The sub-unit containing only sugar and nitrogenous base is called..............
Q55. Which of the following helps Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder?
Q56. Gene map is used to determine.....................
Q57. The commonly used fusogenic agent in protoplasts fusion is.....................
Q58. Which of the following helps the child calm down during a temper tantrum?
Q59. Which of the following disease is caused by the Ti plasmid in Tomato, Sunflower, Brinjal and Cotton?
Q60. The development of root from the callus is called................
Q61. What are the most common problems of the hip?
Q62. The thin filaments of sarcomere are formed of a substance called...............
Q63. NOT a cause of viral pneumonia.
Q64. What are the treatment options for arthritis of the hip?
Q65. NOT the function of the hormones.
Q66. the principal organ of Urea biosynthesis.
Q67. What is the goal of Total Hip Replacement Surgery?
Q68. Bird Flu is a disease which affects and spreads through........
Q69. What are the causes of pain around the knee?
Q70. Can one knee be more affected in arthritis than the other?