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Q1. Nitro benzene gives aniline when it is reduced in which of the following?
Q2. Oil of mirbane is.......
Q3. Trichloro nitro methane is known as.
Q4. What is formed when primary nitro compound reacts with nitrous acid?
Q5. Aniline is purified by
Q6. the weakest base.
Q7. Tautomerism exhibited by nitromethane is called astautomerism.
Q8. Aniline differs from ethylamine by the reaction with..
Q9. a Secondary amine.
Q10. Primary amine acts as .......
Q11. Electrophiles used in the nitration of benzene is......
Q12. ........sets of elements was primarily responsible for the origin of life on Earth.
Q13. ..........compound has the smell of bitter almonds.
Q14. Condensation of Nitro methane with acetaldehyde gives us ...
Q15. .used as as a plasticiser in cloth and as soldering flux.
Q16. used in the preparation of Aspirin
Q17. ........used as a medicine for rheumatic pains.
Q18. Sodium salicylate on decarboxylation gives..
Q19. formed when benzoic acid is treated with soda lime.
Q20. ........acid removes the ink stains and iron stains.
Q21. ..........used in the production of ink and metal polishes
Q22. .used as an antiseptic and astringent.
Q23. Of the following, which one undergoes iodoform reaction?
Q24. What is the intermediate product formed during fermentation of glucose to lactic acid by BAL?
Q25. Of the following which one is present in cucumber, opium or in gastric juice?
Q26. Some opine that India should pursue research and development on thorium as the future fuel of nuclear energy. What advantage thorium has over uranium? (1) Thorium is far more abundant in nature than uranium. (2) On the basis of per unit mass of mined mineral, thorium can generate more energy compared to natural uranium. (3) Thorium produces less harmful waste compared to Uranium. Pick the correct statement/s.
Q27. is the isomer of acetic acid.
Q28. For which of the following Methyl salicylate is used?
Q29. .is used in hair tonic.
Q30. The content of oil of winter green is........
Q31. Of the following which one is used for the preparation of Aspirin?
Q32. By the oxidation of which of the following Benzoic acid can be prepared?
Q33. lactic acid on treatment with nitrous acid.
Q34. From the following, what is the main constituent of milk?
Q35. formed when oxalic acid reacts with glycerol.
Q36. Oxalic acid occurs as potassium hydrogen oxalite in ....
Q37. Malonic acid on decarboxylation gives which of the following?
Q38. Phosphorous pentoxide dehydrates acetic acid to give which of the following?
Q39. From the following, pick the true statement about formic acid.
Q40. reaction take place when carboxylic acid is heated with soda lime?
Q41. Of the following which one contains both an aldehyde and a Carboxyl group?
Q42. Carboxylic acid is acidic because of .....
Q43. What is the common acid present in fats and oils?
Q44. ........acid is present in vinegar.
Q45. is the IUPAC name of succinic acid.
Q46. is formed when chlorine is passed through aceitic acid in the presence of halogen carrier.
Q47. What can be obtained by heating sodium formate with soda lime?
Q48. Which of the following compound is found in some stony deposit in kidney?
Q49. Carboxylic acids are more acidic than phenol and alcohol due to......
Q50. .......acid cannot be prepared by Grignard reagent.