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Test No :63

Q1. In which year did the Battle of Marathon take place in ancient Greece?
Q2. Which ruler was the first to carry the title of Sultan?
Q3. Which Mughal emperor gifted land to the daughter of the third Sikh Guru Amar Das?
Q4. Which country is still ruled by a dynasty that goes back more than 2000 years?
Q5. In which year was Magna Carta (UK) originally issued?
Q6. Where was the first British colony in USA established?
Q7. In which battle was Admiral Nelson mortally wounded?
Q8. "The Gun Powder plot of 1605" was a failed assassination attempt to kill which monarch?
Q9. Which was the longest continuous military battle of WW II?
Q10. Who was the Maharaja of Kashmir at the time of Jammu and Kashmir accession to India?
Q11. How long did the Hundred Years War actually last?
Q12. Auschwitz was the most infamous concentration camp of the Nazis in Germany. But what was the first?
Q13. Who led the Chittagong armoury raid on April 18, 1830?
Q14. Which battle victory, over the Rajput Confederacy gave Babur overlordship of northern India?
Q15. Who was the first President of India's constituent Assembly?
Q16. On the banks of which present day river did Alexander the Great battle with King Porous.?
Q17. Who was the first Christian emperor of Rome?
Q18. Who stopped the southward march of Emperor Harsha on the banks of Narmada?
Q19. Battle of Dharmat was fought between.....
Q20. Which of the following battle is considered to be the beginning point of raise of Roman Empire?
Q21. KYOTO PROTOCOL is associated with…………
Q22. Who will decide whether a bill is "Money Bill" or not?
Q23. Which of the following countries is a member of G8?
Q24. Yoshihiko Noda was ona a visit to India. He is the present PM of ………..
Q25. Pranab Mukherjee won the Presidential elections against …..
Q26. Ms Hillary Clinton who was on a state visit to India in May 2012 is the Secretary of State of …..
Q27. How many members are nominated by the President of India to the Rajya Sabha?
Q28. Which of the following Acts ensures that every child gets school education?
Q29. The sex ratio in India in 2011 is ….
Q30. The population density of India as per the 2011 census is ……
Q31. National Rural Health Mission was launched in the year
Q32. Which of the following schemes has been launched for providing health services in rural areas?
Q33. Which of the following is the abbreviated name of the programme launched by the Govt. of India for developing desert areas?
Q34. Which one of the following is a Self Employment Programme for Educated Unemployed Youth?
Q35. Which of the following is an employment generating programme of Govt. of India?
Q36. Which section of the Indian Penal Code prohibits the publishing of the name of a rape victim in order to protect the family's social interests?
Q37. Maastricht Treaty is related to which of the following issues?
Q38. As per the 2001 census the urban-rural population ratio is about ……
Q39. As per the 2001 census which state of India is having the highest urban population?
Q40. Chairman of the "Island Development Authority of India" is ……
Q41. What distinguishes "economic growth" from "economic development" is that the latter implies
Q42. ASSERTION {A}: Fiscal deficit is greater than budgetary deficit. REASON {R}: Fiscal deficit is the borrowing from the Reserve Bank of India plus other liabilities of the Government to meet its expenditure.
Q43. The national income of a nation is the
Q44. Persons below the poverty line in India are classified as such based on whether
Q45. Which one of the following statements about the levying, collection and distribution of income tax is correct?
Q46. The population of a variety of tiny bush in an experimental field increased by 10% in the first year, by 8% in the second year, but declined by 10% in the third year. If the present number bushed in the experimental field is 26730, then the number of variety of bushed in the beginning was..........
Q47. Ramya scored 56 marks in Hindi, 42 marks in Science, 63 marks in Maths, 94 marks in Social Science and 61 marks in English. The maximum marks of each subject is 110. How much approximate percentage of marks did she get?
Q48. A man walks from his house to the Railway station to catch a train, which is running as per schedule. If he walks at 6 km/hr, he misses the train by 9 minutes. However, if he walks at 7 km/hr, he reaches the station 6 minutes before the departure of the train. The distance of his home to the Railway Station is ......
Q49. Raghu bought 25 Kg of rice at Rs.6 per kg and 35 Kg of rice at Rs.7 per kg. He mixed the two and sold the mixture at the rate of Rs.6.75 per Kg. What was his gain or loss in the transaction?
Q50. Sanjay borrowed a certain sum from Anil at a certain rate of simple interest for 2 years. He lent this sum to Ram at the same rate of interest compounded annually for the same period. At the end of two years, he received Rs.4200/- as compound interest bu paid Rs.4000/- only as simple interest. Find the rate of interest.
Q51. Hemophilia, a human disease, is caused by
Q52. A colour-blind man is married to a normal-visioned woman whose parents also had normal vision. What proportion of their children is likely to be colour-blind?
Q53. Sickle-cell anaemia, is caused by
Q54. A person with which one of the following blood group is considered a universal donor?
Q55. A person with blood group AB is sometimes called a universal recipient because of
Q56. Phenylketonuria is a human disease. A person af­fected by the disease suffers from
Q57. A child was found to be perfectly normal at birth. A few years later, however, his parents noticed that his activities were sluggish. He was, therefore, taken to a clinic where the doctor diagnosed him mentally retarded. What do you think he was suffering from?
Q58. Which of the following fungi has been extensively used for genetical studies?
Q59. The fungus, Puccinia graminis, causes a serious plant disease. Which of the following crops is affected by it?
Q60. Lathyrism, a human disease causing paralysis of the lower limbs, is caused by
Q61. Quinine, the drug for malaria, is obtained from a plant. What part of the plant yields the drug?
Q62. Which of the following is a substance abundantly available in the sea and administered in a certain deficiency disease?
Q63. A preparation of living or killed micro-organisms or viruses used in the prevention of diseases through immunization is called
Q64. The body loses a huge amount of water when a person suffers from severe diarrhoea. This acute water loss can be made good by
Q65. Triple vaccine is administered to a new born child to immunize it against
Q66. Following replacement of breast feeding by less nutritive food, low in proteins and calories, infants below the age of one year suffer from
Q67. Where polished rice is the main cereal in their diet, people suffer from
Q68. Children, who receive very little sunshine suffer from
Q69. People who consume maize as the main cereal in their diet are prone to
Q70. Fat persons are less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy. because