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Test No :9

Q1. Arrange the following political events in Gandhiji's life in the chronological order: a) Vykom Satyagraha b) Champaran Satyagraha c) Loin Cloth Adoption d) Bardoli Satyagraha
Q2. Who of the following Liberal who played an important part in drafting Congress constitutional documents such as the Lucknow Pact of 1916, and the Nehru Report 1927, and continued this role in drawing up independent India's constitution as well.
Q3. Among the following nationalists who spoke of self government for India as the fulfillment of the ancient life of India under modern conditions and the final fulfillment of the Vedantic ideal in politics.
Q4. Till the beginning of the Gupta period, the Chakravarti ideal was connected with the performance of vedic sacrifices but now it was raised to be the political ideal of the age. What is the pointer?
Q5. The most important development during the Gupta period with regard to the land grants during Ancient India was.......
Q6. The law givers of Gupta period mention in detail the privileged position of the guilds.Point out which one of the following is not pertinent?
Q7. Adhisthan Adhi Karana' was the municipal board during Gupta period and it constituted four members. Of the following which was not one of them?
Q8. Asthakuladhikarana' was the rural board under the Guptas, and it was constituted by which of the following?
Q9. Among the following features of Buddhism which one is not correct
Q10. Orthodox Hindus believe that there are six "astika" systems of Hindu philosophy and of them the oldest is........
Q11. Brahma's chief wife is the goddess of wisdom, speech, music, the deviser of Sanskrit and the Minerwa of Hinduism. To which goddess in Hinduism these attributes are related?
Q12. Of all the birds, the one that carries the three greatest secrets: Secret of immortality - which has earned it the name of "Chiranjiva"- long lived; secret of the origin of things for it was the one bird present at creation; and it has the secret of hell since it dwelt for many aeons in the infernal reals. The reference is for which of the following?
Q13. Vedic philosophy as presented in the Vedas has many facets. Pick which one of the following is not true?
Q14. What characterizes the Iron age burials in the South?
Q15. Which of the following refers to the portion of the revenue allotted to Zamindars for their services?
Q16. "He abolished all the taxes that are not sanctioned by the Shariat. He was the first to collect "jaziya" from non-muslims apart from land revenue. He ordered the removal of human carricatures from the paintings in his palace. His concept of development was modern." Whom are we referring to by these lines?
Q17. Buddhism holds that the welfare of the people should be promoted by all means possible by the Government. This ideal is embodied in the figure of the Chakravarti-raja or Dharmaraja, as described in.....
Q18. Which of the following archaelogical sites does not belong to Indus Valley Civilisation? 1. Surkotada 2. Kalibangan 3. Mohenjo Daro 4. Lothal
Q19. The term "Dravidian"refers to a stratum of population who can be classified as......
Q20. Arrange the following organisations chronologically in their order of foundation? a)Tatvabodhini Sabha b)Arya Samaj c)Indian National Social Conference d)Rama Krishna Mission
Q21. National Human Rights Commission was established under an Act enacted in …..
Q22. Who among the following does not form part of the committee to select Chairman and other members of the National Human Rights Commission?
Q23. Who among the following does not form part of the committee to recommend appointment of Central Vigilance Commissioners?
Q24. Under which committee's recommendations, the Central Vigilance Commission was set up?
Q25. When was the Central Vigilance Commission set up?
Q26. Special Class Railway Apprentices are recruited through…..
Q27. The recruitment and services conditions of Group A Officers is governed by All India Services Act. In which year it was enacted?
Q28. Which of the following does not form part of the responsibilities of UPSC?
Q29. Who was instrumental for the establishment of the Public Service Commission?
Q30. When, for the first time, a Public Service Commission set up in India?
Q31. Under which Article of the Constitution, the Union Public Service Commission is established?
Q32. Where is the National Institute of Rural Development located?
Q33. Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Adolescent Girls welfare Scheme is known as …..
Q34. National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development (NABARD) was established in the year….
Q35. Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act was enacted in the year ….
Q36. "Bharat Nirman" a welfare scheme for rural infrastructure was launched in …..
Q37. Who was the first central minister of Health & Family Welfare?
Q38. Bureau of Indian Standards comes under the …….
Q39. Which committee deals/t with the price reforms in oil sector?
Q40. Department of Atomic Energy is under the direct control of…….
Q41. Note issuing department of RBI should always possess the minimum gold stock of worth_______________
Q42. "Relationship Selling" refers to _____________________
Q43. Decimal system of currency was adopted in India in the year
Q44. The body that approves and reviews all five year plans is__________________
Q45. "Take Off" state in an economy implies_____________
Q46. Two cyclists approach each other on a straight road, pedalling at 15 miles an hour. When they are 30 miles apart, a fly alights on one bicycle, then dashes off to the other. It shuttles back and forth between the two at 20 miles an hour until the riders meet. How far has it travelled?
Q47. 0.55% of 5.50 + 0.75% of 76 = ? (SBI 2001)
Q48. 5.5 X 2.3 + 8.7 X 1.9 = ? (SBI 2001)
Q49. 25% of 250 + 6.5% of 35-0 = ? (SBI 2001)
Q50. 5/4 of 876 + 8/3 of 582 = ? (SBI 2001)
Q51. Use of teak wood is most prevalent in the manufacture of.......
Q52. Global warming is caused due to which of the following activities?
Q53. ...............organism plays an important role in pollination of trees in tropical forests?
Q54. generally considered as the "Biologists Paradise".
Q55. Due to global warming the growing season would be........
Q56. The term for cleaning the environment with biological options like microbes and plants is.......
Q57. the approximate number of species of plants and animals found in Gulf of Mannar.
Q58. ...........power plants cause green house effect and global warming.
Q59. Cooking destroys which of the following in the vegetables?
Q60. Ultraviolet rays damages the larvae of which of the following?
Q61. Trees shed their leaves in winter season to .............
Q62. Cotton fibre is obtained from which part of the plant?
Q63. Blood Group was discovered in which year by Carl Landsteiner?
Q64. Blood Circulatory System was first explained by William Harvey in the year
Q65. Carbon-di-oxide is let out through .............
Q66. excreted out through kidney and skin.
Q67. .....................are the fundamental units of kidney.
Q68. Waste products are formed in the human body due to .................................
Q69. The outer convex region of Kidney is called..........................
Q70. Approximately ..............litre of urine is excreted by a normal human being.
Q71. Electrode connected to the positive terminal of a battery is known as .....
Q72. Which of the following types of fuels do not leave any undesirable residue?
Q73. A good fuel should have ......
Q74. The content of Soda acid type of fire extinguisher is......
Q75. Mac Arthur Forrest Cyanide Process is used for the extraction of ...
Q76. Of the following, which is/are isolated by electrolysis process?
Q77. By which process sodium is manufactured from fused sodium chloride?
Q78. By which process sodium is isolated from fused sodium chloride?
Q79. Of the following, which one is a liquid conductor?
Q80. From which of the following electric switches and handles of tea pots are made?
Q81. From the following pick a bad conductor of electricity?
Q82. Of the following which one is used as a raw material in the manufacture of nitric acid/
Q83. Nitre is ……………….
Q84. What is the chemical name of artificial silk?
Q85. Nitric acid acts as an/a ........ agent.
Q86. Dissolving of gold in aqua regia gives us……
Q87. Nitrochalk is the name of ..
Q88. Ammonia is a very good ...... Agent.
Q89. Of the following, which one is produced in nature by the action of bacteria on urine>
Q90. Of the following, which one is essential for the growth of plants?
Q91. In the free state carbon occurs as ........
Q92. Air is not ........but it is a .......supporter of combustion.
Q93. What is the principal constituent of dead and decayed matter?
Q94. What is the percentage of carbon in coke?
Q95. Of the following which one is used as a reducing agent in iron and steel industries?
Q96. Among the following which one is the purest for carbon?
Q97. Wood Charcoal is used in which of the following?
Q98. Fullerene is recent discovery in the form of .....
Q99. From among the fuels, pick the one that does not contain carbon?
Q100. Of the following which one is the charcteristic property of diamond?
Q101. The outcome of hydrogen burning is........
Q102. Of the following which one is not the characteristic property of Diamond?
Q103. The chemical reactions that take place in a primary cell are……
Q104. The chemical reations that take place in a secondary cell are…..
Q105. The energy available from fuels is
Q106. Of the following energies, which one is associated with the motion of the body?
Q107. The decomposition reactions are generally ....... reactions.
Q108. Generally what reaction take place during the formation of compounds?
Q109. What is the mass of calcium oxide formed when 50g of Calcium carbonate is heated? (Atomic weight of Ca=40; C=12; and O=16)
Q110. From the following pick an example for petrochemical?
Q111. What is the heat capacity of 70 g of water in J 1 degree C having the specific heat capacity of 4.2 J (g degree C). [Heat capacity = Specific heat capacity × mass]
Q112. What is the half-life period of 6C14?
Q113. What is the function of the commutator or slip ring?
Q114. What is the function of the carbon brushes in a DC motor
Q115. What is the function of a reflector in a solar cooker?
Q116. What is the function of a live wire?
Q117. What is the frequency range of FM band?
Q118. What is the frequency of a wave of wavelength 150 m
Q119. What is the formula for nuclear radius?
Q120. What is the expression for work function having yO threshold frequency?
Q121. What is the force required to produce an acceleration 5 m/s2, on object of mass 14 kg?
Q122. What is the expression for half life period?
Q123. What is the expression for de Broglie wave length?
Q124. What is the equivalent resistance of three equal resistors of 6W when connected in parallel?
Q125. What is the equation of velocity of EM wave as derived by Maxwell?
Q126. What is the energy of the photon according to quantum theory?
Q127. What is the equation of projectile motion?
Q128. What is the emf of a normal dry cell?
Q129. What is the distance of near point of a human eye?
Q130. What is the disadvantage of using fossil fuel
Q131. Ozone loss was first detected in the stratosphere over the....region.
Q132. Aquifier is ..........
Q133. The soil which develops in its original place above the parent bed rock is known as .........
Q134. Ozone present in the Ozone layer of the atmosphere is important because ....
Q135. What is the term for the process of formation of rain from cloud?
Q136. The layer of atmosphere nearest to the earth is.....
Q137. The hot layer of atmosphere is....
Q138. The conclusion that Asia and Africa had a single landmass is provided by
Q139. What is the densest layer of atmosphere?
Q140. The green house gases absorb and reflect which of the following?
Q141. Who is considered as the father of Indian Space Programmes?
Q142. Where is the headquarters of the European Space Research Organization?
Q143. What is "Anita" and "Arabella" related to space programmes?
Q144. PSLV C9 holds the world record for carrying the maximum number satellites. How many of them?
Q145. Mike Melvil was the first to launch a privately funded space flight 15 P. When was it launched?
Q146. Which space mission recorded the fastest speed ever?
Q147. Which was the longest human single space flight?
Q148. How many persons/astronauts have so far landed on the moon?
Q149. What was the first space station launched into orbit?
Q150. Skylab was the first space station of USA put into orbit . When was it launched?
Q151. Kalpana Chawla died of the disintegration of Columbia Space Shuttle STS 107. In which year it happened?
Q152. In which year the Space Shuttle Era began?
Q153. Which was the third celestial body to get an artificial object to land on its surface?
Q154. Which was the second celestial body, after Moon, to get an artificial object to land?
Q155. Which US President's signed plaque is now in the Moon?
Q156. Which was the last manned mission to land in Moon ?
Q157. What name was given to the spot where Neil Armstrong set his foot?
Q158. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were the first to land (in that order) on the moon on 21.7.1969. What was the name of the space vehicle?
Q159. Who is the first person to walk in space?
Q160. Who was the first person to complete an earth orbit?
Q161. Which country was the first to send human being into space?
Q162. When did an artificial object reach another celestial body - Moon?
Q163. In which year USA entered the space exploration?
Q164. Which country was the first to despatch a live passenger to the space?
Q165. In which year was the first artificial satellite launched into space?
Q166. Which country was the first to form an organization of astronauts, even before USA and Russia started exploring space?
Q167. Basava Puruskar is an award given by.......
Q168. "Elders Foundation" is an organization working for the welfare of .....
Q169. J R D Tata, in his first flight, took the voyage between.......
Q170. What was the name of the plane in which J R D Tata made his maiden voyage?
Q171. Who is the first Indian to obtain a commercial pilot license?
Q172. Where is "Sagar Island" in India?
Q173. Who is the first Indian to race abroad in Formula races?
Q174. What is the colour of the "Black Box" flight recorder?
Q175. If in a certain code 'O' is written as 'E'; 'A' as 'C'; 'M' as 'T'; 'S' as 'O'; 'N' as 'P'; 'E' as 'M'; ' I ' as 'A'; 'P' as 'N' and 'C' as 'S', then how will 'COMPANIES' be written in that code?
Q176. In a class, among the passed students Reema is 22nd from the top and Suman, who is 5th rank below Reema is 34th from the bottom. All the students from the class have appeaFF0000 for the exam. The ratio of the students who passed in the exam to those who failed is 4 : 1. How many students are there in the class?
Q177. In a class of forty students, Samir's rank from the top is twelfth. Alok is eight ranks below Samir. What is Alok's ranks from the bottom.
Q178. If a meaningful word can be formed from APSG, the third letter of that word is your answer. If more than one such word can be formed your answer is Y and if no such word is formed then your answer is Z.
Q179. Pick the odd one out: 81, 36, 64, 441
Q180. Fill the blanks with appopriate word/s from the given options: His father introduced him at ..........age to the game of cricket.
Q181. He next week
Q182. Fill the blanks with appropriate words from the given options: "e; He came back .......his school, kept his bag on the table and moved straight"e;.
Q183. Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any): The finding may help doctors (1) / give more personalised care to patients (2) / and modify the amount of powerful drugs (3) / administered over their patients. (4) / No error. (5).
Q184. Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (4). Two lakhs of people (1) / attended the meeting (2) / held in the parade grounds. (3) / No error. (4)
Q185. Synonym for MASSES
Q186. Find the grammatical/idiomatic error: "e;The painter was (1) ask to paint a (2) picture of the king (3) sitting on his throne (4) "e;
Q187. "e; 'Stop' be silent for today"e; -- this line appears in the poem ......
Q188. Which country won the Copa America 2016 Football tournament?
Q189. In 2016, the central government introduced a website, for the women to sell their products through on line. What is the name?
Q190. Recently, which country abolished the capital punishment of death?
Q191. To reload the webpage, we have to press ...... button.
Q192. Pick the odd one out of the following:
Q193. Presently, a super computer has the capacity of computing
Q194. Which of the following strings can be used as mode strings for creating a RandomAccessFile object?
Q195. Assembly language is ......
Q196. The important function of Graphics Divice Interface (GDI) are ...
Q197. The database schema is written in ...
Q198. A file is often referred to as a ......
Q199. the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors
Q200. Pick the invalid statement.



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