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Q1. Who founded the Shahmir dynasty in Kashmir?
Shah Mir - His founding of this dynasty rule marked the beginning of Muslim rule in Kashmir. He assumed the title of Sultan Shamsuddin and ruled till 1342. The dynasty lasted for two centuries that is upto 1561. They remained secluded by not acknowledging the suzerainty of Delhi Sultanate nor they made any attempts to subjugate themselves. There were about 16 rulers and only two of them were notable among them. They are:
SIKANDER - 1389-1413 - Known as Aurangazeb of Kashmir. He was more patriotic to Islamic community development and on the other hand he was ruthless towards Hindus.
ZAINULAIDIN - 1420 - 1470 - Known as the Akbar of Kashmir. He gets the credit for undoing the wrongs on Hindus. He was more people welfare centric. Repaired all Hindu temples. He had Mahabharata and Rajatarangini translated into Persian. The dynasty was ultimately overthrown by the Chaks in 1561. The Chaks were nobles in the Shah Mir dynasty.