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Test No :7

Q1. The Simon Commission was appointed to look into the working of the reforms introduced under the Act of 1919. The Indians decided to boycott the commission because....
Q2. The "August Offer of 1940" sought to conciliate the Congress by guaranteeing......
Q3. The much talked about "August Offer" was made during which year?
Q4. Prime Minister of Uk, Clement Atlee announced on 20th February 1947, that the British Government would withdraw from India by.....
Q5. About which one of the following song did Gandhiji wrote "that one song is enough to sustain me even if I were to forget the Bhagvad Gita"?
Q6. At which of these places, unprecedented riot and bloodshed occurred between 16-19,1946 among Hindus and Muslims due to the 'direct action to achieve Pakistan' policy of Muslim League?
Q7. In the March 1939 Tripuri session of the Indian National Congress, Nethaji defeated which of the following opponents who was also sponsored by Gandhiji?
Q8. For what reason Gandhiji began a fast unto death on 20th September 1932 in Yeravada Jail?
Q9. The Khilafat movement subsided following the......
Q10. Which one of the following does not relate to Lala Hardayal of the Ghadar movement?
Q11. In which year the Muslim League adopted self government as one of its objectives?
Q12. Which of the following Acts formallly introduced the principle of elections for the first time?
Q13. Who was the President at the time of the time of the split of Moderate Vs Extremist in the Congress?
Q14. Among the following what was not the aim of Servant's of India Society launched by Gohale in 1905?
Q15. Who among the following is credited with bringing sanskritic culture true to the South?
Q16. Pick out the place where regional militant nationalism was not based?
Q17. Of the following Acts enacted by the British, which one was a short lived?
Q18. What was the service undertaken by the Jyotiba Phule's Satyashodak Samaj during the later 19th century?
Q19. Under the leadership of Dr.Ambedkar, the untouchable "Mahars" launched an autonomous movement with certain demands. Which of the following was not one of them?
Q20. Which of the following quote is correctly matched? (A)Give me blood, I will give you freedom - Nehruji (B) Karenge ya marenge - Nethaji (C)Swaraj is birthright and I shall have it - Tilak (D) A new star rises, the star of freedom in the East - Gandhiji
Q21. Which is the first Indian district court to become an "on line court"?
Q22. Who is the first woman judge of a High Court?
Q23. Which is the oldest High Court of India?
Q24. Who administers the oath of office to judges of the High Courts?
Q25. Upto what age Chief Justice of the Supreme Court can serve?
Q26. Who administers the oath of office to Chief Justice of High Courts?
Q27. Under which Article of the Constitution High Courts are established?
Q28. Who appoints the Chief Justice and Judges of Supreme Court and High Courts?
Q29. How many Muslim Chief Justices have been there for Supreme Court so far?
Q30. Who was the first Muslim Chief Justice of India?
Q31. Justice K.G.Balakrishnan holds the record of being the…..
Q32. Who was the first woman judge of the Supreme Court?
Q33. Apart from Chief Justice, how many judges are there in the Supreme Court?
Q34. Who appoints and administers the oath of office to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
Q35. When was the first sitting of the Supreme Court of independent India took place?
Q36. Which Articles of the Constitution provides for the establishment of a Supreme Court and deals with other matters of Supreme Court?
Q37. What unique procedure was followed while annexing Dadra, Nagar Haveli?
Q38. When was state of Bombay was divided to form Maharashtra and Gujarat?
Q39. What was the name for the coded military operation to annex Goa?
Q40. In which year was Goa, ruled by Portuguese, annexed with India?
Q41. The situation in which total revenue is equal to total cost is known as .............
Q42. Currency of RBI are backed by certain assets. These assets must not be less than a prescribed amount of..
Q43. What does "Disguised Unemployment" mean?
Q44. The working of SEBI includes ......
Q45. Which of the following is included in national income account?
Q46. Fill in the question mark: 876.95 - ? = 841.45 + 234.45 - 642.39 (SBI 2001)
Q47. If the sum of three consecutive numbers is more than middle number by 130, then find the middle number. (SBI 2001)
Q48. If flag posts stand 50 years apart in a straight line, what is the distance from the first to the ninth?
Q49. The ratio between the ages of Rinky and Nikky is respectively 3:5. Four year hence the sum of their ages would be 96 years. What would be the ratio between their ages after four years? (SBI 2001)
Q50. Fill in the question mark: 5424.87 + 678.679 + 65.459 = ? (SBI 2001)
Q51. Plants which are not vernalized are known as.......
Q52. Tobacco is botannically called........
Q53. Chemically xphytochrome belongs to which of the following?
Q54. Through which of the following the quality and quantity of crops can be improved?
Q55. Auto and allopolyploid breeding can be improved by which of the following methods?
Q56. Which of the following is a wild variety of rice?
Q57. a method of eliminating undesirable ones.
Q58. Plants produced by pure line selection exhibits more ............... with respect to all genes.
Q59. By which of the following methods, water melon, tomato and seedless apple are produced?
Q60. Disease free plants are obtained by the culture known as:
Q61. Genes are compared to which of the followings?
Q62. Of the following, which are nitrogen fixing bacterias?
Q63. Of the following which one is an aquatic fern?
Q64. Blast Disease of rice plants is caused by which of the following?
Q65. Bordeaus is a/an
Q66. Exploitation and utilisation of bio-resources from a country by several organization is called as......
Q67. Which of the following plants possess anticancerous properties?
Q68. Which of the following is an oil eating bacteria?
Q69. .........mouse was also patented by Bio patent method.
Q70. The term for the avoidance of man-made complex substance is "....................."
Q71. Of the following which one is added as bleaching agent to washing powders to increase the whiteness in fabrics?
Q72. Which of the following is used as a nail polish remover?
Q73. The percentage of ethanol in whisky is........
Q74. Bordeaux mixture is used as........
Q75. What is the acid present in sugarcane juice?
Q76. Which of these metals is commonly used as a conductor?
Q77. The energy liberated by fuels burning
Q78. Which of the following is manufacture by the 'sublimation' process?
Q79. Of the following elements, which one exhibits allotropy?
Q80. What is the element in our intake of food?
Q81. What is the term for the reaction of oxygen with carbon?
Q82. What is the term for the broken pieces of glasses added in the manufacture of glass?
Q83. What is the natural source of dyes?
Q84. Of the following methods, which one is used in the electroplating and electrorefining processes?
Q85. A solution of gum in water is known as........
Q86. Of the following noble gases, which one is present in natural gas?
Q87. What is the term for the elements forming a group from atomic numbers 58 to 71?
Q88. Which one of the following factor increases down the group?
Q89. By how many times the proton is heavier than the mass of an electron?
Q90. Of the following which one is the poor conductor of electricity?
Q91. Deuterium is an isotope of which of the following elements?
Q92. Who revealed that the fundamental units of matter are atoms?
Q93. Which of the following reacts with ozone and decomposes it?
Q94. By which of the following means, oceans get more polluted?
Q95. A car travelling at a steady speed causes ......pollution.
Q96. DDT is a……
Q97. Mixture of smoke and fog is otherwise known as.......
Q98. Which of the following gets more polluted by the excessive use of fertilizers?
Q99. How do we call the phenomenon of redirection of heat energy towards the earth?
Q100. Among the following which is/are the chemical/s released by jet aeroplanes that pollute the atmospheric air?
Q101. Why detergents are better than soap for laundering?
Q102. Soda Iye used in the hot process of the preparation of soap is......
Q103. Petroleum is also known as........
Q104. Iodine displaces……
Q105. Hydrogen sulphid is…..
Q106. Of the following allotropic form of sulphur, which one is the most stable?
Q107. Monoclinic sulphur is otherwise known as…..
Q108. Rhombic sulphur is otherwise known as.......
Q109. Sulphur dioxide is........
Q110. What can be obtained by pouring boiling sulphur into cold water?
Q111. What is the principle used in galvanometer?
Q112. What is the power of an electric lamp, if it draws 20 A current when connected to 220V line? (P = VI)
Q113. What is the power of a lens?
Q114. What is the power of a concave lens having focal length of 20 cm?
Q115. What is the position of the image, when the object is placed at c for a concave mirror?
Q116. What is the position of the image when an object is placed at infinity in front of a concave lens?
Q117. What is the path taken by light?
Q118. What is the phase difference between electric and magnetic field in an EM wave?
Q119. What is the other name of Thomson’s atom model?
Q120. What is the other name of Fleming’s left hand rule?
Q121. What is the order of molecular range in liquids?
Q122. What is the order of temperature when atom bomb exploded?
Q123. What is the orbital velocity of a satellite revolving near the earth’s surface?
Q124. What is the number of neutrons for an atom having atomic number Z and mass number A?
Q125. What is the nature of the wire when a current is flowing through it?
Q126. What is the nature of the image formed by concave lens
Q127. What is the natural source of IR and UV rays?
Q128. What is the name of the fluid between the retina and the lens?
Q129. What is the name of coating an iron with zinc?
Q130. What is the minimum energy required to remove an electron?
Q131. Diego Garcia is an important military naval base of United States of America. Where is it located?
Q132. Ozone layer lies in.....
Q133. In which of the following cities one can never see the sun shine overhead at noon?
Q134. The Mid Atlantic Ridge between Iceland and Scotland is called ...........
Q135. Volcanoes are not found in ..........
Q136. The natural sun block region is known as.....
Q137. The result of global warming would result in ......hurricanes.
Q138. Which of the following is NOT correct?
Q139. "Challenger Deep" in Mariana Trench is the deepest point on the earth's surface and lies in Pacific Ocean. Specify the country.
Q140. When the green house effect becomes stronger, it leads to which of the following?
Q141. What distinguishes Jainism from Buddhism?
Q142. "Milindapanha" represents....
Q143. What does "Buddha" mean?
Q144. "Tripitakas" are the sacred books of......
Q145. "Purushasukta" is found in which of the following?
Q146. Ajanta cave paintings depict stories of......
Q147. Who among the following founded the four 'Matthas" in the four corners of India?
Q148. Which among the following pair is correctly matched?
Q149. Mahabalipuram Cave temples were established by....
Q150. Who started the 'Saka Era'?
Q151. The 'Saka Era' began in the year....?
Q152. Shrimad Bhagwad Gita was originally written in ......
Q153. Where did Buddha preach his first sermon?
Q154. The 'Brahmanas' are books that deal with...?
Q155. What was the major impact of Vedic culture on Indian History?
Q156. What is the major difference between 'varna' and 'jati'?
Q157. The content of Rig Veda is....
Q158. Upanishads are books on.....
Q159. What is the name of the building in which the Labour Ministry is housed?
Q160. Survey of India is headquartered at......
Q161. National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research is located at......
Q162. Where is the National Institute of Oceanography located?
Q163. Where is the Himalayan Biosource Technology Centre is located?
Q164. Where is the National Botanical Research Institute located?
Q165. Where is the Central Leather Research Institute located?
Q166. Where is the Heavy Water Board of India located?
Q167. Uranium Corporation of India is headquartered at......
Q168. When was the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai established?
Q169. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics is located at.....
Q170. Atomic Energy Regulatory Board is headquartered at......
Q171. Atomic Energy Commission is headquartered at.....
Q172. Where is the World's highest helipad?
Q173. Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd., is headquartered at.....
Q174. National Institute of Malaria Research is located in .....
Q175. In the question below is given four statements, followed by four conclusions numbeFF0000 (1), (2), (3) and (4). You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts. STATEMENTS: Some tractors are buses. All buses are trains. Some trains are boats. All boats are ships. CONCLUSIONS: (1) Some boats are buses. (2) Some ships are buses. (3) Some trains are tractors. (4) Some ships are trains.
Q176. If the first and second letters of the word UNPRECEDENTED are interchanged with the last and the second last letters and similarly the third and fourth letters are interchanged with the third and the fourth letters from the last respectively and so on., then what will be the 7th letter to the right of the 3rd letter from left?
Q177. A trader in order to code the prices of article used the letters of PSICHOLAZY in the form of '0' to '9' respectively. Which of the following code stands for Rs.875.50?
Q178. In the question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbeFF0000 1 and 2. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. Give answer: . STATEMENT: Many people were caught by the railway police while they were trying to cross the railway tracks and imposed heavy penalty before relasing them. ASSUMPTIONS: (1) People may refrain from crossing railway tracks in future. (2) People may continue crossing railway tracks and pay hefty penalty.
Q179. In the question below, there are three statements followed by three conclusions numbeFF0000 1, 2 and 3. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statement. STATEMENTS: All dogs are birds. Some birds are trees. No house is tree. CONCLUSIONS: (1) Some houses are dog. (2) Some birds are dogs. (3) Some trees are dogs.
Q180. Give the abstract noun for STRONG
Q181. Choose the word similar in meaning to the word: CORROBORATE
Q182. Give the meaning for TO LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG
Q183. Given below are six statements of which the first and the last .. (1) and (6) remains constant. The remaining four are given as (P), (Q),{R} and (S), which are not in the proper order. Arrange them in proper order and find out which order of sentences is correct: (1) Carl Sagan (P) the severity of the problem (Q) says that we do not fully understand (R) that the next generations may be badly affected (S) in his essay (6)
Q184. Pick an alternative for the phrase/idiom: "To cast aspersions"
Q185. In the question, a part of the sentence is highlighted. Replace the highlighted part with the options given which may improve the sentence. "e; A lot of bloodshed could have been saved had the administration taken timely action."e;
Q186. Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is (4). I wonder (1) / why are you tinkering with the wire (2) / you might get a shock. (3) / No error (4).
Q187. Choose the word similar in meaning to the word: SOLECISM
Q188. The 2016 Gnnanpith Award was bagged by Raghuveer Choudhary. He belongs to ..............
Q189. In 2016, T M Krishna received the Ramon Magasasay Award. He is a ...........
Q190. According to the report of International Monetary Fund, which country contributes the most towards skill development?
Q191. MIB stands for ......
Q192. Printed information, called .......exists physically and is a more permanent form of output than that presented on a display device.
Q193. What is "e;Virtual Private Network"e;?
Q194. The Light Pen can be used ......
Q195. The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple processors is
Q196. Which of the following computer language is used for artificial intelligence?
Q197. Which of the following is the correct ascending order with reference to increasing quantity of speed and capacity?
Q198. Which of the keys are used to resize a column in a table?
Q199. Pick the valid statement. In the common domain names, the abbreviations represent ...
Q200. The daily processing of corrections to customer accounts can be simplified into a processing mode of



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