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NAWABS OF ARCOT – 1720s-1801

Q1. How was the region of Nawabs of Arcot also known?
Carnatic with Arcot - Tamilnadu as its capital.
Q2. Who founded this independent state of Carnatic?
SADAUTULLAH KHAN - 1710-1732 - Although the Nawabs of Arcot were there from the 1690, their independent functioning came only around the 1720s. Sadautullah Khan, who was the Governor of this region during Mughal and subsequently with the Nizams, founded this dynasty.
Q3. Who were the rulers of the Carnatic - Nawabs of Arcot?
SADAUTULLAH KHAN - 1710-1732 - Both the Mughals and the Nizams losing supremacy, Sadautullah Khan was allowed to be independent ruler of this region.
DOSTI ALI - 1732-1740 - He was the adopted son of Sadautullah Khan. In an attempt to collect the tributes from one of the vasals through military, he invited trouble for himself as the vassal was supported by Marathas and Nizam and lost the battle and killed.
MD.SADAUTULLAH KHAN II -1742-44 - He was a minor and he was helped by Regent - Anwaruddin. However, Md Sadautullah Khan II was killed in 1744 and thus Anwaruddin became the next Nawab by default.
ANWARUDDIN - 1744-1749 - He was appointed as the Nawab of Carnatic by the Nizam of Hyderabad in 1743 after the muder of the earlier Nawab who was a minor. He was killed in a battle with the French, by Chanda Sahib who was fighting for the French, in 1749.
CHANDA SAHIB - 1749-1752 - He became the Nawab in 1749 by killing Anwaruddin in a battle in 1749. After the second Carnatic War, when he escaped to Tanjore, he was caught and killed by the Tanjore army. MUHAMMAD ALI - 1749-1795 - Son of Anwaruddin became the Nawab in 1752 with the help of British and remained in power till his death in 1795.
UMDAT UL UMRA - 1795-1801 - Though ruled for 6 years he was not having an easy time with the British, as they were forcing him to cede the territory to them. However, he died in 1801.
AZIM UD DAULA - 1801-1819 - He was in rule for 18 years of the Carnatic region. During his period the entire region was taken over by the British and he was only a Nawab for the namesake.
AZAM JAH - 1819-1825 followed by Ghulam Md.Ghouse Khan.
GHULAM MD. GHOUSE KHAN - 1824-1855 - Actually he was made the Nawab following the death of his father Azam Jah and he was only one year old then. Azam Jah was made the regent for Ghulam which arrangement continued till 1842, when Ghulam, by age became the Nawab. However, he could not live longer and continue, as he died at the age of 31 leaving no heir to follow. Thus the region was taken over by the British under the "Doctrine of Lapse" policy.