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Q1. What was the first amendment to the Constitution?
June 1951 - on Fundamental rights. Schedule 9 introduced through this.
Q2. Under which Amendment of the Constitution, the special privileges to the princes of princely states were withdrawn?
December 1971 - 26th Amendment.
Q3. Under which Amendment Bill the strength of Lok Sabha has been increased from 525 to 545?
October 1973 - 31st Amendment. In the same Bill, the strength of state assemblies has been raised from 500 to 525.
Q4. Under which Amendment Bill the voting age has been brought down from 21 to 18 years of age?
March 1989 - 61st Amendment.
Q5. Under which Amendment Bill, the upper limit of Council of Ministers has been pegged to 15% of the strength of Sabhas and Assemblies?
January 2004 - 91st Amendment. This bill also strengthened the Anti defection laws.
Q6. Which Amendment of the Constitution is popularly referred to as "Anti Defection Bill"?
March 1985 - 52nd Amendment.
Q7. By which Amendment, the tenure of Lok Sabha was extended to 6 years, instead of the normal 5 years, a big political controversy during 1977?
42nd Amendment.
Q8. By which Amendment, the tenure of Lok Sabha was restored back to 5 years?
September 1979 - 44th Amendment.
Q9. Total number of seats of Lok Sabha as 545 has been pegged for 25 years by which Amendment of the Constitution?
February 2002 - 84th Amendment.
Q10. By which amendment Bill, a National Judicial Commission was proposed?
98 of 2003.
Q11. Under which amendment of the Constitution, the Central Government is empowered to collect Service Tax?
Q12. 84th Amendment of 2000 of the Constitution relates to the .....
Creation of Jharkhand, Chhatisgarh and Uttaranchal states.
Q13. Delhi became a City state under the ....
69the Amendment(1991) of the Constitution.
Q14. Under which amendment of the Constitution, the National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Tribes was set up?
65 fo 1990.
Q15. Which amendment of the Constitution is known as "Mini Constitution"?
42nd Amendment.
Q16. Under which amendment of the constitution, the Lok Sabha strength has been raised to 545?
31st Amendment. It was previsously 525.
Q17. What is Constitutional Amendment 120 and what happened to it?
It is an amendment to appoint a NATIONAL JUDICIAL APPOINTMENT COMMISSION for appointment and transfer of Judges of High Court and Supreme Court in lieu of the collegium system. The Government enacted a law (Act) to that effect in August 2014. But the Supreme Court 5 Judges Panel struck down this Act on 16th October 2015.