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Q1. When was the Dutch East India company formed?
In March 1602.
Q2. When did the Dutch establish their first colony and what was their capital?
In 1608 at Cochin and some small packets of colony along the coastal districts Malabar, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Bengal.
Q3. What were the areas/regions, though small in size, that were under the Dutch control, although not permanently?
The Dutch had quite a substantial places under their control, in small small pockets, from 1608 to 1825, having in the meantime started loosing one by one to the British. The regions were:
KERALA - Kodungallur (1662); Cochin (1663); Quilon (1661); Cannanore (1663-1790); Kundapura (1667-1682); Kayankulam (1645); and Ponnani (1663).
ANDHRA PRADESH - Golconda (1662-1773); Bimilipatnam (1687-1795 and 1818-1825); Jaggermaikpoeram (Kakinada) (1734 -1795 & 1818-1825); Daatzeram (Draksharma)near Kakinada (1663-1730); Nagel Wanze (1669-1687); Palikol now Palakollu Andhra (1631-1781; 1785-1795 and 1818-1825); Masulipatnam (1605-1676); Nizampatnam (1606-1668);
TAMILNADU - Sadras (now Sadurangapattinam) near Kalpakkam, TN (1654-1757; 1785-1795 and 1818-1825); Tiruppapuliyur - 1608-1625); Cuddalore - (1647-1658); Portonovo (Tranquebar, Parangipettai, and (Tharangampadi) 1608-1625; Nagapattinam - 1658-1781; and Tuticorin - (1658-1825).
BENGAL - Chinsurah (Near Bandel) - (1625-1825). This region was exchanged for Sumatra Island as part of the Anglo French Treaty of 1824.
Q4. Which were the places where the Dutch had set up their factories?
Masulipatnam - 1605; Pulicat - 1610; Surat - 1616; Bimilipatnam - 1641; Karaikkal - 1645; Chinsura - 1653; Kasimbazar, Baranagore, Patna, Balasore and Nagapattinam - all in 1658 and Cochin -1663.
Q5. Which place was Dutch East India Company's main trading centre?
Pulicat - in the later years it was replaced by Nagapattinam (after 1690).
Q6. What was the decisive battle by which the Dutch East India Company's growth in India was put to a stop?
Battle of Bedera in 1759 in which they got defeated by the British decisively.
Q7. When were the Dutch completely expelled from India?
1795 - However, a small pockets remained still with Dutch until 1825. By 1845, they sold out all its territories to the British.