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Q1. Who among the following enjoys the rank of a Cabinet Minister?
Q2. The Preamble of our Constitution envisages
Q3. As a practice, the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee is normally headed by..
Q4. In which year Non Aligned Movement (NAM) was founded?
Q5. As of 2012, how many members are there in NAM?
Q6. Bandung Conference, the forerunner for the formation of NAM and the first major one to boost Asian-African relationship was held in 1955.Where was it held?
Q7. Where is the permanent headquarters of SAARC?
Q8. Who was the first Secretary General of SAARC?
Q9. The term "cold war" is related to which of the following countries?
Q10. Who was the first President of the SAARC?
Q11. Commonwealth is headed by..
Q12. Our Constitution has made education compulsory upto the age of
Q13. Who among the following strived hard to eradicate untouchability?
Q14. What is the percentage of reservation for SCs and STs in employment opportunities in government sector?
Q15. The Caste system has been perpetuated in our society during the .
Q16. The President is empowered to dissolve the Lok Sabha on the advice of ..
Q17. Birth & Death Registration Act was enacted in the year..
Q18. " We have to fulfil many promises. We have to proceed miles before we reach our goal". Whose quote is this?
Q19. A bill in each House is subject to .. readings.
Q20. The disadvantage/s of a multiparty system is/are
Q21. The disadvantage/s of a multi-party system is/are
Q22. The Rajya Sabha can be dissolved by..
Q23. The advantage/s of multi-party system is/are
Q24. The disadvantage/s of a bi-party system is/are
Q25. The advantage/s of a bi-party system is/are
Q26. Democratic Party and Republican Party belongs to which of the following country/ies?
Q27. The disadvantage/s of a single party rule is/are
Q28. The Advantage/s of a single party rule is/are..
Q29. The normal term of office of Lok Sabha/State Assembly/Local Bodies is . Years.
Q30. Election held after the normal expiry of the term of Lok Sabha or the state legislature is called as .
Q31. Who are appointed to oversee the conduct of the elections?
Q32. In order to have a decisive and comprehensive decision in election related matters, the composition of the commission has been made as three Commissioners from..
Q33. Election Commission is headquartered at..
Q34. Election Commission is a ..
Q35. To safeguard the philosophy of democratic rule a democratic country must have an independent..
Q36. The Constitution gives the supreme power to the
Q37. The Constitution now has partsschedules and .Articles.
Q38. When was the Post Office Act enacted in India?
Q39. Number of Official Languages in our country is
Q40. Recognition for a political party as National or State Party is accorded by the ..
Q41. Leader of the Opposition in the parliament and the legislatures are accorded with the status of a
Q42. An example for the good working of the bi-party (two party) system today is ..
Q43. The best example of prevalence of democracy in our country can be well understood from the Chola inscriptions found in
Q44. Consider the following provisions under the Directive Principles of State Policy enshrined in the Constitution of India: (1) Securing for citizens of India a uniform civil code. (2) Organizing village Panchayats (3) Promoting cottage industries in rural areas (4) Securing for all the workers reasonable leisure and cultural opportunities. Which are are the above are Gandhian Principles that are reflected in the Directive Principles?
Q45. Emergency can be imposed when there is
Q46. Both the Centre and the States can have the proper interpretation of the constitutional law from the
Q47. Under the the Government must ensure the prevention of accumulation of wealth with an individual or in a particular region or place.
Q48. Adult Franchise gives right to.
Q49. Of the following which one does not contitute to be a fundamental right?
Q50. Indian Constitution was prepared on the basis of the Government of India Act of