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Test No :58

Q1. What helped the transition from Paleolithic to the Neolithic age
Q2. What were the earliest cereals grown by man...
Q3. Primitive man first learnt to make..........
Q4. Relating to the later Vedic period, which of the following statement is wrong? A)It is impossible to say that the Vedic Society shifted eastwards. B)Iron technology was mostly used for weapons of war. C)Only labour intensive agriculture was practised.D)People married outside their gotra.
Q5. Among the following statements, select the correct one:A) Private property in the form of animals, land and its produce had emerged by 6th BC. B)By 6th BC a class of free peasants and merchants had emerged. C)The people in the 6th BC did not know the use of iron. D)The Mahajanapadas bear the name of the dominant Kshatriya lineage in most of the cases.
Q6. Swapanvasadatta' is an immortal play by Bhasa about the love affair between Udayan,King of Vatsa and Vasavadatta the princess of .........................
Q7. Among the following vedas only three were canonical. Pick the odd one out.
Q8. The question of granting of land and its merits and demerits are debated for the first time in the .....
Q9. Related to the early Vedic society, which one of the following statement is wrong?
Q10. Related to the primary scriptures of Hinduism, the Vedas, which of the following statement is not correct?
Q11. Which of the following statements is/are correct? A.The Vedas are essentially compilations or prayers and hymns to various gods. B.The Avesta was the oldest Iranian Text C.The linguistic similarities between the Rigveda and the Avesta are enough grounds to validate the theory of 'Aryan' migration to the Indian subcontinent. D.Our knowledge of early vedic period is based only on literary sources.
Q12. Which of the following was an important eastern coast port during the Gupta period?
Q13. Among the following who defeated Harshavardhana?
Q14. Which one of the following was a major town of the Satavahana Kingdom?
Q15. The Ashoka pillar at Allahabad provides insight into the reign of which of the following emperors?
Q16. "The Western classical element resides in the style, in the treatment of the robe, and in the physiognomy of the Buddha". Relate this statement to the correct Indian school of Sculputre....
Q17. Assign the largest 'Stupa' at Sanchi to the correct period/empire?
Q18. Which color used in the paintings at Ajanta was obtained from 'Lapis Lazuli' an imported material?
Q19. Find the incorrect pair?
Q20. Among the following who stressed the 'triratnas'?
Q21. SEATO was established in February 1955 after signing of ………………Pact.
Q22. The "Glasknost" administrative policy in Russia was introduced by………….
Q23. The philosophy of "Marxism" was introduced by……………..
Q24. Naxalite movement concentrated area in India is called as
Q25. Which Article of the Indian Constitution abolished "Untouchability" and made it a punishable crime?
Q26. Who was the first to join Indian Civil Service?
Q27. Who was the first Defence Minister of independent India?
Q28. Which former Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court later became India's Education Minister and then External Affairs Minister?
Q29. Which of these three nations formed an alliance called "Little Entente" against the invasion of Hungary during 1920-21?
Q30. Which of the following is the only country in South East Asia that has never been ruled by any Western Country?
Q31. Which of these countries is not a member of the Arab League?
Q32. Who drafted the American Declaration of Independence?
Q33. Who is generally regarded as having been the first Prime Minister of England?
Q34. The world's first democratically elected Communist Government was formed in which Indian State?
Q35. Which of the following international agencies recently granted full membership to Palestine?
Q36. Augusto Pinochet was a dictator of ……………….
Q37. Who is the current king of Norway?
Q38. Who among the following constitute the National Development Council? (1) The Prime Minister (2) The Chairman, Finance Commission (3) Ministers of the Union Cabinet (4) Chief Ministers of the States.
Q39. In which year was the first "Delimitation Commission" of India set up?
Q40. The Constitution of India limits the maximum strength of the Lok Sabha to how many members?
Q41. With reference to the Indian Public Finance, consider the following statements and pick the correct one/s: (1) External diabilities reported in the Union Budget are based on historical exchange rates. (2) The continued high borrowing has kept the real interest rates high in the economy. (3) The upward trend in the ratio of Fiscal Deficit to the GDP in recent years has an adverse effect on private investments. (4) Interest payments is the single largest component of the non-plan revenue expenditure of the Union Government.
Q42. Consider the following and state which of these are included in Broad Money (M3) in India: (1) Currency with the Public. (2) Demand Deposits with banks. (3) Time deposits with banks.
Q43. Global capital flows to developing countries increased significantly during the nineties. In view of the East Asian financial crisis and Latin American experience, which type of inflow was recommended as good for the host country?
Q44. Which one of the following authorities recommends the principles governing the grant in aid of the revenues of the states out of the Consolidated Fund of India?
Q45. Consider the following factors related to an industry and determine the nature and size of the industry: (1) Capital Investments (2) Business Turn Over (3) Labour Force (4) Power Consumption.
Q46. The largest and the second largest angles of a triangle are in the ratio of 13:12 respectively. The smallest angle is 20% of the sum of the largest and the second larges angles. What is the sum of the smallest and the second largest angles?
Q47. A race course is 400 m long. A and B run a race and A wins by 5 metres. B and C run over the same course and B wins by 4 metres. C and D run over it and D wins by 16 metres. If A and D run over it, then who would win and by how much?
Q48. The average marks in English subject of a class of 24 students is 56. If the marks of three students were misread as 44, 45, and 61 of the actual marks 48, 59 and 67 respectively, then what would be the correct average?
Q49. Ramesh invests Rs.4672, which is 25% of his monthly income, in insurance policies. What is his monthly income?
Q50. At 20% discount, a cycle is sold at a selling price of Rs.2500. What is the actual price?
Q51. Which one of the following is a micro-element?
Q52. Which one of the following wavelengths of light is most effective in photosynthesis?
Q53. A solution of chlorophyll pigments looks red in reflected light because of
Q54. Which one of the following statements about pho­tosynthesis is not true?
Q55. The carbon of organic compounds in plants comes from
Q56. Which one of the following is a product of the dark reactions of photosynthesis?
Q57. Which of the following scientists was awarded Nobel Prize for his work on photosynthesis?
Q58. Green plants evolve oxygen during the day rather than carbon dioxide. This means that
Q59. "I flatter myself having discovered the method that nature employs to purify air. It is vegetation." Who is credited with this statement and discovery?
Q60. When fishes are kept in an aquarium containing water but no aquatic plants, they frequently come to the surface and float in a semi-vertical position for want of
Q61. Some animals have a unique method of bringing oxygen directly to the cells. These are
Q62. The digestive and breathing passages cross in the
Q63. The approximate per cent oxygen content of air is
Q64. Puncture of the thoracic wall but not of the lung itself will cause
Q65. On a hot sultry afternoon, a fat person sweats far more profusely than a lean one of the same height. This is due to
Q66. Muscle fatigue occurs due to the accumulation of
Q67. If a paste of rice or wheat flour is left overnight in the kitchen, its volume increases significantly because of
Q68. It is not advisable to sleep under a tree at night because of the
Q69. In case of cardiac arrest, what should be the most primary step?
Q70. The blood corpuscles that help to build up resis­tance against disease are