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Q1. Who founded the Ilyas Shahi dynasty, ruled which region and their period?

Founded by Shamsuddin - ruled Bengal from around 1348 upto 1538.

Q2. Who were the rulers of this dynasty?

Shamsuddin Ilyas Shah - 1345-1358;

Sikandar Shah - 1358 - 1389;

Ghyasuddin Azam Shah -1389-1409;

Jalaluddin - 1442-1459;

Ruknuddin Barbak Shah - 1459-1474;

Alauddin Hussain Shah - 1493-1519;

Nusrat Shah - 1519-1532     and

Ghyasuddin Mahmud Shah - 1532 - 1538.

Q3. Who were the rulers of this region during the intervening periods?

1409-1442 - It was ruled by a Brahmin Zamindar of Dinajpur of North Bengal, until it was won over by Jalaluddin. 1474-1493 - The Ilyas Shahi dynasty was overthrown by the Abyssinian slaves led by Shahzada Barak Shah, until he was deposed by Alauddin Hussain Shah to restore Ilyas Shahi Dynasty.

Q4. How did the Ilyas Shahi Dynasty come to an end?
Ghiyasuddin Mahmud Shah was defeated by Sher Shah of the Afghan tribe in 1538 thus ending the Ilyas Shahi Dynasty. Later Sher Shah also fell to Akbar in 1574.