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Q1. Who founded this Suryavamsa dynasty, which followed the Eastern Gangas?
KAPILENDRA - 1435-1467 - He was a minister under Bhanudeva IV of the Eastern Ganga dynasty and usurped the throne from him. This dynasty ruled Orissa for little over a century. He restored the power and prestige of Orissa by recovering some of the territories lost during the rule of the Eastern Gangas to the Sultan of Bengal, Bahmani Sultans and Vijayanagar rulers.
Q2. Who were the other rulers of the Suryavamsi Gajapatis?
PURUSHOTTAM - 1467-1497 - Met with some losses on Andhra coast to the Bahmanis, and Udayagiri to the Vijayanagara ruler. However, he maintained his territory from Ganges in the north to the Pennar in the South. PRATAPRUDRA -1497-1540 - Last powerful Hindu ruler of Orissa.He suffered major defeats with Alauddin Hussain of Bengal, Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagar and then from Golconda Sultan. However, he is well remembered for his association with Chaitanya and his devotion toVaishnavism. With him came the end of the Gajapatis of Orissa.
Q3. Who succeeded the Gajapathis in Orissa?
THE BHOIS - 1542-1568 - There were only two rulers, Govinda Vidhyadhara and Mukunda Harichandra.Orissa was finally won over by the Bengal Sultan Sulaiman Kararain.