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Q1. A rectangular tank whose length and breadth are 2.5 m and 1.5 m respectively is hafl full of water. If 750 litre more water is poured into the tank, what is the height through which water level further goes up? (CDS 2010)
Q2. A man is watching from the top of a tower a boat speeding away from the tower. The boat makes an angle of depression of 45 degree with the man's eye when at a distance of 60 m from the bottom of tower. After 5 seconds, the angle of depression becomes 30 degree. What is the approximate speed of the boat assuming that it is running in still water? (CDS 2010)
Q3. What is the number of circles passing through a given pair of points? (CDS 2010)
Q4. A person invested some amount at the rate of 12% somple interest and the remaining at 10%. He received yearly an interest of Rs.130. Had he interchanged the amount invested, he would have received an interest of Rs.134. How much money did he invest at different rates? (CDS 2010)
Q5. The wages of labourers in a factory has increased in the ratio 22:25 and their numbers decreased in the ratio 3:2. What was the original wage bill of the factory if the present bill is Rs.5000? (CDS 2010)
Q6. If 6 men and 8 boys can do a piece of work in 10 days while 26 men and 48 boys can do the same in 2 days, what is the time taken by 15 men and 20 boys in doing the same type of work? (CDS 2010)
Q7. A person travelled by train for 1 hour at a speed of 50 Kmph. He then travelled by a taxi for 30 minutes at a speed of 32 kmph to complete his journey. What is the average speed at which he travelled during the journey? (CDS 2010)
Q8. The volume of a cone is equal to that of sphere. If the diameter of base of cone is equal to the diameter of the sphere, what is the ratio of height of cone to the diameter of the sphere? (CDS 2010)
Q9. Consider the following statements in respect of any triangle: (1) The three medians of a triangle divide it into six triangles of equal area. (2) The perimeter of a triangle is greater than the sum of the lengths of its three medians. Which of the above statements is/are correct? (CDS 2010)
Q10. ABCD is a square. P,Q,R,S are points on the sides AB,BC,CD,DA respectively such that AP=BQ=CR=DS. What is angle SPQ equal to? (CDS 2010)
Q11. A ladder of 17 ft length reaches a window which is 15 ft. above the ground on one side of the street. Keeping its foots at the same point the ladder is turned to the other side of the street and now it reaches a window 8 ft high. What is the width of the street? (CDS 2010)
Q12. Three lines intersect each other in pairs. What is the number of angles so formed?(CDS 2010)
Q13. One saree was purchased for Rs.564 after getting a discount of 6% and another saree was purchased for Rs.396 after getting a discount of 1%. Taking both the items as a single transaction, what is the percentage of discount? (CDS 2010)
Q14. Which one of the following numbers is not a square of any natural number? (CDS 2010)
Q15. A hemispherical bowl of internala radius 20 cm contains sauce. The sauce is to be filled in conical shaped bottles of radius 5 cm and height 8 cm. What is the number of bottles required? (CDS 2010)
Q16. The length of a rectangular plot is 4.5 times that of its breadth. If the area of that plot is 200 square metres, then what is its length? (SBI 2001)
Q17. What should be subtracted from 15, 28, 20 and 38 each so that the resultant numbers become proportional? (SBI 2001)
Q18. Aslam sold two vehicles for Rs.46000 each. If he gains 10% on the first and looses 10% on another, then what is his gain or loss percent in this transaction? (SBI 2001)
Q19. The cost price of a pen is Rs.79 and that of a pencil is Rs.109. What will be the cost price of six dozen pens and 9 dozen pencils approximately? (SBI 2001)
Q20. If 96 men can complete a work in 56 days working 5 hours per day, then in how many days 105 men will complete the same work by working 8 hours per day?
Q21. In an exhibition, I bought 15 T shirts and 20 half pants for Rs.975. Had I reduced the number of half pants by 10, twelve more T shirts would have been available. If so, a T shirt costs.....
Q22. Raju bought four shirts at the rate of Rs.885. He spent Rs.100 on their washing. Now he wants to earn a profit of 25%. At what price he should sell his shirts? (SBI 2001)
Q23. What should be added to 13291 to make it divisible by 11? (SBI 2001)
Q24. A certain amount becomes Rs.2735 in 3 years and Rs.3008.50 in 4 years at compound interest. What is the rate of interest? (SBI 2001)
Q25. Sanjay secured 15 more marks in Mathematics than that in chemistry. If he secured 125 marks in Chemistry and Geography, then how many marks did he secure in Mathematics? (SBI 2001)
Q26. If three fourth of a number is 4:8, then what will be 500% of that number? (SBI 2001)
Q27. Amit and Abhishek started a business investing Rs.7000 and Rs.11000 respectively. If they earned a net profit of Rs.48000 then what will be the ratio of their profits? (SBI 2001)
Q28. Pick the wrong number from the given series of numbers: 9,29,54,84,120 (SBI 2001)
Q29. The ratio between gents and ladies in a colony is 9:5 respectively. If the number of gents is 40 more than the number of ladies then find the total number of gents and ladies in the colony? (SBI 2001)
Q30. Pick the wrong number from the given series of numbers: 10,14,7,11,6,9,5 (SBI 2001)
Q31. Pick the wrong number from the given series of numbers: 16,8,25,12,36 (SBI 2001)
Q32. Pick the wrong number from the given series of numbers: 18,60,185,564,1698 (SBI 2001)
Q33. A train running at the speed of 125 kmph crosses a platform in 19.5 seconds. Find the length of the train. (SBI 2001)
Q34. Pick the wrong number from the given series of numbers: 126,20,32,84,325,1580 (SBI 2001)
Q35. When prices of coal are reduced by 16%, then sale increases by 25%. What will be the effect on sale? (SBI 2001)
Q36. Fill in the question mark: 876.95 - ? = 841.45 + 234.45 - 642.39 (SBI 2001)
Q37. If the sum of three consecutive numbers is more than middle number by 130, then find the middle number. (SBI 2001)
Q38. If flag posts stand 50 years apart in a straight line, what is the distance from the first to the ninth?
Q39. The ratio between the ages of Rinky and Nikky is respectively 3:5. Four year hence the sum of their ages would be 96 years. What would be the ratio between their ages after four years? (SBI 2001)
Q40. Fill in the question mark: 5424.87 + 678.679 + 65.459 = ? (SBI 2001)
Q41. The height of the flower above the water level of a tank is 2 metres. It is pulled aside and comes to 8 metres from its original position and the top of the flower touches the water. Find the depth of the tank.
Q42. Fill in the question mark: ? - 634.89 = 7845.675 (SBI 2001)
Q43. The average age of Vijay, Sanjay and Pappu is 45 years. If the ratio of their ages is respectively 3:4:2, then find the age of Sanjay? (SBI 2001)
Q44. If 25% of 13/12 of a certain number is 520, then what is 60% of that number?
Q45. Amit sold an article for Rs.630 and earned a profit of 20%. Find the cost price for Amit? (SBI 2001)
Q46. Two cyclists approach each other on a straight road, pedalling at 15 miles an hour. When they are 30 miles apart, a fly alights on one bicycle, then dashes off to the other. It shuttles back and forth between the two at 20 miles an hour until the riders meet. How far has it travelled?
Q47. 0.55% of 5.50 + 0.75% of 76 = ? (SBI 2001)
Q48. 5.5 X 2.3 + 8.7 X 1.9 = ? (SBI 2001)
Q49. 25% of 250 + 6.5% of 35-0 = ? (SBI 2001)
Q50. 5/4 of 876 + 8/3 of 582 = ? (SBI 2001)