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Q1. What is a Star?
A luminous gaseous body, comprising of Hydrogen and Helium.

Q2. How the stars are held together?
Q3. What is the brightest star?
SIRIUS also called Dog Star, lying in the constellation of Canis Major. It is actually 24 times brighter than the Sun.
Q4. What is the heaviest star?
HDE 269810 about 170000 light years from Earth. It was discovered by Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope, to be 190 times heavier than the Sun.
Q5. What is the largest star?
M Class Super Giant BETELGEUSE or ALPHA ORIONIS lying within the constellation of Orion. It has a diameter of about 700 million Kms which is about 500 times greater than that of Sun.
Q6. What is the nearest Star?
PROXIMA CENTAURI 4.22 light years from Earth.
Q7. What is "Supernovae"?
Vast explosion within a star in which the whole star gets blown up.
Q8. What are Black Holes?
A star getting collapsed within itself is called so.
Q9. Star Alpha Canis Majoris is also called as?
Sirius A or Dog Star.