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Q1. Sayyid dynasty ruled which part of India and who founded it?

Founded by KHIZR KHAN - 1414 - 1421 AD. He was actually appointed by Timur as the Sultan of Multan and Dipalpur. He later captured Delhi and established his control from Multan to Kanauj and from the Himalayan foot hills to Malwa.

Q2. Who were the other Sayyid dynasty rulers of Delhi Sultanate to follow?
MUBARAK SHAH - 1421.1434 - He brought Mewatis, Katihar, and the Gangetic Doab under his control and made them to pay revenues to the Delhi Sultanate. He was assassinated by his nobles.
MUHAMMAD SHAH - 1434 - 1443 - He remained a silent ruler and never indulged in any adventurous exploits.
ALAM SHAH - 1443 - 1451 - In 1447 Bahlul Lodhi captured Delhi without any contest from the Sayyid Alam Shah. He quietly transferred the sovereignty of Delhi to the Lodhis. Though Sayyid's remained in power for namesake, Lodhi revived the prestige of the Delhi Sultanate.