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Q1. Pick the invalid COBOL word
Q2. The correct shortcut key to make the letters boldface is
Q3. VDU is also called...
Q4. Packet ......
Q5. Which of the following is true for a camera?
Q6. Moving process from a main memory to a disk is called....
Q7. Pick the invalid statement from the following:
Q8. Grouping and processing all of a firm's transactions at one time is called as ....
Q9. NOT done by a modem.
Q10. The version of UNIX include
Q11. The basic operations performed by a computer is.........
Q12. The amount of the data CPU can transmit at a time to main memory and to input/output devices is known as
Q13. Expand IBM
Q14. Which of the following is an invalid statement?
Q15. In C language, the variable name may start with
Q16. An algorithm is said to be deterministic, since it has .....
Q17. The System Administrator
Q18. Which type of memory holds only the programe and data that the CPU is presently processing?
Q19. ASM stands for
Q20. .........acts as temporary high-speed holding area between the memory and the CPU thereby improving processing capabilities
Q21. What is a back up?
Q22. The COBOL divisions are ..........
Q23. CompuServe information Manager (CIM)......
Q24. ......translates and executes program at run time line by line
Q25. Which of these cannot be a wireless network?
Q26. Through ........., an administrator or another user can access someone else's computer remotely.
Q27. ......command is used to copy files in UNIX.
Q28. To find a saved document in the computer's memory and bring it up on the screen to view ............
Q29. Of the following statements which one is true about Operating System?
Q30. In a SONET system, ......removes noise from a signal and can also add/remove headers
Q31. Which of the following is the correct ascending order?
Q32. The system unit of a personal computer typically contains all of the following except
Q33. Father of "e;C"e; programming language
Q34. This part of operating system manages the essential peripherals, such as the keyboard, screen, disk drives, and parallen and serial ports .........
Q35. Dr.E.F.Codd represented .....rules that a database must obey if it has to be considered truly relational.
Q36. Incomplete recovery can be done up to
Q37. Expand MDI
Q38. Netscape navigator was introduced in the year
Q39. an electronic device that process data, converting it into information.
Q40. Pick the valid statement. In the following domain address ...
Q41. a collection of web pages and a the very first page that we see on a opening a website.
Q42. A file manager can be used to perform actions such as
Q43. Where can you set the shedding color for a range of cells in Excel?
Q44. You need to configure a switch from a remote subnet. Which of the following must be configured on the switch?
Q45. A collection of related files is called a ...
Q46. Which of the following is the type of software that controls the internal operations in the computer and controls how the computer works with all its parts?
Q47. Which encoding type always has a non-zero average amplitude?
Q48. Hardware devices that are not part of the main computer system and are often added later to the system are.......
Q49. when the more power hungry components such as the monitor and the hard drive, are put to idle.
Q50. Why is it unethical to share copyrighted files with your friends?