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Q1. Who founded the Scindia dynasty?
After the fall of Maratha Peshwas in the III Battle of Panipat, the Maratha confederacy was born. Following this, Baji Rao I granted autonomy to the members of the confederation. Thus was born this dynasty rule over Gwalior and regions around. It was founded in 1731, by Ranoji Rao Scindia.
Q2. What was the capital of this (Scindia) dynasty?
Initially it was Ujjain from 1731 and later shifted to Gwalior in 1794.
Q3. What were the major events during the rule of the Scindias?
Three Anglo Maratha Wars. After the III Anglo Maratha War (1817-1819) though British had complete control over Maratha, Scindias obtained autonomy and functioned as a Princely State within the British rule and remained so until independence.