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The region came to be ruled by Muslim rulers by 1391 itself when Zafar Khan was appointed as Governor of Gujarat by Mohammad Bin Firuz Tughlaq. Zafar Khan assumed the title of Muzaffar Shah and ruled upto 1411. Ahmad Shah succeeded him from 1411 to 1442. He founded the city of Ahmedabad which replaced Anhilwara, as the capital of Gujarat. After Ahmad Shah, Muhammad Shah (1442-1451), Ahmad Shah II (1451-1459) followed by Mahmud Shah II (1459-1611). Mahmud Shah II was considered as one of the greatest rulers of Gujarat. He was so powerful that he expanded the kingdom from Arabian Sea on the west, Khandesh on the South, Malwa on the East and Jalore and Nagaur in the North. Muzaffar Shah II (1511-1526) succeeded Mahmud Shah II. He had to face some threats from the Portuguese over Diu and also from Rana Sanga of Mewar. Bahadur Shah, considered as another energetic Sultan of Gujarat, ruled from 1526 -1537. He was successful in capturing Malwa after defeating and inflicting death of Rana Sangha at the battle of Khanwa. By the end of his rule, he faced a defeat at the hands of the Mughal emperor Humayun but, when he left towards the eat to tackle Sher Khan, Bahadur Shah recaptured the lost territories from Humayun. The Portuguese in the meantime enjoying certain concessions, started posing problems. While negotiating with them on board a shi, he accidentally fell into the sea and died. With his death and two successive inefficient Sultans of Gujarat, the Gujarat region fell into the hands of the Mughal emperor Akbar.