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Q1. Who founded the Sur Dynasty?
Sher Shah Suri in 1540. This dynasty's rule lasted until 1555.
Q2. Who were all the rulers of the Sur Dynasty?
SHER SHAH SURI - 1540-1545 - Seizing the opportunity of the absence of Humayun at Agra, he founded this dynasty rule and ruled until 1545. During his tenure - 1. He captured Marwar region from Maldeva of the Rajputs. 2. He was an able administrator. He was the one to introduce RUPPIAH currency which later became Rupee and followed even today. 3. The Grand Trunk Road linking East and Western India - Bengal to Peshawar - was laid during his period. It is one of the longest and oldest road in the world. 4. When he tried to capture Kalinjar Fort, he was injured badly in a freak accident of gun powder explosion and died.
JALAL KHAN - ISLAM SHAH SURI - 1545-1553 - Succeeded Sher Shah Suri and ruled till 1553 until his death.
ADIL SHAH SURI - 1553 - 1555 - He actually came to power by killing his uncle Islam Shah Suri's son (Jalal Khan). His real name was Muhammad Mubaiz Khan and named himself as Muhammad Shah Adil. He was defeated by Humayun with his reinforced force and chased out. Thus came back the Mughal rule to remain in power until 1857.