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Q1. Cheras ruled which part of Tamilnadu?
Erode, Coimbatore, Salem, Namakkal, Karur and the bordering Kerala regions upto Kochi.
Q2. What was the period of the Chera dynasty?
This dynasty seem to have had two phases of significance. One was upto the 5th Century AD and later from 9th to 12th century AD. The first of the Chera dynasty ruler was Uthiyan Cheralathan .Not much details are available for the intervening period and within the two periods also not much notable rulers were there. The second phase of the Chera dynasty was by the Kulasekaras.
Q3. Who were the notable rulers of the Cheras?
Imayavaramban Neduncheralathan and Cheran Senguttuvan. The legendary "Kannagi " based epic "Silappathikaram" belong to the period second of the two.
Q4. Who were the descendants of the Chera dynasty?
Kulasekara dynasty.
Q5. Who were the famous rulers of the Kulasekara dynasty?
Kulasekara Varman - 800 -820AD Rajasekara Varman - 820 - 844 AD Rama Varma Kulasekara - 1090 - 1102 AD the last of the Chera dynasty.