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Q1. What are Asteroids?
They are debris left over from the formation of inner planets (or) they are fragments of rock and metal left overs - planet like objects.
Q2. How the Asteroids are also known?
Q3. Where does Asteroids circle?
Circle around the Sun, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.
Q4. What prevents the Asteroids from becoming one single large body?
They are prevented so by the gravitational pull of the nearby planet Jupiter.
Q5. How much time does the Asteroids take to complete one revolution around the Sun?
3 to 10 years.
Q6. Which is the largest Asteroid?

CERES - 1025 Kms in diameter and the smallest is 4.5 Kms.

Q7. Which Asteroid is visible to the naked eye?

VESTA - Discovered in 1807.

Q8. Approximately how many Asteroids are there in the system?
Q9. What are Meteors?
Small bodies, often seen in the sky, shooting with great speed, producing a trail of light.
Q10. What is Meteoroid?
A particle of matter entering into the earth's atmosphere at a speed of about 11 to 72 Kms per second.
Q11. What is a Meteorite?
A Meteroid, when it falls on the ground in the form of dust or fragments, it is called so.
Q12. Meteorite is also called or known as?
Falling Stars.
Q13. What was the largest Meteorite ever found and what was its content?
It was discovered in 1920 in Hoba a place in Namibia weighing around 70 tons. It consisted of Iron and Nickel.
Q14. Where is the second largest Meteorite ever found?
Discovered in 1894 in Tent, a place in Greenland weighing about 57.3 tons.
Q15. What happens when a Meteorite fall on the ground?
Creates Crators.
Q16. What is a Satellite?
Bodies which revolve around a planet.
Q17. Where in India, is the world's largest hyper velocity meteorite impact Basaltic Lonar crater located?
Buldhana Dist., Maharashtra.