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Q1. What is a constellation?
Group of stars positioned in pictorial configurations, representing a mythical character or beasts.
Q2. How many constellations are there in the known sky?
88 - Eighty Eight. Most of them have been named differently by Greek, Roman and by some Arab astronomers.
Q3. What is the name given to the large constellation in the southern sky?
HYDRA - the Sea Serpent.
Q4. Which constellation helps in locating directions and places through compass?
GREAT BEAR - a constellation of seven stars.
Q5. Which is the smallest constellation?
CRUX AUSTRALIS - the Southern Cross.
Q6. Which constellation has most stars?
CENTAUR with 94 stars.
Q7. What are the few other names of constellations?
AQUILA - Eagle; DRACO - Dragon; CANIS MAJOR - Great Dog; CETUS - Whale.
Q8. What are the identified constellations resembling some characters?
  • LEO - Lion,
  • ORION - Hunter,
  • MINOR - Bear.
Q9. Ursula Major, a constellation which has seven brightest stars in it, is called as?
Q10. Which constellation is known as "Bird of Paradise"?