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(For detailed updates see under"Table of Precedence" in Ministry of Home Affairs official website
1.    President
2.    Vice President/Vice Chairman, Rajya Sabha
3.    Prime Minister
4.    Governors within the States.
5.    Former Presidents.
6.    Deputy Prime Minister if any
7.    Chief Justice of India, Lok Sabha Speaker.
8.    Cabinet Ministers of the Union, Chief Ministers of States within respective states, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission. Former Prime Ministers.         Oppositions leaders from both Houses of Parliament.
9.    Bharat Ratna Awardees.
10.  Ambassadors, High Commissioners. Chief Minister outside their respective states. Governors outside their respective states.
11.  Judges of the Supreme Court.
12.  Chief Election Commissioner, Comptroller & Auditor General.
13.  Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha; Deputy Chief Ministers of State if any; Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha; Planning Commission Members. Ministers of State of the Union; Ministers from the Defence Ministry.
14.  Attorney General; Cabinet Secretaries and Lt. Governors within their respective Union Territories.
15.  Chiefs of Defence Forces in the ranks of Generals or its equivalent.
16.  Special Envoys from various Embassies.
17.  Speakers of State Legislatures; Chief Justices of High Courts within their jurisdiction.
18.  Cabinet Ministers within their respective states; Chief Ministers of Uts within their respective UTs.
19.  Officiating Chiefs of Staff holding the rank of Lt.General or equivalent.
20.  Chairman, Central Administrative Tribunal.