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Test No :62

Q1. Who was the first king of modern day of Saudi Arabia?
Q2. Who announced that Delhi would be the capital of India from 1911?
Q3. What was the real name of Mughal Emperor Jehangir's favourite wife Nur Jahan?
Q4. On which date Pearl Harbour was attacked during WWII?
Q5. To whom did the Mughal Emperor Humayun lost his throne before regaining it 15 years later?
Q6. Which famous battle is also known as the Battle of the three Emperors?
Q7. With whose permission did the British East India Company set up a factory in Surat?
Q8. Who was the first Maharaja of the Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir?
Q9. In which year Burma was separated from British India and a Burma Office established in London?
Q10. What was the capital of the Nawabs of Awadh?
Q11. Who was the Army Chief when India celebrated its first Republic Day?
Q12. The first Indian ruler to enter the subsidiary alliance with the British was....
Q13. Which Mughal emperor was deported to Rangoon by the British?
Q14. Attack on Pearl Harbour was the major cause for the escalation and USA entering the WWII. Which country was behind the attack?
Q15. Among the following forts which one was not constructed by Mughal emperor Akbar? agra fort purana qila allahabad fort all of them
Q16. In which year was the English monarch Charles I beheaded?
Q17. Who among the following had the longest tenure as Governor General/Viceroy of India?
Q18. Which war is considered as the first jet plane versus jet plane dog fight?
Q19. In which year was the Mughal Empire in India founded?
Q20. The first Industrial Revolution took place in which country?
Q21. As per Article 100(3) of the Constitution, the required quorum to constitute a meeting of either House of Parliament is……………….
Q22. When was the Emergency on the ground of internal disturbance proclaimed for the first time?
Q23. Of the following which one is not a Fundamental Right?
Q24. In the Parliament of India, the purpose of an adjournment motion is …..
Q25. With reference to consumer rights/privileges under the provisions of law in India, which of the following statements is/are correct? (1) Consumers are empowered to take samples for food testing. (2) When a consumer files a complaint in any consumer forum, no fee is required to be paid. (3) In case of death of a consumer, his/her legal heir can file a complaint in the consumer forum on his/her behalf. Select the correct answer?
Q26. The Official lanagues of our country are included in the ………..schedule of the constitution.
Q27. Which of the following language has not been included in the eighth schedule of the constitution.
Q28. Which of the following is NOT a writ issued by the Supreme Court?
Q29. Who among the following is empowered to declare "War"?
Q30. Planning Commission functions as a ……..
Q31. In which year the Planning Commission was constituted?
Q32. The Planning Commission reports directly to the
Q33. "Gharibi Hatao" (Eradicate Poverty) is a slogan coined during the ……….plan.
Q34. ………………..approves the draft Five Year Plans.
Q35. The National Emblem is the replica of …..
Q36. "Food for Work" programme was introduced during the ……………plan
Q37. The writ "Habeas Corpus" ensures……………..
Q38. Which of the following countries is NOT a member of the European Union?
Q39. As of 2012, who is the chief of SEBI?
Q40. As of December 2012, who is the Railway Minister of India?
Q41. Consider the following statements and state which one/s is/are correct? Small scale industries are, in most cases, not as efficient and competitive as the large scale ones. Yet the government provides preferential treatment and reservations in a range of products to the small firms beause small scale industries (1) provide higher employment on a per unit capital deployment basis. (2) promote a regional dispersion of industries and economic activities. (3) Have performed better in export of manufactured products than the large scale ones. (4) provide jobs to low skilled workers, who otherwise may not find employment avenues elsewhere.
Q42. The economic crisis in the later half of 1990s most seriously affected Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea. The cause of the crisis was.....
Q43. As per the latest (February 2013) guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India what is the minimum PAID UP capital of the bank to be held by the holding company, in the case of new establishment of banks?
Q44. Going back to the economy period of the British period, for what does the term 'imperial preference" applied?
Q45. ASSERTION {A}: Devaluation of a currency may promote export. REASON {R}: Price of the country's products in the international market may fall due to devaluation.
Q46. A shopkeeper engaged an accountant on the condition that he would be paid Rs.6000 and a brief case upon completing one year service. But, the accountant left after 7 months and he was paid Rs.3,375. What is the cost of the brief case?
Q47. A postman travels 2 Kms, turns left and travels another 4 Kms, turns right and travels yet another Km. How far is he from the starting point in Kms?
Q48. A spherical metal of radius 10 cm is molten and made into 1000 smallest spheres of equal sizes. In this process the surface area of the metal is increased by.......
Q49. A' can build up a wall in 8 days while 'B' can break it in 3 days. A has worked for 4 days and then B joined to work with A for another 2 days only. In how many days will A alone build up the remaining part of the wall?
Q50. The distance between A and B is 200 Kms. A motor car starts from A at 7 am and travels towards B at 20 Kmph. Another motor car starts from B at 8 am and travels towards A at 25 kmph. What is the meeting point?
Q51. Secondary growth in plants refers to the
Q52. Hydroponics is related with
Q53. Which of the following plant hormones controls fruit ripening?
Q54. Seed donuancy can be broken by treating the seeds with
Q55. An observer claimed in the late 17th century that he could see inside the human spermatozoon a miniature figure of man-a "humunculus"-which would grow into a full-sized man in due course of time. This was referred to as the theory of
Q56. A person who is associated with undue and extreme suspicion and a progressive tendency to regard the whole world in a framework of delusions is indeed a victim of
Q57. The National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources is located at
Q58. Which one of the following scientists is known as the father of modern genetics?
Q59. Genes control heredity in man and other organisms. This gene is
Q60. Organisms which have similar external appearance with reference to a particular character are called
Q61. The sex of a child is determined by the
Q62. An organism that breeds true for a particular character producing identical gametes is called
Q63. Chromosomes not related to sex-inheritance are called
Q64. The cell undergoing a reduction division is called
Q65. The number of chromosomes in a normal human body cell is
Q66. In human beings, sex is determined by the sex chromosomes X and Y. What would, then, be the genetic constitution of a normal woman?
Q67. What is the chromosome number in a human ovum?
Q68. Sons of a colour blind woman always colour­blind but not the daughters. This implies that:
Q69. The universal recipient blood group is
Q70. In which one of the following is sex determined by environment?