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SLAVE DYNASTY 1206 - 1290 AD

Q1. How did the name "Slave" come into use?
Because it was founded by a slave/servant.
Q2. How this dynasty came to be formed?
Muiz-ud-din Muhammad (Muhammad Ghor) was ruling Delhi and its surroundings, Bengal, Multan etc., He died in 1206 leaving no heirs to follow. Thus the entire territory came to be divided between his slaves and generals of Muiz-ud-din. Qutub-ud-din Aibak got Delhi and where he formed the slave dynasty in 1206.
Q3. Who are the other slaves of Muiz-ud-din to get territorial control during this partition?
Md.Bin Baktiyar Khilji - Bengal and Nasir-ud-din Qabacha - Multan.
Q4. How the Slave Dynasty was also called?
Mamluk Dynasty and Ghulam Dynasty. Also called Delhi Sultanate.
Q5. Who founded the Slave Dynasty?
Qutub-ud-din Aibak, a slave and general of Muiz-ud-din Muhammad, first independent muslim ruler. The dynasty was founded in 1206.
Q6. How did Qutub-ud-din Aibak die?
He had a very short tenure as king -1206 to 1210. He died while playing Polo (Chugan) at Lahore.
Q7. Who succeeded Qutub-ud-din Aibak?
Aram Baksh - 1210 - 1211 -son of Qutub-ud-din Aibak. His tenure was also short lived as he was assassinated by Iltumish, son in law of Aibak.
Q8. What was the tenure of Iltumish and what were his military and territorial accomplishments?
His tenure was between 1211 to 1236. He was considered as the greatest ruler of the 13th century and a wise statesman. His territorial gains were 1228 - Multan and Sind provices were annexed. Had Bengal and Bihar under control and suppressed the revolts of Rajasthan chiefs. 1226 to 1231 - Reconquered Ranathambhor, Ajmer, Sambhar, Nagaur and Gwalior.1234 to 1235 - Capture Bhilsa in MalwCaptured Ujjain and demolished the ancient Mahakal Temple. He also subdued the Rajahs of Badaun, Kanauj and Benares. He died in 1236.
Q9. Who were the subsequent rulers of Delhi Sultanate of Slave dynasty after Iltumish?
RUKN -UD- DIN - 1236 - son of Iltumish. He was in power only for six months, before he was killed by his own sister Raziya. RAZIYA SULTANA - 1236 - 1240 - daughter of Iltumish. She came to power by killing her brother Rukn. Her nature of death in 1240 is still an unsolved mystery as there are few theories floated by historians. MUIZ UD DIN BAHRAM - 1240 - 1242 - He acted as a regent as there was no proper heir to the throne. He attempted to capture the throne but was taken as a captive and put to death. ALAUDDIN MASUD SHAH - 1242 - 1246 - Son of Rukn-ud-din. He was made the Sultan but was deposed by a conspiracy hatched by Balban. NASIRUDDIN MUHAMMAD - 1246 - 1266 - Son of Iltumish. He ruled for 20 years. He married Balban's daughter and made Balban the regent. Balban is believed to have poisoned Nasiruddin Muhammad and captured the throne. GHIYASUDDIN BALBAN - 1266 - 1287 - A slave of Aibak and brought up in a princely manner. He was the Sultan for 21 years and sternly dealt with all his opponents. He concentrated more on strengthening his region than on other conquests. He had a severe set back at the end of his career, when his son was killed in a battle with a Mongol warrior who invaded around 1285. Thereafter, he lacked the fire power and succumbed to the tragedy that struck him. MUIZUDDIN QAIQABAD - 1287 - 1290 - Grandson of Balban. He never concentrated on the administration but sank into earthly pleasures. He was affected by paralysis and then killed by the Khiljis. By his death, this slave dynasty, finally ruled by Ilbari Tribe (Iltumish belonged to this tribe) came to an end.