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KHILJI DYNASTY 1290 - 1320

Q1. Who founded the Khilji dynasty?

JALAL UD DIN FIRUZ KHILJI - 1290 - 1296. He came to power by killing Qaiqabad of the slave dynasty. In turn he received the same treatment from his nephew Alauddin Khilji.

Q2. How long did Alauddin Khilji rule and what were his conquests and reforms?
He ruled until 1315. He successfully foiled the efforts of the Mongols between 1297 to 1303. He conquered Gujarat from Raja Karan and married his wife Kamala Devi. His generals also won over Ranathambhor. His further conquests were Ujjain, Mandu, Dhar, Chanderi during 1302 - 1303. In 1303, he conquered Chittor, Kakatiyas of Warangal, Hoysalas of Dwara- -samudra and the Pandyas of Madurai, subdued them, and made them to contribute to the Sultanate annually. He deputed his general Malik Kafur who won over Pratapa Rudradeva II of Waranga, Raja Vira Ballala III of the Hoysalas and made them the Sultan's vassal. Malik Kafur also plundered the Pandya kingdom and seized immense treasures. For all these achievements, Malik Kafur was elevated as Malik Naib. In 1315, Alauddin fell ill, and Kafur seized the throne and made 6 year old Shihab- -ud-din, the second son as ruler. However, Malik Kafur was killed by the loyal guards of Alauddin and made Mubarak, the older son as the regent of the sultan the 6 year old Shihabuddin. But Mubarak blinded his younger brother and became the Sultan. Mubarak was illiterate, but had the support of poets Amir Khusrau and Amir Hassan.
Q3. Who were the other Khilji dynasty rulers?
QUTUBUDDIN MUBARAK SHAH - 1316 - 1320 - His life style was his own downfall. Being a homosexual, he felt attracted towards two Hindu slaves converted Islamists. One of them was called Khusrau Khan, whom Mubarak made as the replacement for Malik Kafur, with army and power. This proved to be costly for Mubarak. Khusrau killed Mubarak and captured the throne and assumed the title of Nasiruddin in July 1320.
KHUSRAU/NASIRUDDIN - 1320 - His rule was a very short one spanning only a few months. He was killed by one of his governors, Ghazi Malik and ascended the throne under the title of Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq and founded the Tughlaq dynasty.