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Q1. In March 2015, "Shakeen" missile was successfully test fired by ..............
Q2. In 2015, which country's scientist was elected as the President of the Royal Society of London?
Q3. The aeroplane operating fully on solar energy and is on a world flying mission completed its journey in March 2015. What is the name of the aeroplane?
Q4. Which Indian company operating in Europe, was selected as the best company?
Q5. In commemoration of the International Women's Day on March 8 (2015), the Central Government introduced .......... an exclusive telephone line for the women to get advices on their empowerment and development
Q6. On which date, the Shree Shakti Award (Puraskar) and Nari Shakthi Award (Puraskar) are presented by the Central Government?
Q7. In March 2015, the Central Government decided to allow ..........% foreign direct investment in the insurance sector.
Q8. The Central Budget of 2015-2016 was the Budget of Independent India
Q9. In the Budget of 2015-2016 what was the Service Tax rate fixed?
Q10. What is the name for the tax (in place of wealth tax) imposed on persons having more than one crore as annual income?
Q11. What is the target fixed by the Central Government for production through alternative energy ?
Q12. What is the name of the scheme introduced by the Central Government for employment of rural youth?
Q13. In the 2015 Budget, what is the central government fund allocation for the "Nirbhaya", a women safety and awareness scheme?
Q14. As per the 2015 Central Government Budget, what is the income tax levy fixed for personal income more than rupees one lakh?
Q15. The Central Government in its Budget in 2016, introduced the Prime Minister Suraksha Bhima Yojana Accidental Insurance Scheme. What is the annual premium fixed?
Q16. In the Budget presented in February 2016, the Central Government introduced ain insurance scheme for natural and accidental deaths called "" Jeevan Jyoti Bhima Yojana"" for people aged between 18 to 50. What is the annual premium fixed ?
Q17. In the Budget presented in February 2016, what was the individual income limit fixed for personal income tax purposes?
Q18. Under an agreement entered into in 1991, when did India-Pakistan exchanged their list of nuclear stations recently?
Q19. When did the President of India, give his consent for the establishment of the Judicial Appointments Commission?
Q20. When did the Central Government started the scheme of remitting the Cooking Gas Subsidy, directly to the consumers bank account?
Q21. Name the Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization who retired on December, 31, 2014 ?
Q22. On January 2015, who introduced the women safety special communication number scheme ""HIMMAT"", which upon dialling would send direct messages to the nearest police facility and the victims relatives ?
Q23. The Central Government replaced the Planning Commission with NITI AAYOG from ......
Q24. On January 5, 2015, Ms.Satyavati became the first woman director of ........
Q25. In the elections held in October 2014 in Brazil, who became the President for the second time?
Q26. In January 2015, where was the 102nd Indian Science Congress was held?
Q27. Indian Navy Official Dileep circumnavigated the world in a yatcht during 2015. He belonged to which state?
Q28. Which country 's Head of the Government was the Guest of Honour for the Republic Day 2016 ?
Q29. The United Nations observed the year 2015 "Year of ........."
Q30. "Prakash path" -- a welfare scheme launched by the PM of India in January 2015 relates to .........
Q31. The Central Government has approved the establishment of the Neutrino Research Laboratory, ......... ......... In Tamilnadu.
Q32. Who was selected and honoured, as the best entrepreneur of 2014?
Q33. On January 7, 2015, Islamic terrorists entered the headquarters of ""Charlie Hebdo"" a weekly magazine and killed 12 people. This incident happened in ......................
Q34. "Pravasi Bharatiya Divas " was observed on 7/8 January 2015 at ...........
Q35. In the general elections held in Sri Lanka in January 2015, who was elected as the President of Sri Lanka?
Q36. Who is the current Chairman of Indian Space Research Organization?
Q37. In the Year 2015, Which country's central Bank (Reserve Bank) was selected as the world's best Central Bank Governor?
Q38. In the year 2015 who was selected as the world's best footballer?
Q39. In January 2015, a 17th century Christian priest Joseph Vaz, was canonized by the Pope. He belonged to .................
Q40. In January 2015, the PM of India released the ......... version of Thirukkural, the most revered Tamil literature.
Q41. In January 2015, Stephene Constantine was appointed as the coach of the Indian Football Team. He belongs to which country ?
Q42. In January 2015, "TEJAS" light fighter aircraft was inducted into the Indian Air Force. Who gave the name "Tejas" ?
Q43. In January 2015, South African cricketer De Villiers slammed the world's fastest century, in 31 balls, in one day international. He set this world record against which country ?
Q44. In January 2015, who was appointed as the Chairman of the Censor Board of India -- Central Board of Film Certification?
Q45. In January 2015, Mr. Frank Islam, an entrepreneur was awarded the Martin Luther King Award in U.S. He belonged to which country?
Q46. 2015l, which state of India has been declared as the state having the highest tiger population in India?
Q47. In August 2014, the Central Government announced a welfare scheme to open bank accounts to all Indians. What is the name?
Q48. In January 2015, Where was the World Economic Forum conference held?
Q49. In the survey conducted by the Dellman Trust of America, India is ranked as the ....... Most dependable country.
Q50. The Central Government, taking note of the dwindling girl population in the country, especially Haryana, has announced a welfare scheme. What is it called?