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Q1. Who founded the Bahmani Kingdom?
Alauddin Hasan Bahman Shah - also called Hasan Gangu with his original name being Ismail Mukh. He ruled from 1347 - 1358 which implies that there were rulers before him, but the empire was founded by him only to become a force to reckon with. This dynasty was founded by revolting against the Delhi Sultan Md.Bin Tughlaq.
Q2. What was the capital of the Bahmani Sultanate and they ruled which part of India?
GULBARGA (Karnataka) - bordering Maharashtra. The capital was later shifted to Bidar.
Q3. How many Bahmani Sultans were there and who were the notable ones?
There were fourteen of them. Of them, the following are the notable ones: Muhammad Shah I 1358-1375; Tajuddin Firoz 1327-1422; Ahmad Shah Wali 1422-1436; Muhammad Shah III 1463-1482.
Q4. During Muhammad Shah III rule, who was the important person who guided the Sultan to expand the kingdom?
MAHMUD GAWAN - He was the Wazir and Vakil for Mohammad Shah III. His military conquests included Konkan, Goa and Godavari Delta.His aim was to strengthen the hands of Sultan. Unfortunately, the local nobles who were against (Afaqis - West African Muslims) hatched a conspiracy against Gawan and had him sentenced to death by the Sultan's orders in 1481. After Gawan's death, the Bahamani kingdom broke into four independent kingdoms.
Q5. What are the independent kingdoms born out of Bahmani Kingdom?
NIZAM SHAHIS OF AHMEDNAGAR - 1490 - 1633 - Founded by Ahmed Bakri - later conquered and annexed by Shah Jehan in 1633.
ADIL SHAHIS OF BIJAPUR - 1490-1686 - Founded by Yousuf Adil Shah.
(1490-1510) Bijapur was its capital - "Gol Gumbaz" world's second largest dome was built by Muhammad Adil Shah at Bijapur. It is also famous for the "Whispering Gallery". It was later annexed by Aurangazeb in 1686. The notable rulers among this dynasty were: Ismail Adil Shah (1510-1534); Mallu Adil Shah (1534); Abrahim Adil Shah (1534-1558); Ali Adil Shah (1558-1580); Ibrahim Adil Shah II (1580-1627); Md. Adil Shah (1627-1657) and Ali Adil Shah II (1657-1672). Finally, Aurangazeb annexed this kingdom in 1686. IMAD
SHAHIS OF BERAR - 1490-1574 - Founded by Fatullah Khan Imad ul Mlulk - Later it was conquered and annexed by Nizam Shahis of Ahmed Nagar.
QUTUB SHAHIS OF GOLCONDA - 1518-1687 - Founded Quli Qutb Shah (1518-1543). Having Golconda as its capital, he built the Golconda Fort. The other notable ruler of this dynasty was Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah, the greatest of allthis dynasty, founded the city of Hyderabad (originally known as Bhagyanagar after the name Sultan's favourite wife Bhagyamati) and also the famous landmark "Charminar". Aurangazeb annexed this kingdom in 1687 by defeating Abul Hasan Qutub Shah.
BARID SHAHIS OF BIDAR -1528-1619 - Founded by Ali Barid. Later annexed by Adil Shahis of Bijapur. All these independent kingdoms, won over by either or other, finally fell to the Mughals, specially Aurangazeb.