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Test No :57

Q1. Mohenjodaro is locally known as the Mound of the ....?
Q2. Which is the most venerated animal of the Indus people?
Q3. Among the following whose name is most associated with Indus valley civilization
Q4. What is the salient feature of the Rig Vedic religion?
Q5. What represents the most significant feature of the Indus Valley civilization?
Q6. Indus valley civilization was mainly spread in the region of...?
Q7. What was the script used by the Indus Valley people?
Q8. Among the following animals which one was not an important one?
Q9. Among the following which of them possibly ruled the Indus people?
Q10. Which one of the following was the staple food of Indus people?
Q11. Relate rice cultivation with the Harappan site given....?
Q12. Which metal was not known to the Indus valley people?
Q13. Among the following which Harappan site is not in India?
Q14. What was the port town of the Indus Valley civilization?
Q15. The Indus Vallely civilization people mainly worshipped
Q16. Lothal and Kalibangan are places associated with the civilization of ..............
Q17. The Indus Valley civilization type was found in
Q18. The Indus Valley civilization people specialized in....
Q19. Which of the following was used by the Mesolithic age people
Q20. Paleolithic people were mainly engaged with
Q21. In the reas covered under the Panchayat (Extension to the Scheduled Areas) Act, 1996, what is the role/power of Gram Sabha? (1) Gram Sabha has the power to prevent alienation of land in the Scheduled Areas. (2) Gram Sabha has the ownership of minor forest produce. (3) Recommendation of Gram Sabha is required for granting prospecting licence or mining lease for any mineral in the Scheduled Areas. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
Q22. India's population is approximately ……………of the world population
Q23. Central Bureau of Investigation was earlier known as ………..
Q24. What is called the "Labour Force"
Q25. What is known as the "Fourth Estate"?
Q26. The country to have largest Indian Origin people is
Q27. The first Indian state to be formed on linguistic basis is…………….
Q28. Consider the following statements: (1) Union Territories are not represented in the Rajya Sabha (2) It is within the purview of the Chief Election Commissioner to adjudicate the election disputes (3) According to the Constitution of India, the Parliament consists of the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha only. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
Q29. "Knesset" is the parliament of……………
Q30. Failure of Family Planning efforts in rural areas was not sucessful due ………….
Q31. As per 2001 Census report, what was the literacy rate
Q32. The Jain Commission was associated with ………….
Q33. The Indians were allowed to appear for the Civil Service Examination in London by the …………
Q34. Hunter Commission, during British Rule, was established for ……………….
Q35. The right to vote is known as ……………
Q36. The European Coal and Steen Community was set up in 1951with ……….countries
Q37. Pick the odd one out of the following 'Benelux' countries
Q38. Bismark was the Chancellor of………
Q39. The Soviet Union consisted of ………….republics
Q40. During WWI, Palestine became the mandatory of …………….
Q41. Consider the following financial institutions of India and arrange them in the chronological order of their period of establishment: (1) Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI); (2) Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI); (3) Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI); (4) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development.
Q42. The salaries and allowances of the Judges of the High Court are charged to the ......
Q43. ..................committee recommended Capital Account Convertibility.
Q44. In which year The President's (Emoluments and) Pension Act was enacted
Q45. The salaries and allowances of the President of India is chargeable to ........
Q46. A hawker selling his goods, walks 4 kms due east and 3 kms due south. How far is he from the starting point?
Q47. A cricket team of 11 players is to be formed from 20 players including 6 bowlers and 3 wicket keepers. The number of ways in which a team can be formed having exactly 4 bowlers and 2 wicket keepers is...............
Q48. 36% of 450 - ? %340 = 66.80
Q49. A city has a park shaped as a right angles triangle. The length of a longside of this park is 80 m. The Mayor of the city wants to construct three paths from the corner point opposite to the longest side such that these three paths divide the longest side into four equal segments. Determine the sum of the squares of the lengths of the three paths.
Q50. Rs.540 becomes Rs.891 in five years when the interest is simple. If the rate of interest is incred by 2% then what will be the total amount after four years?
Q51. The large part of most diet is made up of
Q52. The phosphagen that provides an immediate source of energy for vertebrate muscular contraction is
Q53. Enzymes involved in chemical reactions
Q54. In milk, fat content is reduced during
Q55. The colour of cow's milk is slightly yellowish due to the presence of
Q56. In calves that consume large quantities of milk, the curdling of milk takes place due to
Q57. Which of the following is most important for the growth of children up to the age of l4?
Q58. Roughage, a necessary constituent of diet, consists largely of indigestible
Q59. As sugar is constantly being removed from the blood by body cells to replace what is used up in respiration, more sugar is supplied by the
Q60. In termites, the cellulose of wood is digested by
Q61. Milk teeth in a child of 3-4 years do not include
Q62. One of the digestive juices that lacks enzymes but aids digestion is
Q63. If you are standing on your head, the apple being chewed in the mouth
Q64. Prior to absorption, grape sugar is hydrolysed by the enzyme
Q65. Like other body cells, the epithelial cells lining the stomach are protein in nature. Yet the epithelial lining is not digested by the powerful proteolytic enzyme secreted by the stomach because
Q66. Some consumers think it dangerous to eat pork as
Q67. Honey is formed by
Q68. A few drops of saccharine (sweetex) solution spilled on the floor attracts
Q69. Some states in India have imposed a ban on the con­sumption of kesari dal (Lathyrus sativus) because it causes gradual loss of
Q70. The Central Rice Research Institute of India is located at