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Test No :19

Q1. Pick the Odd one out of the following:
Q2. Excavatios of Indus valley have pushed the antiquity of Indian History to
Q3. Kanishka patronised which of the following most?
Q4. What practice was followed by the Harappan people to dispose off their dead?
Q5. What differentiates Harappan civilization from Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations?
Q6. Ashokan inscriptions were deciphered in_____________ by ______?
Q7. Among the following what was not known to the Harappan people?
Q8. The great granary of the Harappan civilisation has been found at?
Q9. To whose court was a Chinese embassy sent by T'ang Emperor?
Q10. Who reunited the large part of North India after the decline of the Guptas?
Q11. Which southern dynasty played an important role in the tripartite struggle?
Q12. Which of the following was the most important kingdom in Deccan and Central India, after the Mauryas?
Q13. When did Ashoka the Mauryan ruler begin to issue edicts?
Q14. The Uttiramerur inscriptions belong to which period of which king?
Q15. At which place excavations have taken place related to the Vedic age?
Q16. What was the purpose with which Sir William Webberbum and W S Caine had set up the Indian Parliamentary Committee?
Q17. Which of the following is the main source for the study of village government under the Cholas?
Q18. For which of the following the Chola age was very famous?
Q19. The most important consequence of the 'Dharmashastras' prohibiting Indians from making sea voyages and visiting foreign lands was that.........
Q20. Which city from the following became the important one under Harsha's rule?
Q21. Which Committee recommended the methodology to work out "Poverty Line" criteria?
Q22. Where did Nepal Government hold its cabinet meeting to create awareness about global warming on 4.12.2009?
Q23. Which two countries entered into an agreement known as the "Pact of Steel"?
Q24. Who defined democracy as government "of the people, by the people, and for the people"?
Q25. Who was the first President of Egypt?
Q26. What would be the capital of the country from where the former UN Secy Genl Kofi Annan hails?
Q27. Fill in the blanks: "The ………….Protocol" discussed on substances that deplete the ozone layer.
Q28. Who was the last woman Secretary of State before Hilary Clinton?
Q29. A "toxophile" is a lover of…..
Q30. In which year Delhi was made the capital?
Q31. Who led the Indian delegation to the first World Conference on Human Rights?
Q32. In which city is the permanent secretariate of SAARC located?
Q33. In which year was the RBI nationalized?
Q34. Who was the first Republican President of USA?
Q35. Which is he oldest independent country in Africa?
Q36. Jabua tribe belong to which state of India?
Q37. During the British Raj, the Maharaja of J & K was permitted 21 gun salute status within his princely state. How many guns was he entitled to outside his state?
Q38. Augusto Pinochet was a dictator of which country?
Q39. Which Article of the Constitution abolishes untouchability and makes it a punishable crime?
Q40. Which Indian Army General took the surrender of the Hyderabad State Army on 18th September 1948?
Q41. National Income estimates of our country is prepared by the ....
Q42. Who among the following founded the Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry in 1927?
Q43. ..................does not constitute as a 'fixed cost'
Q44. The current rate of Service Tax, inclusive of cess, is ................
Q45. "Tobin Tax" proposed by James Tobin a Nobel Laureate for Economics refers to .....
Q46. P can complete 1/4 of a work in 10 days, Q can complete 40% of the same work in 15 days, R can complete 1/3 of the work in 13 days and S can complete 1/6 of the work in 7 days. Who will be able to complete the work first?
Q47. If 5 men or 7 women cana earn Rs.5250 per day, how much would 7 men and 13 women earn per day?
Q48. The HCF OF TWO POSITIVE INTEGERS IS 5 AND THEIR lcm IS 105. The numbers are ....
Q49. Anand, Santhosh and Hari begin to jog around a circular stadium. They complete their revolutions in 36 seconds, 48 seconds and 42 seconds respectively. After how many seconds will they be together at the starting point?
Q50. An electronic device makes a beep after every 60 seconds. Another device makes a beep after every 62 seconds. They beeped together at 10 am. The time when they will make next beep together at the earliest is ......
Q51. The upper chambers of the heart are called...........
Q52. "Storehouse of Sperms" is ....................
Q53. Cleavage takes place in..................
Q54. When the atria and ventricles contract and relax, we hear the sound ..............
Q55. Pulmonary vein carries only ...............
Q56. When succession begins on a dry place it is called............................
Q57. Yolk is a ...................
Q58. Ornithology is the study of .....
Q59. The egg in which fate of all parts are fixed at an early stage is called as ................
Q60. Animals remaining inactive during colder months is called...................
Q61. Honey is extensively used in .............medicines.
Q62. Which of these buffalo breeds, yields more milk?
Q63. Who among the following was the first to discover a medicine for rabies?
Q64. The quantity of blood pumped by the heart in one minute is known as .............................
Q65. The life span of RBC is approximately ....................days.
Q66. The inner pale region of the kidney is known as.........
Q67. ...........number of membranes cover the brain and the spinal cord.
Q68. The inner concave part of the kidney is known as .......................
Q69. .................coordinates intelligence, consciousness, memory, imagination and reasoning.
Q70. Carbon-di-oxide is produced in the ............due to metabolism.
Q71. Of the following compounds, which one does not contain carbonyl group?
Q72. The enzyme which converts glucose and fructose into alcohol is .....
Q73. The sodium salt of a long chained carboxylic acid possessing cleansing action is called a/an
Q74. Detergents are……….
Q75. The alkaline hydrolysis of oil and fats is commonly called as ………………
Q76. Potassium salt of fatty acid is called…….
Q77. Sodium salt of fatty acid is called……
Q78. Of the following which one is used to coagulate rubber from latex?
Q79. Of the following which one is used in the process of manufacturing of artificial fibre rayon?
Q80. Of the following which one is used as a preservative in pickles and sauces?
Q81. What product is formed when ethyl alcohol reacts with acetic acid?
Q82. What is the derived product when sodium acetate is heated with soda lime?
Q83. Acetic acid at 290K is known as…..
Q84. Which of the following is an example of dicarboxylic acid?
Q85. The functional group of carboxylic acids is........
Q86. Of the following which one is used as a solvent and also to clean and dry the precious equipments?
Q87. The dehydrogenation of isopropyl alcohol using heated copper gives………
Q88. The IUPAC name of acetone is ...
Q89. Of the following which one is used as a medicine in urinary ailments?
Q90. When formaldehyde condenses with phenol the resultant product is……….
Q91. Of the following which one is used to preserve biological specimens?
Q92. The produce derived from the action of ammonia with formaldehyde is ....
Q93. An aqueous solution of formaldehyde containing 40% HCHO is known as ..
Q94. When ethanol reacts with copper at 573K, the produce will be…..
Q95. Acidified potassium dichromate oxidises ethanol to………
Q96. 100% pure ethyl alcohol is known as .....
Q97. Molasses contain……..
Q98. Of the following which one is called the "rectified spirit"?
Q99. The organic compound decomposed to the smaller molecules by the action of enzymes is known as ....
Q100. The alcohol obtained by the fermentation of molasses is.......
Q101. Organising compounds containing -COOH group are named as .....
Q102. What is the functional group of ketones?
Q103. The compound with molecular formula HCHO is named as……
Q104. The group which is responsible for the characteristic properties of an organic compound is known as ………….
Q105. Carbon combines with carbon to form many compounds is known as……..
Q106. Which of the following elements does not have the property of catenation?
Q107. Of the following which one is a carbon compound?
Q108. Metals that are used in atomic energy system…………
Q109. Which of the following compound is used in dry cell?
Q110. Hydrogen sulphide has ...... Smell
Q111. The speed of rotation of an electric motor can be increased by
Q112. The speed of electro magnetic waves is independent of
Q113. The speed of DC motor can be increased by .............
Q114. The spectral lines having higher frequencies than that of incident light are called
Q115. The specific resistance of a wire of length ‘L’ is x. If it is cut into two halves, then the specific resistance of the wire of length L/2 will be
Q116. The specific heat capacity of water is
Q117. The source of energy in sun is ...........
Q118. The source of energy in sun and stars is
Q119. The safety device used for electrical appliances is
Q120. The size of the particles present in a solution is large. When white light is passed through this solution, the colour of the scattered light is ...............
Q121. The restoring force per unit area of a deformed body is known as
Q122. The restoring force per unit area is known as
Q123. The resistivity of a wire depends on its
Q124. The resistivity of a wire
Q125. The resistivity of a material is independent of
Q126. The resistance offered by an object to an applied force is referred to as
Q127. The relation between the co­efficient of volume expansion and coefficient of linear expansion is
Q128. The relation between linear velocity and angular velocity is
Q129. The relation between linear magnification ‘m’ and image distance ‘v’ is given by
Q130. The refractive indices of two substances A and B are 1.5 and 2. In which medium light travels faster?
Q131. Nili and Ravi breed of buffaloes are commonly found in ........
Q132. When it is 8 AM on Wednesday at Greenwich, what is at Tokyo?
Q133. .........forms the greatest body in igneous rocks.
Q134. Kashmir Valley is separated from the Indus Valley by .........
Q135. ASSERTION:{A}: Eclipses do not occur on all full moon and new moon days. REASON : {R}: The moon revolves round the earth in an elliptical orbit.
Q136. Pampas are the vast grassy plains of
Q137. The importance of Ozone in the atmosphere is to ...........
Q138. In which of the following oceans is Diamantina Trench situated?
Q139. The rising of evening star Venus indicates
Q140. Blizzards are characteristic of which region?
Q141. Who was the first receipient of Dada Saheb Phalke Award?
Q142. Who was the last Governor General of India?
Q143. Which of the following was added as the official language of the United Nations?
Q144. As of now how many official languages are there for U.N.?
Q145. In which year United Nations Organization came into existence?
Q146. Where was the first regular session of the General Assembly of the UN held?
Q147. On which date United Nations Organisation came into existence?
Q148. Which of the following thermal power project is not correctly matched?
Q149. Who among the following was the first Chief Election Commissioner of India?
Q150. Pick the wrongly matched Nobel Prize winners of India?
Q151. Who among the following is the first receipient of Jnanpith Award?
Q152. Among the following who was the first Chief Justice of India?
Q153. Among the following who did not act as the President of India?
Q154. Who was the first and the only Indian Governor General of independent India
Q155. Who was the first Governor General of independent India?
Q156. Who was the first Governor General of India?
Q157. The largest country in the world is......
Q158. World's tallest minaret is with Hassan II Mosque. Where is it located?
Q159. Which is the world's longest river?
Q160. Where is the world's largest fresh water located?
Q161. Which is the largest fresh water lake in the world?
Q162. Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. It comprises of approximately how many islands?
Q163. "Kalaallit Nunaat" is the name of which of the following islands?
Q164. The biggest irrigation scheme in the world - Lloyds Barrage now known as 'Sukkur Barrage' is located in ......
Q165. During which Five Year Plan, the "Integrated Rural Energy Programme" was initiated?
Q166. Where was the first NAM summit held?
Q167. "Khordad Sal" is a festival of......
Q168. Who among the following is considered as the father of the revivalist school of Indian painting (popularly known as the Bengal School of Art)?
Q169. At which place "Kumbh Mela" is not held?
Q170. At which place "Car Festival" (Rath Yatra) is very famous?
Q171. Next to Hindi, which is the next biggest linguistic unit in India?
Q172. What is the official language of Jammu & Kashmir?
Q173. Which article of the Indian Constitution Hindi in Devnagari script is recognised as the official language?
Q174. By which amendment act, Konkani, Manipuri and Nepali were added to the 8th Schedule of the constitution?
Q175. It is possible to form only one such number with the third, the sixth and the seventh digits of the number 7394261 which is the perfect square of a two digit odd number. Which of the following will be the first digit of that two digit odd number?
Q176. Pointing to a photograph Reema said she is the daughter of my brother's only sister. How is the girl in the photograph related to Reema?
Q177. In the question below is given three statements followed by three conclusions numbeFF0000 (1),(2) and (3) . You have to take the three given statements to be true even if they seem to at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.STATEMENTS: All keys are locks. All locks are bangles. All bangles are cars. CONCLUSIONS: (1) Some cars are locks. (2) Some bangles are keys. (3) Some cars are keys.
Q178. How many such pairs of digits are there in the number 539816 each of which has as many digits between them in the number as when the digits are arranged in descending order within the number?
Q179. Pointing to a girl, Mohan said, " She is the only daughter of my grand father's only child". How is the girl related to Mohan?
Q180. Fill the blanks with appropriate words of options given: The actress, wearing a dark grey suit and open necked shirt, sat ........the proceedings looking nervous throughout, occasionally frowning as her lawyer ...........with the judge.
Q181. Choose the word which is most similar in meaning to the word: CAPACITY.
Q182. Read the sentence given here and find out whether there is any error in it. If yes, in which part? If no error, your answer is 5......The old sail (1) / was torn into (2) / piece by a (3) / sudden gust of wind. (4) / No error. (5).
Q183. Rearrange the following six sentences (A), (B), {C), (D), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph and answer the question that follows: (A) It is therefore a contributing factor to the growth of landfills and waterway pollution, both of which are costly and energy-intensive to solve. (B) Making an effort to use those resources and avoid polystyrene ones can help to decrease your environmental impact. (C) Non-biodegradable essentially means that any polystyrene that makes its way into a landfill will stay there indefinitely, never breaking down and returning to earth. (D) Polystyrene, as a product, is very convenient to use, but it has some important effects we should consider when making choices as consumers. (E) While recycling polystyrene material can cushion the environmental blow of its use, alternatives are available that are created from renewable resources and biodegrade more readily. (F) For example, while polystyrene has some excellent uses and is technically recyclable, it is not a substance that biodegrades. Which of the following should be the FIRST sentence after rearrangement?
Q184. Replace the highlighted part of the sentence appropriately from the options given: The company goes to great lengths to ensure that employees can be comfortable in their work environment.
Q185. Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any): Sugar sweetened drinks does not (1) / pose any particular health risk, and (2) / are not a unique risk factor (3) / for obesity or heart disease. (4) / No error (5)
Q186. Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any): He always boasted (1) / of his learning (2) / but has to (3) / eat a humble pie in the debate. (4) / No error (5). .
Q187. Read the sentence given here and find out whether there is any error in it. If yes, in which part? If no error, your answer is 5....... He refused (1) / to give up (2) / his claim of (3) / the property. (4). / No error. (5).
Q188. In August 2016, Vijay Roopani became the Chief Minister of ...........
Q189. "Pashudhan Beema Yojana" - a scheme to protect the cattle, was introduced on July 29, 2016 by ……………………
Q190. In July 2016, with which country, the "Maitree" military joint exercise was conducted?
Q191. The AmericanOnLine ....
Q192. Of the following statements, which one is TRUE about XML?
Q193. Capital letters on a keyboard are known as
Q194. When you get data from other sheet, it is known as
Q195. Most of the PCs/Laptops do not have this command key.
Q196. a set of computer programs that runs or controls computer hardware and acts as an interface with application programms and users.
Q197. What happens when you boot up a PC?
Q198. The contents of RAM are (a) Permanent (b)Temporary (c)volatile (d) duplicate. Of these four statements how many are correct?
Q199. Which hardware device enables a computer to send and receive information over telephone lines by converting the digital data used by computer into analog signal used on phone lines and then converting it back once received on the other end.
Q200. The Windows Explorer can be used for .......



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