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Q1. When the freely falling body descends down the velocity of the body
Q2. When the length of wire is halved what’ will be the resistance?
Q3. When the coin is dropped, the force acting on it is
Q4. When the electrons are moving in the discrete and permitted orbit they
Q5. When one neutron disintegrates, it produces
Q6. When objects at different distances are seen by the eye, which of the following remain constant?
Q7. When meteors enter earth’s atmosphere, they get burnt due to
Q8. When more than one resistors are in series, which quantity remains the same?
Q9. When light incidents on a highly polished surface most of the light is
Q10. When magenta, yellow and cyan are added which colour is obtained.
Q11. When it is possible to observe total internal reflection?
Q12. When light goes from rarer to denser medium
Q13. When is the movement of electrons occurs?
Q14. When is the mechanical force zero?
Q15. When is a prism said to be in minimum deviation?
Q16. When intensity of the incident radiation increases, what happens to the photoelectric current?
Q17. When impurity is added then the melting point of ice
Q18. When electrons revolve in the permissible non-radiating orbit, they
Q19. When earth rotates about its own axis, the velocity of bodies near the equator is ......... that of at the poles
Q20. When current passes through a straight conductor, the magnetic field lines around it are in the form of with the conductor at the centre
Q21. When current in a conductor is switched off, the magnetic needle placed near the conductor
Q22. When current in a conductor is switched off, the magnetic needle placed near its conductor .............
Q23. When atom bomb explodes a large amount of ..........
Q24. When an object undergoes acceleration
Q25. When an object starts to fall freely which statemtnet is correct about it?
Q26. When an object reflects all the colours of white light, how does the object appear?
Q27. When an object of 3 cm height is placed in front of a mirror, the magnification produced by the mirror is 8, what is the size of the image formed by the mirror?
Q28. When an object is thrown up, what is the value of g?
Q29. When an object is placed in front of a thick glass mirror how many images are formed?
Q30. When an object is placed between pole and principal focus of a concave mirror, where the image is formed?
Q31. When an object is placed at the focus of a concave mirror, the image formed by the concave mirror is not
Q32. When an object absorbs all the colours of white light the object appears.
Q33. When an object 2 cm high is placed in front of a mirror, the magnification produced by the mirror is 4. What is the size of the image?
Q34. When an insect Walks on the surface of water, the force of surface tension acts
Q35. When an a - particle is emitted the atomic number decreases by
Q36. When an external force of sufficient magnitude is applied on a body of some mass, the body acquires
Q37. When aluminium is bombarded by a-particle which isotope is produced?
Q38. When a wire carries an electric current in it its temperature rises due to conversion of
Q39. When a stone is tied to a string and rotated in a circular path then the tension in the string provides
Q40. When a steel rod is used in the place of soft iron rod in an electric bell .............
Q41. When a solid is heated it changes into liquid is called
Q42. When a ray or light enters a glass slab from air
Q43. When a particle is moving in a circular path, its acceleration is
Q44. When a painting brush is dipped in water, its hairs
Q45. When a nucleus emits g- rays, what is the change in atomic and mass numbers?
Q46. When a neutron converts itself into a proton which is obtained?
Q47. When a neutral metal sphere is charged by contact with a positively charged glass rod. the sphere
Q48. When a liquid evaporates, its temperature
Q49. When a light of suitable frequency falls on a metal surface ................. are ejected from the metal
Q50. When a light goes from glass (mg = 3/2) to water (mw = 4/3), what is the refractive index of water with respect to glass?