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SHARQI DYNASTY - 1394-1505

Q1. Who founded this dynasty and how?
Firuz Shah Tughlaq, at Jaunpur in UP, in honour of his father predecessor Jauna Khan also known as Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. When Firuz died, Jaunpur declared itself independent, Mahmud Tughlaq appointed Malik Sarwar (1394-99) an eunuch entitled Khwaja Jahan as Governor of Jaunpur. Later he threw allegiance to Delhi Sultanate and acted independently. He was given the title of "Sultan us Sharq" and thus the dynasty came to be known as Sharqi Dynasty. During his tenure he annexed Awadh and parts of Doab. He brought Bihar and Tirhut under his control.
Q2. Who were the other rulers of the Sharqi dynasty?
QARANFAL - 1399-1402 - Also called Mubarak Shah. IBRAHIM SHAH - 1402-1440 - He concentrated mostly on cultural, economical and architectural development of his territory. MAHMUD SHAH - 1440-1457 -Faced a defeat at the hands of Bahlul Lodhi. MUHAMMAD SHAH - 1457-1458 - He was murdered by his broth Hussain. HUSSAIN SHAH - 1450-1505 - The last ruler of Sharqi dynasty. Lost to Bahlul Lodhi of Delhi Sultanate and the region was annexed to the Delhi Sultanate by Sikandhar Lodhi. Hussian Shah in the meantime tried in vain to recover, till his death.